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i have another email address and cant get in

trying to get into my old email address dont have that phone number anymore what can i do?

Disconnected number

The number given as Yahoo Corporate telephone number rings as a disconnected number. This was no help at all. Yahoo has done a great job at being unavailable to its users. Terrible customer service.

Horrible Support Service!!!!

I have been trying to reach support for 3 days and no one ever answers? The recording about how important our call is and that we will be connected to the next available agent..... NAUGHT!!!! For as big of a company as Yahoo is Support is very important as the instructions on the yahoo website have changed are are now very complicated for anyone to follow. Our Business is seriously being affected by this!!!

Mail system

I detest the new mail system. You had a nice simple system and you made it worse. Keep going and I will move back to a previous home page and mail


Why can't I get to see my chat contacts when they are on line? Why was the green light deleted and their names do not show up? I'm frustrated. Yahoo does not give any reason why nor do they give me a way to fix this. Please help. Thanks

After 20+ years of paying for service

Multiple attempts to get rep on phone. No answers. Bad phone numbers. My business is suffering. Clearly a sign this Yahoo has become too big, too complacent, and facing customer churn. This is one who will choose other options.....

the phone# you have for corporate office is disconected

new decoration

Spring forward/plant in the spring/paint your garden this spring. You are too predictable.

Bad Yahoo

Loading this took 25 seconds but many other using Yahoo take a minute or longer to load

I hate the new Yahoo mail

I hate it. I want my old mail back. And the catchas are illegible.

can't excess my yahoo e-mail account . I spoke with customer service. They me the run around with bullshit, I don't have time for this shit, with your customer service I'm an business man and attorney and i am fed up with your consumerism in ser



What everyone else is saying is correct. Yahoo should be ashamed. No other site is impacted like Yahoo by this breach. I've been trying for days to get some help and all I hear is crickets.. Yeah, we'll call you back in 23 minutes…I'm still waiting. It's been 2 days! I just set up a gmail account.


I will see yahoo in Court soon with a lawsuit. I am not very please with your service.

New Yahoo format

TOTALLY hate the new format! WHY can't you guys just leave well enough ALONE????

Customer care

It is nonexistent. I have tried for three weeks at all hours day and night just to be put on extended holds then later automated voice tells me they cant help me and hang up. And, below it tells me to type in the two words. See any WORDS?

yahoo pool

Your abuse forms have no effect on all these people that get on and send figures or asterics which stop the game . It has been happening a lot lately. Suggest you do something or remove the game. Your site is the worst Ive seen. AT&T should get another search engine.

You stole the bell

I have terminal cancer... Posting and talking to friends in yahoo posts is the last thing I have to entertain myself with. Now I don't even get to do that because I have no notifications bell to let me know when there's a reply... I just want to thank Yahoo for blessing me with a miserable existence for what I have left... Google it is then and I hope your company goes broke miserable pieces of s--t....

Lately it Sucks

What is going on ? every other day nothing works!!

I am highly disgusted at how your company is handling the hacked account situations. Being on hold for over an hour to be hung up or have no one answer is the worst customer service. Our information is floating around while you do nothing to help us.


have tried to get in contact with yahoo for 2days .stayed on phone for at least 30 min every time I have called can not get through. It is very important that I open my E-mail daily

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