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In 2010 I lost my job, in 2011 I went into foreclosure with BOA. I did not hear from them for some time. In Nov 2012 they took me to court and now have a judgment on my home. I am trying to work with them and save my home ( I have a wife and 3 children) and all I get is a run around for BOA. They tell me to send in paper work and I do, then a month later they tell me well the paper work you sent is now outdated so send it again only with a current date. Now their underwriters once again found problems with my paper work. Yet the timeline is running thin and soon the Sheriff will be knocking at my door.

Don't bank with Bank of america

Bank of America is a crappy business over draft fees for things that were already processing and the money was on hold in the account.


Just wanted to say thank you to Ophmeal Wilkerson for his help in solving my problem. He was personable, efficient, patient and can only say gracious in his help. He is definitely a great asset to Bank of Ameria.


Never do a home modification program with BOA. They lie, tell you verbally that you don't have to pay the money back or that it will ruin your credit, but both are wrong. Then they conveniently don't have the tape recording the conversation. I was put in arrears because of them and was able to sell my home thankfully before a foreclosure occurred.

Home Modification Loan

I've been working with BofA for almost ONE year to modify my loan. After multiple LOST documents, submitting the same documents multiple times, lack of departments working together. Rude Appeals Rep LeTeasha Young. I done....you win....I'm not going to fight anymore. But I will continue to write back reviews, I will get my loan away from you, and I just cancelled my credit card and I will NEVER do business with you again. Bank of America is the worst.

worst costomer service

Have been trying to get my IRA for over 3 weeks. They lie, are absolutely the most obnoxious people to try to work with. I have no idea how I will ever get my money

Bad Business

I paid off a credit card, but the amount still shows up on my credit report. I was told the day I complained that the card was lost or stolen. Now the bank has opened another card, that I did not request. I CLOSED THE CARD LAST YEAR ! Anyone who has a complaint about BOA should contact FDIC or begin a class action suit against them. How can crooks stay in business is beyond me! There should be a class action suit against BOA.If you have any sense do not bank with Bank of America in Kansas City or anywhere else!

no help for the honest!

i was denied a mortgage modification and when i called to get answers all they wanted to do is connect me with the same person that could not answer anything for me! they would not give me a number for any supervisor or someone in corporate i could converse with. i feel as though i was denied because i have never been behind on my payments and they want to continue to collect the high interest on my mortgage....i cannot wait to refinance with someone else and close all my accounts with this bank.

bank acct

im unhappy at the way this bank handle things why ex= if you work for a company and they pay you with a pay roll check every week and then one day you get a letter from the bank saying that you have to pay the check cause the check had no funds why when they need to go after the company of the check me the person who work for the money that is sad the this bank is this way cause is you are working is cause your in need not cause you are rich

worst bank ever

BOA= i wish i had gone to a other bank cause this bank only pulls your money and pulls and dont care even if your with the bank for years like me i have a acct for 10 years and they pull money from the point that i dont have in the acct and then they send letter of under so i ask everyone look at your bank paper at all times cause whem you less think every thing is good its bad

Home Mortgage nightmare

We are attempting to refinance our home mortgage which we have had with BofA for 8 years. It has been an absolute nightmare. Everyone seems to be totally incompetent and they keep making mistakes, losing paperwork, asking for the same thing over and over, and not telling us things in a timely manner. I do NOT recommend them at all and will be moving my mortgage entirely as soon as I can.

Call in Loan

I have had a line of credit with BofA since 1999, never a late payment, never have paid interest only in excess of what the original principal was. I have an 800 fica score. Suddenly called in loan for no reason. Very suspiciously handled. Continuoulsy sends documents to wrong address, which I've corrected each time. Proposed terms for new loan change every time I speak to gut, who does not have a phone number that I can trace to BofA in Charlotte, which is where the number is located. Always starts off conversation that he wants to record for training purposes at whcih point I say I am also recording for potential legal purposes. e always replies that he can't continue if I'm recording the call.

can not wait to remove all my money

For the past two years BOA has been a head ach I do not need. charging a childs account when all has. been removed from the account an the account closed. To a child $5.00 is a lot..

Fake Money

I am on Unemployment for 3 months now, since I lost my job... I was given a BofA CashPay card and long story short, I took out cash from one of their branches, from a teller ( not a machine) she tried using the counting machine and it said ERROR, she hand counted the cash then handed it to me. I counted it out, it was right but one of the bills looked "off"...I asked for big bills and told they don't have any, I have to take what she's giving me. Now, Secret service has been notified because of the fake $20 she slipped into my bill count !!! >:( VERY "upset" that a bank teller would go this far and a manager would try to cover it up !!

Worst Bank in America

Of the NUMEROUS incidents that have happened which ultimately caused my leaving BOA this one is the shortest story. I've already wasted enough time with them. I called BOA to let them know that I was going to use my BOA credit card on an upcoming overseas business trip. What should have been a simple procedure turned into a 45 minute headache with someone who could not only speak and understand English but whose supervisor hadn't a clue as to what to do in this situation. After hanging up I called Capital One - a bank that I also had a credit card with - and within 3 minutes the procedure was taken care of. I've since switched all of my funds to a local bank.

Horrible Customer Service

Bank of America has some of the worst customer service I have ever experienced. They are holding a check for my husbands UI and it has taken 3 business days to track it down to someone's desk and still has not been sent out. Do not use this bank!


I ask a lady to put a claim in my account. She put a claim on all my activity which left confuse. I call to reverse it. They hang up on me.. I call for 2 months they did not want to reverse. So I went to the bank and close it they were schock how they mess up my account.. no more baoa for me.

BOA need to go out of business

Poor customer service beyond belief. If someone told that BOA would have poor service, I would think they were joking. I have left several messages and no return calls. In addition, I called managers without success. The only time I received great service was when I called corporate but unfortunately she couldn't help me. What a waste of time and energy!

Poor Maintenance

Ref. Huntington Village, NY Branch I have worked in the Village of Huntington for 10 years and for the duration of that time our local Branch have failed to proper maintain the sidewalks after snow events or having days delay. Their sidewalk provides access to a public parking lot, which the smaller businesses in the village depends on for their customers. The small businesses in the village seems to have no problems clearing their walks, so WHY does Bank of America??? Fire your snow removal company and get someone who can do the task. PS closed my account with them years ago due to this issue

Great Customer Service

I had a great experience talking to Charlotte at corporate headquarters ...She was so very kind, helpful and professional in helping to resolve an urgent matter

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