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Four iPhone 4s, problem with life of battery. Took phone to Lenox - Atlanta, GA store, rude associate, waited over three hours, 73 years old, diabetic and on a cane. No customer service, HELP

i sent in a iphone 4 8g black i back it up 6 times i downloaded to the new ios software i even done it manualy the phone still was sent back with the same issues poping and cracking and almost in possible to conect to enney net work im sick ove it its ruther puthdick i just ask for a phone that works you send the same phones back for amussment theres nothing to joke about are funny in witch i winde up with the same phone is that one is so incompdent that you cant stand in line in california too send me another welfare iphone piece junk i love my friend too death shes from california thankful not where the corp is with iphones this better be soulved apple dont pay the bill

I am a newer Apple person having gotten an Ipad last year and my kids both have the new Ipod Touch. My concern is where your products are made and how the workers in China are being treated. I know that Apple here in this country is a good place to work, but Apple everywhere should be a good place to work. Please stop doing business with countries and companies that do not treat their workers well. Apple products are already very expensive and I for one would rather pay a little more than support the terrible factory conditions in China.

I contacted apple customer service on 9/19/2012 and advised a representative that a SCREEN came up on my kids brand NEW ipod 4th generation..I want to say now that I have had issues with these devices since I purchased them online..A BIG issue with "others hacking into the account and USING UP MY KIDS itunes gift card money" NO ONE EVER TOLD ME AS A PARENT THAT I HAD TO CLOSE THE ACCOUNT OUT EVERY TIME>>NO ONE>>not the customer rep..even after she called the itunes store and got a measly credit for 1 incident out of about 9 incidentents (this took 6 hours of my personal time JUST WAITING for them to NEGOTIATE WITH ITUNES) then RECENTLY WHEN THE IOS6 came out MY KIDS LOST EVERY ONE OF THERE IN_APP PURCHASES because the ipods are under one account..this amounted to $180.00..so recently I spoke with a technician named Kevin who I was on the phone with for 3 days OFF AND ON and "He informed me that the SERVER FOR THE DOWNLOAD IOS6 was overtaxed and this is why WE LOST EVERYTHING..So this took up at least another 2 hours of my personal time..I called to relate HOW DISGUSTED I WAS WITH GETTING NO HELP AND HAVING MY CHILD WHO HAS ASPERGERS SYNDROME CRY FOR 3 DAYS CAUSE EVERYTHING IN HIS GAME HAD VANISHED..9/21/2012 I spoke with Corporate Headquarters with Anthony and after I related ALL I HAD BEEN THRU he advised me to call him back and advise him of "something" I picked out from the apple.com store to make up for ALL THE FRUSTRATIONS I have had...SO 9/23/2012 I called Anthony back and First he told me to NOT acknowledge the price of the items..Then after I picked out what I feel would COMPENSATE FOR ALL THE AGGRIVATIONS that I have had to endure..He tells me that it is not in hia capability to accomodate my request...I AM AT A POINT WHERE I AM GONNA PACK UP THE 5 MONTH OLD IPODS AND GET MY DAMN MONEY BACK..So now when ALL is said and done..I HAVE BEEN GIVEN NOTHING BUT APOLOGIES AND FALSE PROMISES..A BILLION DOLLAR COMPANY that treats there loyal consumers this way has LOST MY RESPECT and my business

I purchased the iphone 3gs for my daughter and I about a year ago. I had problems with mine from the very beginning. My carrier could not help with the issues because Apple issues and problems was exclusively handled by "The Apple Store". The closest one to my house is 50 miles one way. I went that gladly switched it out for a brand new after doing some instore test. They couldn't pull the documentation and all the notes that my cell carrier had, nor did they take my word for it. My daughter chose to upgrade to an iphone 4. She paid almost $400 for it. It crashed and lost ALL of her information. She took it to the same Apple store only to be told it was not under warranty, but they would replace it at a reasonable cost of $150. I went with her and the sales person lied to me face to face about whether it was refurbished or brand new. My questions he could not answer, so he just brushed them off. We had a scheduled appointment and still waited an hour and a half to be waited on. My daughter got the phone home to transfer the data and it had two previous owners itune account info still on the phone. That is what told me they were refurbished. The speakers did not work and it crashed. She then went back and got another replacement phone within the same week. It cost $80 in gas and hours of time. She just contacted me and told me that now it has crashed!!!!!! I asked the salesman why the phones were crashing and his reply was, "It is just something that they do". They advertise all the time about their outrageously expensive products, but it seems they could care less about the customers that buy these products!!!!!!!!!!!

