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I am disabled and on social security disability I am 63yrs old and on a fixed income. I saved for a long time to have enough money to purchase 4 ipods for my teenage grand kids. One of them dropped theirs they had the special cover on it but it bounced and turned over and cracked the glass. It was still on the warrinty, but guess what, the warrinty does not cover the glass, and they told me to replace the glass is $200.00 OMG I will never buy an Apple product again. What a bunch of BS

I have tried repeatedly to get some answers as to why the purchases I made with my gift card were automatically charged against my bank account and the items never down loading. I am not happy with Apple right now!

I have just read these reviews and I am amazed-my apple experience has been wonderful. I usually take the one to one classes at the Bethesda store-sometimes the Clarendon. At both I have had the best possible experiences and unfailingly thoughtful assistance form the moment I came in to learn how to use the new Macbook which I had received as a Christmas gift. The entire staff of both stores should be praised lavishly.

I just called Apple to complain about charges from the ITunes store to my credit card that were, in fact, not made. The person who answered the phone was worthless. She was nice enough; but, the system she is saddled with is worthless. First, she told me I cannot contact the ITunes Store, except by e-mail. Of course we all know how far that would go. I asked if she could deliver a message to the appropriate person...nope, can't do that. I asked for a supervisor...she said that I could talk to a supervisor, and one would be available in about 15 minutes. I asked if I could leave my phone number and have someone call me, rather than experience the inconvenience of holding for 15 minutes...nope, can't do that either. Apparently Apple's procedures, policies and systems are a great deal more important than their customers.

I presently have 3 second generation i pods. Unfortunately for Apple, this will be the end of the line as far as me making any future purchases of their products. I have had the same problems with the i pods namely left channel of all 3 stop working. After repeated attempts both at the store as well as customer service via phone, i have been given the same answer, give us more money and we will exchange the product. I am thankful that these events actually occur as I was fully ready to embrace the Apple (-craze)by purchasing I-phones and I-pads and Mac Book Pro for school; i think I will stick to my PC. I will also find another MP 3 player their are several good ones on the market. I now realize that in an effort to dominate the market they churn out shit products, and as little protection for consumers as possible. At ever turn of their "customer service" they are all regurgitating the same scripted lines. I will throw them in the rubbish where they belong and find a better alternative;at least, if the product that i purchase is shitty like apple's i pods they make up for that on the customer service end. If anyone at Apple is listening, there is a wonderful alternative to your i phone and that is Android phones and the manufactures stand behind their hardware. DO YOU GUYS REMEMBER A COMPANY CALLED Research In Motion? (RIM) Once dominant in the smart phone handset and software application, now fighting to survive. Apple, keep fucking your customers by the million, and by the millions they will turn around and you will crash and burn.

We just purchased a Macbook Pro in California and returned back to our home in South Africa. Sadly, we found out that somewhere along the line, we are missing the 2 instal disks. Has anyone has experience with getting replacements?

I am not at all surprised to see this page flooded with poor ratings & complaints. Customer satisfaction is a key factor in business & Apple is truly lacking in that area. Throwing out products that seem to be the first draft of a better product they plan to release a few months later. Apple is a greedy & arrogant company satisfied simply by income. If Apple cared at all about its customers, they wouldn't need to hind behind the legal fine print of their well weaved conditions. A good company is one that is willing to admit it's flaws & strive to correct those flaws as a result to customer feedback. I have met few people who are impressed with their Apple product for longer than a few months. Apple's corporate headquarter need to get off the stick & start impressing people with the performance consistency of their products. Leave your ides on the drawing board a little longer, test your products for longer periods of time, and respond to or acknowledge the complaints and concerns of your company before you claim you are the best. I love the concept of Apple products, but there is too fine a line between the idea & the result.

I am emailing in regards to your lack of hind sight when it comes to your iPad. I have the first iPad and can not down load my adobe flash player, It's not like you need the money, I would like a good explanation on why this can not be done.

