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Bad Yahoo

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I hate the new Yahoo mail

I hate it. I want my old mail back. And the catchas are illegible.

can't excess my yahoo e-mail account . I spoke with customer service. They me the run around with bullshit, I don't have time for this shit, with your customer service I'm an business man and attorney and i am fed up with your consumerism in ser



What everyone else is saying is correct. Yahoo should be ashamed. No other site is impacted like Yahoo by this breach. I've been trying for days to get some help and all I hear is crickets.. Yeah, we'll call you back in 23 minutes…I'm still waiting. It's been 2 days! I just set up a gmail account.


I will see yahoo in Court soon with a lawsuit. I am not very please with your service.

New Yahoo format

TOTALLY hate the new format! WHY can't you guys just leave well enough ALONE????

Customer care

It is nonexistent. I have tried for three weeks at all hours day and night just to be put on extended holds then later automated voice tells me they cant help me and hang up. And, below it tells me to type in the two words. See any WORDS?

yahoo pool

Your abuse forms have no effect on all these people that get on and send figures or asterics which stop the game . It has been happening a lot lately. Suggest you do something or remove the game. Your site is the worst Ive seen. AT&T should get another search engine.

You stole the bell

I have terminal cancer... Posting and talking to friends in yahoo posts is the last thing I have to entertain myself with. Now I don't even get to do that because I have no notifications bell to let me know when there's a reply... I just want to thank Yahoo for blessing me with a miserable existence for what I have left... Google it is then and I hope your company goes broke miserable pieces of s--t....

Lately it Sucks

What is going on ? every other day nothing works!!

I am highly disgusted at how your company is handling the hacked account situations. Being on hold for over an hour to be hung up or have no one answer is the worst customer service. Our information is floating around while you do nothing to help us.


have tried to get in contact with yahoo for 2days .stayed on phone for at least 30 min every time I have called can not get through. It is very important that I open my E-mail daily

everyone complain to the BBB and your congresspeople

Yahoo has deleted my primary account and customer service is impossible. Last time I complained to everyone I could think of and got my account back online. I urge everyone with a locked account that yahoo refuses to deal with to write congresspeople and anyone they can until it becomes too large a problem for them to ignore


Your new yahoo mail really sucks! Good bye yahoo!

MY yahoo

I have been trying to talk to some one about My Yahoo change coming up. The new My yahoo coming up sounds horrid . just fanasty foot ball andjunk pictures for news. instead of bring back some of the good stuff. Please form a chat line or answer your phones. a Billon doller company like your can afford a few phone operators.

format sucks

why an email provider would drop spam filters from account settings is baffling. in addition, to have absolutely no way of contacting real support and instead giving a bunch of useless articles that don't often address one particular issue is a waste of time. I absolutely hate this application and am making all of my accounts gmail. by the way, they still have spam filters which is why i have no spam in that account and a TON in my yahoo account. wake up Yahoo.

Snarky "Shine!"

I am so disgusted by Shine! "news". It is "bullying" of female celebrities disguised as "fashion critiques" and is of no value whatsoever. Who reviews and approves these pieces of excrement? If we want women to feel good about themselves, how are you setting a good example by allowing some of these pieces to be published? The one yesterday I read about Gwyneth Paltrow's abs and hair was just deplorable. What a waste of words. If you can't say something nice and insightful and humane - just don't bother. I challenge you to be "fresh", insightful, supportive and do something "over the top" and out of the box. Fire those bit#$es already.

Yahoo mail

It doesn't work for 6 hours and no help is available!!!

Independant Broker

Your Financial web site totally sucks - change it back to what you had before your idiot children f------ up the program

accounts hacked , no e-mail access

in addition to above , no customer service to resolve log-in problems , growing frustration . Business accounts lost . You are losing customer base in quite fast rate , including me / after 10 years /

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