My mac.com email has been down for two days, I have been unable to access either on my imac or iphone. Apple keeps giving me different, and BS answers with no solution. They keep telling me this only affects 1% of their customers, but for this customer the problem is 100%

I have Apple iPhone(s) and iPad and AppleCare. Apple locked me out of my account due to password. AppleCare cannot reset password and iTunes will not communicate with me by phone. iTunes blames this on their 'engineering'. AppleCare can't help, iTunes won't help and I am locked out of updates,etc. Can anyone at Apple help?

I have an ongoing problem for the last few weeks, since the first level of Tech Support was not able to resolve my issue, the matter was escalated to a senior tech specialist, who also could not solve the issue but promised to call back with a solution, she did call back unfortunately there were some medical Emergency in the house so I could not attend to her call. After that I wrote to her , giving her a suitable time and a day where she could call, unfortunately the call didn't materialize. I left messages on her voice mail, but all in vain. Today I spoke to Mr.Deepak, who gave me a sort cut to my issue, but not the proper issue and besides he was extremely rude on the call, I must say that Apple hires Aggressive people to intimidate them instead of resolving the. I have a very simple issue, I am not able to log onto the App Store using my PC, which has Win 7 Ultimate, but I am log onto the App store using my i Pad 23. I hope some one senior from Apple reads this post and takes a corrective step or otherwise, I will get rid of my i Pad 2 and by a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, at least I wont have to carry an extra phone.my E Mail ID is manishone@gmail.com and I can also be reached on +919899978646.

Hello, My name is Melody Allen, I'm a single mother of three daughters. I currently live in Long Beach, California and I reside in a neighborhood where gang violence and low income families exist, I am starting a youth organization called, Dyanamic Unit 22 for Youths. Our mission is to build a healthy diverse youth and leadership program as well as a performing arts programs for the prevention of gang violence, teen pregnancy,behavior problems, domestic violence, Incarceration, drugs and alcohol, child abuse and the prevention of school dropouts, among the children and teens in our community from ages 7 to 19 by providing a safe and positive environment, where the youth in our community can receive free tutoring and mentoring, the opportunity to explore and express their creative side, attend life skills classes, obtain a trade, attend educational fieldtrips, learn how to be part of building a healthy community by providing volunteer services, learn human relationship and communications skills, Bullying, handling Peer Pressure,how to problem solve and learn the importance of educations and graduating from school. I would like to host A Back To School Drive:September 1, 2012 I need your help with donations, for the youths at risk in my community, such as computers, clothes, shoes, backpacks, school supplies, books and food for the youths that come from single parents homes, low income families, homes of Incarcerate parents and or love ones who has recently died from gang violence, Hiv or Cancer. Please deliver all donations to 1224 E. 17th Street, Unit B, Long Beach, Ca 90813. For more info call Melody Allen at: 562-506-7078 or 562-599-0575 or by email at dynamicunit224youths@yahoo.com Founder and Creator Of Dynamic Unit 22 For Youths Melody Allen

I would like to share my story. I bought a apple ipad 3 in March. I purchased it on line with Best Buy. 2 weeks later the Ipad 3 came aboard and I called Best Buy and they were nice to exchange it for me. I have never made a large purchase and was so happy I did. I love my Ipad and use it every day. I even take it to bed with me every night and play with it on the couch when watching tv. Take it to work with me and it is such a great purchase. Well, I was leaving for work on a Monday morning and was very hectic morning. The weather has been very hot and I decided to water my grass before I left. So I put my stuff by my car and watered the grass. I finished put all my stuff in my car and off I went to work. After a very hectic day I returned hom around 8 that evening. Shortly after I received a knock on the door. There was a man at my door with my Ipad in his hand. I apparently left it on the back of my car and it flew off and into the road. Before the man could gather it from the street it was ran over by a Bus. He proceeded to get it and to his surprise it still worked. The screen was shattered but working. I not only can believe the cover saved my ipad but the man had brought it back to me. I am so happy the sad thing is that because it was purchased on line, I was not offered the warranty so it can not be replaced and I am unable to find anyone whom will fix the screen. It is only 4months old and broken. THis was a very expensive purchase for me and I am alittle disappointed that when I purchased the Ipad, there wasnt a tag for me ask me to purchse the insurance or warranty. If I had bought it from Apple or the store, I am sure I would have purchased the warranty if I had been asked. But it is a learning experience. And I am just letting everyone know if you are thinking of buying one. DO IT BECAUSE IT IS A GREAT INVESTMENT. Sorry for the long dragged story but I wanted to share with you.

