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Problem with iPhone 4

I have had my iPhone for about four months. The volume buttons quit working didn't much mind bc I can turn my volume up and down from the settings. Now there is no sound,videos, music, incoming calls,text nothing. I enjoy the iPhone. If you can't help me figure out the problem ill have to get an other phone and it won't be apple.

Horrible Customer Sevice

Completly unprofessional at store level .. Complaining to customer service !! Getting no where !! No one cares !! Horrible treatment from a Billion Dollar company !! Completely Disastified it's an emmbarassment !!

New ideas

Ideas for the iPhone 6....group FaceTime and a front camera flash

Apple not even posting my complaint

I posted a complaint on this very forum and I guess they don't care just like every customer relations person including apple it self. This has been going on for the last week and a half I hope someone is going to call me or email to try to offer a different solution

Very poor customer relations and satisfaction

I have been dealing with so many people the last week and a half. I have three iPhone 3. I have so many problems dropped calls with 5 bars apps that go back to main screen and other issues. Don't bother calling apple they will switch you to everybody that says that they can't bump me up to the 4. I sent in one of my phones and got refurbished phone back they aren't new good luck a doubt they will respond to this

retired R,N.

I simply want to say that I love this company and recently borrowed $46,000 from a line of equity loan to buy 100 shares of Apple @452.69. Now, of course I'm praying my favorite stock moves up. Make it happen (:

Extremely Poor Product Support

I have spent more than 5 months and countless hours dealing with Apple regarding their known issues with ITunes, and yet, NO FIX!!! The 1st engineer told me to just "live with it" and stated how he didn't care. I have spoken to Customer Relations to no avail, as one is not allowed to speak to Tim Cook or any other Senior Level person. ITunes software completely disorganized my 40gb of music when all I was trying to do was download 2 cd's to my Ipod. Multiple other issues remain unresolved.

Shakedown Mess End time Users

Over span of ten years I have bought 6 Macbook Pros fully loaded $$$ Plus Airport Extreme 2TB Time Capsule backup 3 iPod Touches Batteries AC/CD Cords Apple DVDrs etc.. total purchased over 25,000 us dollars PLUS Paying for the 3 Yr Apple Premium Care Plans where applicable. Since Steve Jobs passing I do know what happened to the Once Best Apple Support Customer Service team for the end time user. Whether Online or Via Phone or at the Retail Store Genius Bar for repairs etc. was The Best! Now not so at Retail store repairs done only to comeback with issues the following week for pickup. :( I have some Physically and Mental Handicap that The Brain Injury Assn recommended to Go with Mac Apple OS Computers over PC Window based computers. I do not regret making that decision even though the cost was at a premium. Until recent purchased of an Macbook Pro 15 (at the Retail Store South NJ) which was not impressive screen/resolution size wise. Returned to the Retail Store convinced me to buy an iMac 21" since alternative Apple Cinema display to would cost me more, less options and possibly too big. I LOVED MY MACBOOK PRO 17" Screen size laptops over the years!Ease of Trackpad integrated with Keyboard is Great, plus The Functionality like to desktop, speed close enough, and portability & many ports. My new iMac needs a Wired Magic Trackpad! Without being hard wired is a disaster not well thought out with needing batteries often and losing tracking/nuances 50% less charge. :( The Wireless Keyboard is not Quite as comfortable for some reason that is built in the Macbook pros 17" i have owned. iMac w/o CD/DVD drive sucks up another port plus USB SuperDrive which is slower than ported to Thunferbolt/ Firewire. All these different adaptors No built in HDMI port. iMac to me seems to be low ended product compared to even my older Macbook Pros 17" which now time has come to either be totally rebuilt from within to keep up with speeds of new MBP i7 iMac i7 etc. or recycled. :( Manager tried to give a so called discount since many repairs to buy a new MBP but stated again only 15" losing ports i use now. Unless buying more adaptors :( Especially interested in Pro Audio - Home Studio Music Recording third parties not up to par with thunderbolt. I hope Mr Tim Cook gets to hire someone to handle Better Retail Store Customer support

Customer service at Apple is horrible! I tried getting a quote to purchase ipads for my school (for over a week) and it was IMPOSSIBLE. Apple is not interested in meeting the needs of customers and are apparently not in need of sales.


Very recently, the U.S Department of labor has researcehd and listed all of the companies that are using the most forced labor. Apple was on the list. This is disgusting and beyond unacceptable. I will never buy any products that Apple has made ever! ipods do not even work that well. I say that we should boycott people.


after waiting weeks for my new 27" imac great it worked for 5 weeks then the screen goes faulty help apple uplifted and tested then things go wrong it requires new screen but we dont have any and dont know when we will and you will have to wait uk help desk are not very helpfull so you pay £2250 for new imac for 5 weeks then its up to apple when you get it repaired i am in week 2 no happy any one got phone number apple uk boss

excellent, but terrible WIFI connection

I was just kicked out of Internet while I was writing this review and now I have to write it all over again. I have had no problem with my laptop, but soon I will throw this Ipad 4th edition out of the window next time I get kicked out in the middle of a letter. The camera and screen are just great, but what about the WIFI connection? Anything you can do before it drives me nuts?


