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Its a maze.. listed numbers are not for the person one is trying to contact. Recordings drop you. Impossible to find anyone in a department

Banking Service

Most unreliable service in the banking industry. Can't depend on any transaction to be done when it's supposed to be done!


The worst re-fi I have ever been through. I don't want to give B of A any stars. I faxed documentation 5-6 times, poor communication, entire process took over 3 months.

Worst bank on earth!

Bank of America did a balance transfer without our consent and won't reverse the fees involved. They don't do what they promise and are the worst company I have dealt with. I will never deal with them again.

Where did they go?

I have been trying to find a location and even tried the HQ to see about getting some documents I need for a court hearing and can't find a working number anywhere. Was BOA bought out? If so, buy whom?

Stupid Lazy Managers

if you have to replace your atm card...hold on to your temper. these morons never get anything right, and I have been cut off from access to my own money. the lazy manager at scripps Poway location told me he would 'TRY' to get to it sometime today, or ...maybe tomorrow.

Unable to reach a speak with anyone from this corporate office. Listed number gives a recording, then later cut you off.


The worst bank to try and settle our mothers estate. 5-6 phone calls, 2 visits to branch banks and they are still chopping down trees asking for more paper works.

They have no mercy fro cancer patients

I contacted them and asked them to extend my loan modification due to the fact I diagnosised with cancer, yesterday they told me to do short sale and can't do it, because for the past 5 years I made my payment on time

I have had a horrible time at bank of america. Customer service is horrible and does not respond back. They hit you with odd random fees for atm's etc! I would not tell anyone to go to bank of america for any reason.


Few companies are as unfriendly to customers as boa. And they seem to have no complaint dept. Most recently, I spend 3 hours, including 5 phone calls and a supervisor who did not call me back, and my complaint is unresolved.

Corp Card Servicing

I would not recommend Bank of America for Corporate credit card services. Very impersonal and very limited support. I would recommend a local bank that might actually act like a business partner. Pulled my personal accounts too.

non fraud protection

i have been trying to get a replacement or several days. i keep getting conflicting information, put on hold transfered. and no one knows nything. i am taking my business else where. never had to wait days for a replacement card. terrible service lies, lies lies

Horrible service

1 teller and 15 people waiting in line. Branch located on Panola rd in Lithonia Georgia.

Don't Buy there stock

I live in Mineral Wells Texas about 19,000 we have four banks and BOA is the only one without a drive in Facility, it is also the oldest bank in Mineral Wells, Management is too cheap to but in a drive in, so I'll by Wells Fargo or some other Bank Stock, I would have already moved my account bit its just so much trouble. Thank Yu

Customer NO service

Very disappointed in Bank America. Your new policy of having 2 tellers because you want customers to use your ATMs is extremely frustrating. Had to wait in line for 30 minutes at your branch at Adams Ave., Costa Mesa, CA 92626 because there was only 2 tellers to help customers.

This bank is a joke made a deposit with a payroll check she told me it would clear the next day. They then put a hold on it so my rent is now late liars!!!!!! You should be shut down

short sale - 313 Shaker Rd

It is totally un-acceptable to not get a response back on an offer after two months! The longer you wait the more you risk losing. The shingles on this property are flying off the roof and with all the snow and rain you will be lucky if the roof doesn't cave in before you make a decision. So sad! you should hire people that WANT to do their job.

Owner of small business

My online account has been locked out for days and nobody at B of A cares….I keep getting sent to call centers all over the world. There is no way i can operate a business like this…I'm leaving….

Ball of Confusion

What can I say except there are so many conflicting stories regarding the representatives. To even attempt to get them to understand what it is that you are inquiring about is 'mind boggling'. Am thinking very highly of closing my account. Do not trust or have faith in banks or others as far as that goes.

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