My story is concerning the arrogant attitudes of the Apple employees that are suppose to help loyal customers. I had water damage to my phone caused my my own actions. I phoned apple and agreed to buy a replacement phone. The phone was to arrive 2 days later, since it was so important to me I took a a day off of work. I was sent the tracking # and checked fedex online. At that point I clicked "Hold at facility" so I could go to fedex, id myself and get my phone. That option is not offered by Apple. SO I waited and waited and waited until 610pm from 800am. I was furious why it took all day and oart of the early evening. I requested the phone for free, in other words my $150. refunded. The best I could do after explaining to the Corporate Executive Relations rep was a coupon which gives a discount if you spend money. The coupon is good for items that most people don't need. Not for the iphone, applecare etc. I will continue buying Apple products because they are superior to other products. When Samsung catches up bye bye apple.

I always have loved apple products. I have an iPhone 4 and da MacBook Pro. Just recently my MacBook pro started acting up and every time I opened the Internet, it was just a blank screen and wouldn't do anything. It was not my Internet messing up either. So yesterday I called apple for phone support and they told me I needed to reset my safari. Well, I had absolutely no idea how to do that and the woman who worked for apple told me that for her to tell me I would have to pay $50. I understand that I didn't have the support plan or whatever but when I googled how to reset safari it was 2 simple steps. Apple is really going to charge me $50 to tell me 2 simple steps? I paid $1400 for a computer and can't even get that simple help. That is really irritating because I also have a PC and whenever something goes wrong with it everyone is always happy to help. Apple is just in it for the money and I will never buy an Apple product again. I called back to ask to speak to a manager and the guy wa very rude and said its just there policy. If it was a big problem then I understand, but that little thing? Awful service.

I am a happy customer of yours since macintosh was launch. I owned macintosh when I was a kid, thereafter iPod, iPhone 3 and 4, iPad 2 and 3 in my household, and never thought of changing to other brand name. Everything works fine until iPad 3 that I bought 2 months ago had sound defect. It totally had no sound output when I played games or movies. Since I am still eligible on the 90 days complimentary technical support, I decided to lodge in my request thru apple website in China for express lane call technical appointment. Apparently the day I called is the day iPad 3 launching in China ( I bought my iPad 3 from my home country, Malaysia and I am now residing in Northeast China ), the tele-officer told me there is no technical support for me and all I need to do is to send back to country of origin. I have no plans to fly back to Malaysia anytime soon and to courier back my IPad 3 is not an ideal options, I request for options. Later on I asked what global warranty covers. The tele-officer just shut me off and say "I don't care where you got your ipad3, when you have problem you should just send back to the country of origin!". After that I think her superior steps in and keep telling me that iPad 3 just launch, no technical support, once they have new repair regulations, I can send in my iPad 3 for repair. And when I asked her when will be the day, she just say maybe tomorrow, maybe a month later, she is not too sure. When I proceed further to ask when apple launch iPad 2, when the repair regulations kicks in. I asked this question so I would have an idea about the timeframe I can send in my iPad 3 for repair in China. The superior says she will check on the spot and less than a minute, the line was cutoff and there is no return call at all.  They had my details for sure, but they just reluctant to return my call and close my ticket just that. I can't even believe my own ears when I heard the tele-officer says" I don't care where you bought your iPad" out loud. Is this apple service about where you have your tag line "we will offer the best service and support available"? Is that your best service you can provide? It is your responsibility to groom your staff and don't let us do that. Come on apple, you can do better, stop letting us down! Now I would visit more forum my own rather than calling apple help line, it is such a waste of time talking to too SOP and JUST FOLLOW FLOW CHART officer. Apple might as well had an answering machine rather than this kind of officer to attend to customer needs.

