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This is what happened to me, I maxed out my credit card, the due date of the minum payments is on the 17th of each month, last month I made my payment on the 17th at around 8:45pm eastern time, my sister told me that when you do it like that you get a late fee anyways because the transaction is posted the next day, the next day I called the bank and they told me I had a late fee, I asked for the late fee to be waved and the representative told me right away that she will wave it for me, so this month I m about to make a payment and all of a sudden I see that I still have a late fee, well, I called customer service, first they did not know the reason for that, then the representative advised me to pay the late fee for this one time only, I said I will not pay it because I was told it was going to get waved, I asked him for someone higher, he said I ll be back, when he came back he told me that the reason that I still had the late fee was because when I called to get it waved it was too soon and it had not been reflected on the account so the system automatically applied to the previous balance, I told him I was not warned by the representative, all she told me was your late fee it s been waved, but she never warned me about it, then he said he understands me but that I needed to pay that I said you know what, I was not going to do this but you just did me a favor, I m going to pay it off and cancel that account, I truly believe that s very irresponsible, few months ago I lost all the money that was in my checking account because the teller posted the payment to the wrong account, it was an old joint account I had with my previous wife, we were in the process of getting divorced and we had not closed the account and the reason for that is because my ex had opened that account when she was single and when we got married she added me to that account, so when we were in the process of getting divorced she asked me not to close the account because she had different automatic payments in that account and she did not want to mess that up, I respected that and I asked her to take me off that account, she went to the bank and they told her we needed to be together, we never found the time to go and do it together because we were living in different cities, so one day I went to make a deposit and the teller asked me to which account I wanted the money posted to, I asked what do you mean and then she explained me that my name was still on that joint account and I had to explain to her that even though my name was there I was not using it and that we were planning to take my name off, another day I went to the same branch to the same teller to make another deposit, it was about a week later, this time I did not want any confusions and I asked the teller can you cash this check, it was my paycheck and give me the money I ll go to the atm and deposit it from there, she told me there was no need for that and handed me a deposit slip, I told her was my account number, it s a new account and I don t remember the number, she told me there s no need for you to write it down just swipe your atm card and the account will show in my screen and so I did, 2 days later I swiped my card at the super market and there was no money there I went to the branch right away since the branch was near the supermarket, I went to the same teller and asked her about it, she spent like 10 minutes looking at the screen and then told me that she had put the money into the wrong account, she told me not to worry, she said I will transfer the money back to your account but guess what my ex saw the money took it and then closed the account, I called my ex, she did not want to give me the money back, I called customer service and they told me I was not going to get my money back because even though I was separated from my wife and in the process of divorce I was still her husband and legally we were both owners of the account and the bank had the legal right to place the money wherever they wanted to, I went through a long claim process I even spoke with the assistant of the ceo in the beginning he told me he was going to refund me the money and then called me up a few days later and apologized and told me they were not going to do it, well this is it for me with bank of america, God bless bank of america and it s employees and families, thank you but I m leaving you for my mental sanity, bye bye.

We were approved for a loan modification by Bank of America in 2008. The agreement was lost and now there is no record of mortgage payments on file. They now claim we are in default of this loan. customer service has no payment history in the system and they refuse to honor the loan modification. In addition, we have been forced to foreclose on our property. This a form of stealing and is unethical.

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