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i belong to a nonprofit group in las vegas, nv. we are looking to see if apple can donate a computer for our group to use for job searches and resume writing. please contact me at flper67@hotmail.com thank you dave philippi

As I am writing this review, I am sitting here in your Canoga Park store amongst approx. 40 Apple employees, not one of which is "available" to assist me after having spent nearly $2000 on your Mac Air computer & ONE-TO-ONE TRAINING CLASS, and after having to wait 2 wks. for an available apptmt. and coming here in the pouring rain! The 1st person scheduled to help me did not understand what I told him I needed done (even though I repeated it 3 times) giving me wrong info which ended up duplicating my files! Then a 2nd employee took over to "undo" the problem the 1st employee created, and who proceeded to play a guessing game of "what do you think you should do next?" rather than to teach me what I needed to do next! After I told her I didn't have time left out of my precious hour to play guessing games, she walked away. The 3rd employee approached, who helped me for the remaining 15 minutes of my one hour class, then left to help another customer. I asked for a (4th) Apple employee to help me, but he claimed there were only 3 available today, and they were all busy. I guess the other several dozen employees are here to SELL, SELL, SELL other unsuspecting customers who will be dropped like hotcakes once they paid their hard earned money to Apple. THE ONE-ON-ONE CLASSES ARE A HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT.

Folks, I ordered an iPad2 opening day and have just found out I'm on a waiting list at least a week out (and if some things I have been told today can be believed, 2-4 weeks out). When I ordered this thing, paid for it via Visa and walked out of the store I had been told that I was the first person at the location to have to order one on a first come first serve basis. I went to the store the day before to check on time and availability and no one there had any idea there was a shortage of these units. To say that after handing you almost $900 for the unit and 2 day shipping and finding that I won't have it this week and maybe not until mid April that I am irate would be an understatement. No communication, no explanation and an apology only when I cancel speaks to the Arrogance your Company is becoming known for.

Apple should put in place a Buy back plan (trade-in), say 50 cents on the dollar especially for the Ipad, to compete with Best Buys recent advertising. Guranteed increased purchases of the Ipad2!!

Regarding issue #204780386 SHAME SHAME SHAME on Apple and it's subdivisions!!! First, I do not know how much revenue you Itunes division brings in, but I am POSITIVE it is substantial. Never have I been so appalled at the lack of communication regarding personal assistance over CREDIT CARD FRAUD thru you Itunes store/company. First, don't try to call 1-800-MY-APPLE because 3 customer service representatives will give you 3 different stories and then tell you the only contact is via email for Itunes. Next don't call the corporate headquarters 1 Infinite Loop Cupertino, CA 95014 (408)996-1010 As they will tell you there is nothing they can do!!! When a 23yo college student who is struggling to pay his bills loses $200.00 thru your Apple Itunes store and you cannot investigate and reimburse him, again I say SHAME SHAME SHAME ON YOU! I also have an Iphone as well as multiple other family members and friends and am well aware that your company asks for a credit card # to activate your Itunes account... and then does nothing to help in a credit card fraud incident??? Your customer service is horrible as well as your business ethics.

This is a review for ecorporateoffices.com--You say someone reads the posts, before they go online--They don't! If so, the postings would not list phone numbers if someone asks them not to be posted. ecorporateoffices "contact" information is a bad url---what an unprofessional, unethical outfit! Do NOT use ecorporate offices!!!!!

We are a family supportive of Apple--Macs, ipods, iphones, and ipads. My husband has had a MobileMe calendar issue now for THREE WEEKS, that is unresolved by apple support! His desktop calendar has been rendered useless for this entire time while "Senior Support", and "Engineers" have worked on it. However, we have seen no forward progress to resolve this issue, and no substantive communication from the assigned "Senior Tech" regarding progress. We have been willing to uninstall the desktop calendar, or do whatever we need to, as long as the Mobileme data is retained, and start over, but no response has been received---we stay in this paralyzed holding pattern. My husband is the CEO of a 4000+ organization that was getting ready to purchase 300+ new iPads. This, needless to say, has been placed on hold until his home/business calendar and syncing issues are resolved. MobileMe, which we, and his administrative team, relies on, is miserably letting us down, along with the poor support offered by Apple! We are stockholders and supporters of Apple and Apple products, but have been miserably disappointed by the abysmal service! If anyone at Apple is reading this, please help move this service along (MobileMe Followup reference #136847801)!

