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iPhone 5s

Is it possible that on the next iPhone, can you make Siri be able to function properly and accurately on regular data? Not just on Wifi, that will really help a lot! Thank you for your time.

IOS 8 Impact

Recently updated our IPAD 2 with IOS 8 and then lost ability to connect to Verizon service. Efforts to restore/fix with Verizon and Apple store were unsuccessful. Why does Apple issue software updates that make their products useless?


We had a scheduled appointment at your Apple Store in Naples Florida. Due to traffics delays we arrived at the store 12 minutes late and were told they could no longer accomediate us and we would have to reschedule our appointment. What ever happen to trying to accomediate the customer no matter what. What happen to the days to trying to make the customer happy and not try to I convince them. By the way I was treated I guessing those policy went right out the window.

I Phone

My family and I had I phones we spent a lot of time having them repair 30 miles from home ,now my grand daughter changed from a I Phone to a Galaxy 5 anyway now I can't text her because a I phone wont text a Galaxy. UGh .

Call center not a big help

I called for a general question and instead of a yes or no answer they were asking for my serial number and then they anted to charge me money for th protection...all I had was a general question a yes or no answer. I finally got in touch with corprate and made a complaint. And the person answered what I needed...Apple care support on the phone get better....people spend at least 1000.00 or more and this is the treatment that customers get. Instead of making a buck try to help... Can't belive I had to call corpate for this

U2 Download FORCED on Me

Thank u very much, Apple, for not only deciding for me that I should have U2 in my iTunes library, but also taking up much needed space in my library. I want to know how to get this off my devices. I foresee a class action against Apple for this. I don't want to have to hit the pass button when I'm playing my music library.

HORRIBLE Customer Service

I called Apple today to try and find a way to get my phone repaired. I was on hold for 30+ minutes between the customer service line and the store itself, of that 30 minutes I probably didn't even talk to a person for 1. Very disappointed in Apple's customer service. I didn't want an iPhone to begin with and I can reassure you I will never have one again.

itunes complaints

if you have a copmlaint about iTunes support, write to this inept moron. Not my real name by the way

terrible and getting worse

dear apple- you suck, your growth ruined you, the growing pains excuse you cannot use any longer, get your act together and act like you care about your customers

Worst company ever.

From the first day I had issues with the call centers. Now they lock my I-Tunes account almost daily for no good reason. I have spend hundreds of dollars in the past year alone and this is the way they treat me.

New gizmo

I like apples quality of products I haven't had any problems. I have an Apple TV iPod I pad mini and iPhone 4 ready to upgrade. What they need now is a device to download all my bluray movies onto a device which by the way has a lot of memory then I can get rid of the disc version. Open space in the living room and when u wanna watch a movie turn tv and device on and a list of ur movies on the tv then pick and enjoy. Then when whenever you buy a movie on iTunes for example it just downloads to that device.


I've NEVER witnessed such RUDE customer service reps! This is the FIRST and last time I will purchase from Apple.

Bad Apple

iOS 7 has destroyed my iPad. Had I known they would change everything I liked about my iPad I would not have upgraded. I have splitting headaches after a few minutes of use. I can no longer use the calendar or the notepad. I can barely see the icons. I need contrast to see well and that is also gone. I went to Apple Store to get my old version back only to be told that is impossible! I can no longer trust Apple, will never purchase another Apple product. I'm now sorry I bought an iPhone two weeks ago. Bad Apple!


I just filled out a moderately long review. I want to add that when I called corporate to educate them, they didlnt ask for my name or a call back number. I was disconnected. Please add thihs to my previous review.

worst quality control

This company has the worst customer relations (500.00 hold on cc to get a replacement) and will send the same phone with problems you will spend hours on the phone with techs for and then want another 500.00 hold to send you another phone that might be the same. If the replacement phone had been through QC, I would have received a working phone.

Disabled Community

I contacted the Apple Support today about getting assistance for a client with our home health agency to donate or assist in replacing his IPAD 2 and I was very disappointed to hear that Apple would not help this gentlemen out in any way. I will be contacting the corporate store to let them know I will now be a Windows customer.

Unbelievable and Awesome!

I couldn't find my iPhone today, and came home to find it lying in my driveway. I had obviously run over it, as it was dirty, the screen cover was off and covered with dents! After a quick prayer, I picked it up -- and it turned on! One small crack below Siri's 'belly button', two minor scratches on the screen, and a slight dent in the metal side, but it is just fine. In fact, it still had a 95% charge! The screen protector was off and covered with dings, but who cares. After one terribly sucky day, it was a very, very much appreciated miracle! Thank you, Apple, for making an excellent quality product!

dont know

iphone 4s new ios7... i have being having lost of problems with phone..ios 6.1.3 the best.. while working on ios7 always shuts down.. then i have to reboot phone..WHY..DID THEY CHANGE IT...THE NEW LOOK VERY BAD. my battery gets to 10% phone shuts off.

bad experience

HAD MY MAC PRO FOR ALMOST 3 Years bought the extended warrenty brought it to my local apple store when it just wouldn't turn on anymore. Their excuse was that it got wet, I am so tired of hearing this excuse for electronics, same with cell phones. My computer did not get wet and they would not deal with me anymore told me I could sell it for parts, how professional is that. I paid $1200 of my hard earned money, I would rather throw it in the garbage. Imagine a multi billion company wanting to charge me $775 to fix my apple they should be ashamed. Will never buy another apple.


I am appalled at the lack of customer service not only at the store level but here in corporate offices. Any positive review has got to be written by Apple employees. I cannot believe that anyone has had a positive experience. I will never buy an apple product ever again. To all of you who have written a negative review; there has to be some way we can unite and get this company to address their poor customer service.

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