I currently own 5 apple products and love all of them. I have never had any problem with customer service or the Apple products. That being said, I am having a major problem with shipping. I really was looking forward to purchasing an Apple Mac, but my family and I are currently stationed in Italy. My husband is serving his country and Apple will not even ship a their products here to an APO AE address. Why should I have to ship it to a third party person and have them ship it? That is just really wrong after we spend that much money. If a third party can ship it, then Apple should have no problem shipping it either. Especially, for those that are defending their country! Not very happy with Apple right now!


ur company is awesome. my whole family has apple products. i have an iphone and a mac book pro and its awesome!


I just want you to know that after recently upgrading from a PowerMac I no longer use Safari and I learned that none of my friends do either, because it has no privacy settings that work. It's so bad that even when I open a saved web page on my desktop I get 20-50 web sites tracking the fact that I just opened the page! And I have to close and open the preferences window just to see the changes. Clearly, Apple has gone backwards in its customer needs or has decided that it's better to design software for the data gathering community at the expense of privacy. Do Apple computers used at Apple allow such intrusion into what Apple employees do and when they do it? I am a very unhappy dedicated Apple customer - we use Firefox and other browsers whenever we can.

Horrible Customer Service

My husband bought an ipod touch from an apple store in Las Vegas. At the time of purchase, he was assured that it may be returned or exchanged in Canada (where we live). Once here, we decided that we wanted to get an ipad mini instead, went to the store to exchange the ipod, and we were told that because it was bought in the US it has to be returned to the US. We tried calling customer service... 3 people and 1 hour later, I realized that apple has NO customer service. Untrained individuals from somewhere, who knows where, with absolutely no power to help customers and no customer service skills, only able to repeat that as per company policy if it was bought in the US it has to be returned to the US. And he repeated, and he repeated and that's all he would say. I am so disappointed with this organization. I've had no issues to exchange NIKE products bought in the US. I've had no issues with other retailers, but this was a really upsetting. We were going to buy a new desktop apple computer, and now we are not. We will buy from a retailer who respects its customers. If any one from apple is reading these reviews, be warned, you are in a very competitive market. Without excellent customer service backing your products, you star will no longer shine so bright


I own 3 Apple products currently. I own two Ipods and an Ipad 2. If I am being brutally honest, they have all worked pretty good until recently. I called the tech support team for some help on my Ipad and Ipod (yes both were having issues). It was at this point I decided I will no longer EVER buy another Apple product. I was told they could help resolve my technical issue for a fee 0f $20 PER device. Yes, I repeat PER device totalling $40. I have been in sales all of my life and I have never heard of charging a customer money to fix a problem on a product our company has sold them. When I purchase a product, I purchase the product as well as the service that goes along with it. As far as I am concerned, Apple has managed to turn me away from their products forever. Buyer beware! Just know that if you buy an Apple product, you will be charged a high fee ANYTIME you have an issue.

Disgusting Customer Service

I am very disappointed in the way I have been treated by Apple. Customer relations is a total joke and it is the worst service I have ever encountered. Don’t waste your money on Apple Care because believe me, Apple does not CARE to help. In fact, there is no Apple Care customer relations other than hitting a brick wall head on. They use the broken record technique to turn customers off. Customers who have valid complaints and problems with apple products encounter this brick wall by talking to representatives who are trained to put people off until Apple finally comes out on top. The customer is NOT right with Apple, they are only viewed as people who can be taken advantage off. Apple is not in the business to help people but is in business to make the biggest profit they can. Why else would Apple products be manufactured in China under slave labor conditions and be sold for top dollar in the US? Trust me, you will do better to shop with another company. The cheap little Track Phone gets better reception! Apple fell once before and I suspect they are falling again. Steve Jobs would be highly disappointed, indeed!

Apple Sucks

Wow, Apple has really slipped. I can see the company going totally down hill. I am looking forward to shopping for smart products from another company, especially a company who has a customer relations department that really helps their customers. Apple's customer relations department sucks. They are right and the customer is wrong! I even had a supervisor hang up on me. Don't buy Apple Care, because it is a total waste of your money!

Disgusting product. No one knows how to fix the computer. Can't use the library, or the i photo at the Apple zoo store in Brandon. I want a new computer. It is only one years old. Bad product Very disappointed with Apple.

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