HELP US OUT, for cryin' out loud. WE NEED TO BE ABLE TO ACCESS FLASHPLAYER FOR SO MANY WEBSITES! We are being penalized by buying your product (ipad, iphone). Why do you want to do that to your customer base???

i was shipped a replacement apple iphone 4 and the fed ex box was empty. apple is treating me like a criminal and doing nothing to resend me a phone which i need for business. all customer service people have the sam im sorry line but they take no action. what a crap company

I have an idea for an app. Pleae contact me if you are interested. Thanks! dmccafferty777@hotmail.com

Apple is out for Apple, first and foremost. I invented the Magic Touch Pad that you see in apple stores now, and had a very very brief comment from Mr. Jobs. Unfortunately for Apple, I will be yet another among several who will apparently be suing Apple, as they prefer to take as opposed to paying for the ideas and inventions of others. Fortunately for me, I have four very good attorneys who are very confident and capable of going head-to-head with Apple regarding my invention. I tried to give Mr. Jobs an easy way out, but he apparently prefers to litigate. The sum I was asking for along with an autographed IPad 2 will pale in comparison now. I don't know if it is because he is ill or his other VP's are helping him make the wrong decisions, but in this case they chose poorly. See you in court Mr. Jobs and company!! Not what I wanted to do, but something I must do. BTW: For those of you who don't know, Steve is a Buddhist and thus your wishes from a Christian point of view may well fall on deaf ears or be insulting. David Land

Why does Apple not let consumers know that if you smoke that your screen will fill with smoke? Appliances and most items come with warnings -- Apple should do the same. Apple should be obligated to advise the customer of this MAJOR PROBLEM HAPPENING TO A MAC! People who smoke SHOULD NOT BUY a Mac.

I am trying to contact someone at apple I have a great idea for a phone product to compliment your phones,,,, who can I contact..

I sent my Mac Book Pro in for service and the 1st time it came back with nothing repaired, the speaker blasted out, the music from ITunes someone downloaded copies leaving one 1 left to use. It was sent back and was returned again with the speakers still blasted out, and the information they took off of it was not replaced. It was sent back again because, keys were now sticking, the speakers were still blasted out, and information taken off needed was still not replaced. This time it came back with speaker still blasted out, keys replaced BUT with dents all over it. Now, I have a new replacement Mac Book Pro that was shipped from Asia. Speakers are tin sounding, the usb's are toooooo close together and 2 of them don't work, applications keep disappearing off the dock and out of the Applications folder, the mouse is all over the place, the windows keep closing up when I try to place information in boxes or take it out of the boxes, windows pop up whenever they want, the keys are plastic and cheap and will wear out fast along with the letters, the track pad is a pain to use because it is all over the place, the usb ports are on the wrong side if one wants to use a usb mouse, whoever designed it must have been left handed and a man. The OVERALL Mac Book Pro IS A PIECE OF CHEAP JUNK and would not recommend buying! This Mac Book Pro is only a couple months old and it is has a mind of its own! I though after my first Mac Book Pro I would never go back to Microsoft but their lap tops are better quality and don't have these problems. WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO QUALITY?

hi does anyone know their mailing adress of their headquerts becuase i am sending a letter and have no clue what their adress is or their zip code :(

Worst person at apple: steven conrad 5126742500 ext 40971!

My daughters both have I phones and we have opened an account with I Tunes like you have to do to get any applications. Even though this is not Apple it IS through Apple. Always before I get a receipt for every purchase. I have had charges out of my account with no receipt. On my bank account only a telephone number. You call the number and they can't help you and your on the rate race of automation telephone calls. Kathy at the support center keeps asking for information that I cant give her. There is no transaction number. You can't tell me that they have my bank account number and can't tell why they are taking money out of my account. Now she says she will not even respond to my emails. What is wrong with this picture??? Lisa Norman, OK

To whom it may concern, It was the first time ever dealing directly with the Lehigh Valley Apple store and needless to say I was very impressed. I there I met Mr. Robert Delvalle and the customer service was excellent he made my wife and I feel at home he was very well mannered, polite and professional. I am happy to say that I will definitely be a returning customer. Maldonado Family

Today I went to the Apple Store in Brea, CA. I was running a bit late for my appointment and wanted to speak to a rep. to let them know. I called the store and chose the appropriate prompt to speak to someone direct I let it ring for 5 minutes... no one answered. I hung up. I called back again and let it ring for another 5-10 minutes. No answer again. When I got to the store I let the rep. I spoke to know that I called twice and let it ring a LONG time. He said " We only have one person answering the phones," and went back to what he was doing. I told him that it seemed unprofessional for a company, especially one as large as Apple, to simply disregard the fact that customers are trying to contact a real person at the store. He seemed disinterested and completely unapologetic about the communications problems at the store level. I just wanted to let someone know since I can't find a place to submit customer complaints...another crucial component that a large company should have readily available to the customers. Afraid of anything Apple?

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