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I have an apple macBook Pro which I purchased last year. I have previously noticed some dates, such as 1997 attached to applications are several prior to my purchase. Today, I clicked 'all documents' because i wanted to do some 'housecleaning.' I was surprised to find documents dating back to 2000. When I've inquired about this, I was told something about these dates referring to the date the appl was created. I wonder if I bought a new computer which was actually a rebuilt computer. I look forward to responses. Thank you.

I do not know how good the Apple products are as I still have not received the order I made for my 2 schools. It was a very large order and I have to say the customer services was the poorest I have ever had I also need to tell you there was no way to contacty anyone in the corporate headquarters to voice my disatifaction. If you want to contact me you may at 347-512-2616 or by email at pgiovenco@believeschools.org. I am located in Brooklyn New York. Thank you Patty giovenco

I'm very disappointed with the experience I have had with my iphone over the past several months. I'm having trouble with dropped calls, and more so my battery is dying within 1-2 hours of coming off the charger (not being used). I contacted your store today and spoke with a total of 6 people over a 4 hour time frame, only to be told that someone cancelled my icare protection, & were sent a refund. I had no knowledge of this, and did not authorize anyone to make any changes to my account. So instead of Apple admitting that they made a mistake, I'm suffereing. There are 3 iphones in my immediate family, and I really wish I could give them all back. This is so unfortunate. I NEVER thought I receive this type of customer service from Apple.

I regret to inform you of my disappointment with your current Workshop schedule. I felt that it did not meet the needs of busy professionals like myself. Who has purchase your products and needs the extra help with learning how to utilize all of its features. I do however; hope that sometime in the near future you will provide Workshop schedule that will accommodate working professionals like myself that are unable to attend your classes afford early morning or late even once a week. Thank you for taking the time to review my comments.

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