Regarding my post on my husband's MobileMe Calendar issue # 136847801, my phone number ( do not post my phone number online!) 303-770-5565. Thank you!

Hello I just would like to start off by saying that I love the Iphone we re engaged:). Anyway I just thought of a perfect slogan campaign idea. Llet me know. Thank you. Regards Dave

We just purchased an IMACOSX and love it. We purchased it in the Brandon Florida Apple store, and was very impressed with the knowledge and techinical support of the staff. One tech person was Joshua Baxter, who walked us through each and every program, until we fully understood the processes involved. After using a Dell for so many years and graduating to the Mac, well you can't compare. What a difference. Getting back to your staff, Joshua was a brilliant, and very, very knowledgeable tech person. He had the greatest personality, and it was delight. Also too was the manager Jeff. He was concerned that we fully understood the processes as well. It was a wonderful experience, and we are going back each week, to learn more things about this wonderful IMAC. Next is to buy an IPOD. Take care and thank you so much for people like Joshua Baxter. He is terrific. Carol Toppel

Hi I would Like to ask who I should contact about providing Apple with Voiceovers for your system. I have Proven Track record and have my own Voiceover Business cmbvoiceovers.com and would like to assist in your V/O for blind customers as I know that blind people who use your products need V/O guidance, I have my own recording studio and ISDN Link up I could MP3 some demos to you if you woulf prefer to hear them or if you could forward this onto the person delegated to deal with this enquiry. Many Thnaks Caroline cmbvoiceovers.com

I had purchase a mac mini 2010, sorry to say it had to be returned. While I loved what the apple mac mini had to offer. It had more than enough kernel panic happening. No matter what was done, no one at tech support seemed to know how to fix the problem. Whats the point of buying an extended guarantee if no one knows how to fix it. This is a major problem. I have lost confidence in getting an apple.

I might have given the product a 4 or a 5 star rating if I knew more about what I had bought, but without training I can't give you a higher rating. The number of people to train the MAC customers is a real problem with your company. Getting a date for the training is an effort in itself and then finding out that nothing was available for me was very off-putting to say the very least. You did too good a job promoting your products and now the customers are suffering with insufficient trainers available to assist them. This weakness in your system will eventually be known by your competition and interested buyers and your sales will see a reflection of this weakness. If you do no have enough people to provide the training that we purchased you need to extend the length from one year to three without further charges. This training is important to people like myself who have switched from PC to MAC. (I bought a MacBook, an iPod and an IMAC) I do hope you will respond to this problem so that I and others can receive what we bought. I will follow-up with a phone call to Corporate Headquarters. Regards, Tom Thornton Telephone #: 760-289-4417 E-mail: oldmrt@hotmail.com

Your recent OS "upgrade" for iPods crippled my iPod 2G. Literally crippled it due to draining the battery life, despite my WiFi being turned off. The only replies I received from your "help" forum was nonsensical, such as turning off all notifications and not using WiFi. That does not imply that this is an upgrade. Despite this problem being around for some time, there is no disclaimer, and no real updates on progress being made to rectify the situation. I have not received any answers and have reported you to the Better Business Bureau of Silicon Valley.

My Grand daughter saved for a year to buy her 8g ipod touch (1C012PT075J) Last week the button jammed. It was purchased in April of this year. When she called to get help or to see if it was under warenty. She was told only the software was covered? What is this? She paid over $200.00 and it was not from misuse the button jammed. It just did. I say it was faulty and you should replace or repair it. We do not have a lot of money It was an achievment for her to get this. I was saddened and ashamed that a company as big as you are would not stand by your product! Please forward this to someone who will or can help us. Thank you Camilla Cisneros for Natasha cisneros. 3631 Gem St Bullhead city AZ 86442 (928) 310 4602.