Just a thought: Apple want's everyone to be using Their products & some people are just not into technology & refuse to give into it. They now have texting from your home phone, I believe It's available @ Comcast. If Apple wants to get ahead of the curve & bring Their products then why Havn't They eased them into the tech world by inventing a home phone with a touch screen? Just a thought.

Wow, I am so upset. I've purchased two shuffle ipods within the last few years. One five years ago and the other two months ago. Can u believe neither one is working? I'm not rich, so this is totally creating a hardship for me. Apple products are so very over-hyped. They always talk about how wonderful their products are, but never do they mention how many people have complained or have ipods that no longer work stashed away in a drawer someplacer. I know this is not what Mr. Jobs had in mind when started the company in his garage. Those corporate bigwigs have made enough money to live off for 50 lifetimes!!! What a bunch a frauds! RIP Mr. Jobs, if I was you I would be turning over in my grave.

I am a general contractor in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We recently completed a complete renovation of the existing Apple store at 2240 Q Street, Ste D in Albuquerque. We were responsible to permit both front and back of the store although our work was primarily in the back. Although not required by contract to do so, we accelerated the work at great expense to insure the store opened by the target date if Sunday May 27th which we were able to accomplish. I personally obtained the certificate of occupancy by working with Albuquerque building officials who were willing to stay late on the Friday of that weekend so that the store could open. I have been doing retail build outs for many years and this was nothing short of miraculous. Apples construction firm, Cameron Dickinson had 2 superintendents on the job. Their miss management of the project was the primary reason for the tight schedule. They repeatedly added work that should have been in the plans and specifications after we had completed work in place. We were constantly going back to repair walls, doors, and more due to extra work requisitioned out of sync and after the fact.It has been 2 months since we completed the project and invoiced their contractor. We have yet to receive final payment which is approximately 70% of the value. We went out of our way to insure Apples success.We are being told that Apple has not paid Cameron Dickinson so they are not paying us. Further, after two months following completion we are now expected to replace wall veneer that was installed exactly to specifications and per direction of the superintendents.Someone at Apple needs to contact Cameron Dickinson and let them know they are responsible to make final payment without delay regardless if they have been paid or not. Our contract is with Cameron Dickinson not Apple.

Just a note to a billion dollar company, not sure you care..but I love your apple products and have quite a few...having a carrier of Verizon now changing data packages is a problem..so where do you come in...when we upgrade our apple iPhones , our data limit is going for unlimited to a certain amount....so here where the hit comes for you...many many people will not go to an iPhone or like all of my family upgrade to new iPhones every yr or two in order to keep our unlimited data..so this hits your pockets...have written Verizon and not sure they care, please hope you do!!!! You have wonderful products, and I want to take full advantage of them all, but my unlimited data ,eans a lot to me too!!!

I have been a mac User since 1985—a total fan and spreader of good news about my Macs as I progressed through the years. Sometimes, not often, things go wrong. Like when I learned of the lack of compatibility between Lion OS and iWeb. My website has been built over the years as a carefully-developed repository for my life's work, to be shared with clients, friends and family. On June 30 it will all disappear. Sure I knew that MobileMe was on the way out, but the end of iWeb, and something to support it, came as a heavy blow. You let me down Apple, and I'm sad.

Good Morning: I am writing concerning the Apple store in Sherway Gardens in Toronto, Canada. I was in the store yesterday morning (June 20/12) attempting to buy the iPad 3, along with necessary accessories that would be beneficial for me while working in China. What a surprise that it turned out to be impossible to buy the iPad 3 at this store because the 'server in California was not able to fix the computer problems in this particular store' - this from the "gentleman" manager named Robin. This after I spent 1 hour and 40 minutes trying to set up an apple id on the stores computers with a young salesperson named Iman. He was unable to set up my apple id and he went to speak with this manager. The end result? I was told I could go to another store or come back another day to buy the new iPad 3. I walked out in disbelief...

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