My brother purchased a MacBook13/2.0/2X1GB/160/SD on November 23, 2008, a Canon PIXMA MP 480, and a service plan. In August of this year due to a pipe busting in his house it had gotten wet. We brought it into The Apple Store West County MO for a technician to checkout. We were told that the motherboard was corroded and that it would cost 750.00 to fix. Sales had said that the computer was considered out of date and would make more since to purchase another rather than pay to fix. So he purchased a new Macbook for 1400.00. It has been one month since that purchase and his old computer work fine. Why is it that after a technician checked it out and it the hard drive was transferred to the new that they did not catch this. Very shocked to find that the older computer was fine all along, makes me question the technicians that you have in the stores! This cost my brother an additional 1400. 00 that was not needed after all. Plus the gas and drive time b/c this store is an hour and a half away from his home one way.

I had purchased two ipad yesterday and my cards got charge two times. I try to ask for refund and the customer service in Manhattan beach, CA aren't friendly to me on phone while I am telling them they charge me twice. They just want me to go back to the store. I am not living close to that area. and my flight to New york is with in two days. I hope I can get my refund back as soon as possible. Please respond on my email: lulusycc@yahoo.com Thank you Wang

Dont get me wrong, I love my Apple 3g phone...but... after a short time the send button for texting will not work. Every other application is great!!! After being on the phone with ATT, doing all sort of tests, including send them a text. That did work. Being told that I was being transferred to Apple for a replacement phone and holding on again, it was decided that the phone needed to be replaced. Wonderful, a solution! Now, I must send my phone back to apple, by UPS, for inspection. I can guarantee there is No water damage, never dropped, left in a hot cat etc. After they inspect the phone, they will send a new one to me. This process could take 7-10 days. OR, another option is I pay $29.95, agree to a $600.00 hold on my credit card, and they will overnight a new phone!!!! A $600.00 hold? 7-10 days with NO phone? My life with a 2 very young children, a full time job where I am also on call in any emergency situation, and a very sick daughter, does not allow for me to be without a phone for 7- 10 days, while someone decides again, that I do indeed need a new phone. HELP!!! Can someone contact me with a reasonable solution? bjantman@gmail.com

I had purchased an iphone in India last year and the same is still under the one year warranty period. Today I went to the apple authorised service centre in Gurgaon, India to get the phone repaired. However to my utter dismay, the service centre even refused to lodge my complaint saying that the sim card tray ( a small plastic item whohc is used to insert the sim card in the phone) is missing. They say that in the absence of the same they cannot verify the sl no. of the phone. I find this totally ridiculous. How can the warranty of my phone get null void just because a small plastic piece, which can easily get damaged or misplace while changing the sim card, is missing. I am sure apple can open the phone and check the sl no, of the phone inside. I am greatly disappointed with this kind od attitude of the service centre. Please let me know what I can do in this situation. The phone is not working at all. Please respond on my email id - renunaggarwal@gmail.com

Dear Apple, I own more than a dozen Apple/MAC devices from IPods (4), IPhone 3G (1), IPod Touch (3), IMac (1), PowerBook (1), IBook (1), MacBook (1), and MacBook Pro (1). And I love all but one of them, and that is the IPhone!! I have more dropped calls or missed calls. Sometimes it will turn on, sometimes it will not. Sometimes the touchpad will work, sometimes (more times than not) it won't. In contacting Apple about the phone I was told that since I have had it more than a year it is out of warranty. And before anyone asks, no I do not drop it, no it has not gotten wet, and I take extraordinary care of my phone. I was told I could have it repaired for around $300.00. That I will not do. Nor will I upgrade to the G4. I have also spoken to AT&T and they were as much help as the Apple Tech support. They offered their apologies but said that I had to be within 2 to 3 miles of a cell tower to get proper reception. Well, according to them I am 4 miles away. So, it becomes easy. I won't buy another IPhone and I will go with Verizon who has much better coverage. I am greatly disappointed that Apple would put all their "eggs" in one basket with AT&T.

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