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Good Customer Service

I needed to talk to a customer service representative concerning my purchases and points. The representative was very pleasant, and, even though I got confused, he was patient and helped me to understand the situation.

Racial Profiling

Who is the idiot that thought sombreros, fake mustaches, and maracas was a good marketing idea for your Mexico salute. Honestly have you lost your corporate minds!

Coupon doubling

It is my understanding that Kroger Inc. will end coupon doubling in Michigan on May 14th. It is with great sorrow that if it does do so, it will do so along with my doing business with Kroger. I will go to Meijer instead and word of mouth travels a long way!!!

Arlington injustice

I'm appalled with Kroger's actions in Arlington, Texas and being a former resident of Arlington and having shopped at this particular store, I applaud the Manager's actions and courage. Kroger should promote the Manager not fire him. Shameful.


I purchased a cake from your bakery in oregon ohio. the cake was good It was suppose to be marble but it was basically yellow very little marble. I paid alot for this cake and i was not happy it was good but not what the label said the product was .


I think KROGERS should watch their reputation for someone is sending out fraudulent checks to people using their NAME. In other words your company is getting a bad REP.

i was a former employee of kroger and every year they never get my w2 to me by the 31st of january its always late. i'm so glad that i don't work for them anymore.

Love My Kroger!

Rumors are flying that the Galax Virginia Kroger Store will be closing in March. What a shame this will be. Next month marks a year since I've grocery shopped in Wal Mart because of being treated very rudely. I've been a much happier shopper since taking my business to Kroger. Management & staff are some of the nicest people I've ever met. They are always willing to help you find what you need, help you to the car with your groceries and I've actually saved money by switching. I hate to see Wal Mart gain more control over out little town. I'm hoping & praying for a miracle that will keep our Kroger Store up and running!

I worked at the Kroger in vandalia Ohio for about two months they are very rued and stuck up. I got really sick and had to miss two days took in a doctors note and got fired have tried to all corporate to see if there was anyway to get my job back at a different store because i loved my job and the pay but every time i call they are ether closed and or give me the number to the store i worked at witch i want to talk to someone at corporate not the store. Very hard to get ahold of anyone


I don't like the empkoyees in Daytin/huber heights Ohio. They always have a mental prob. They are absolutely have a stalking habit. Three employee Rhonda, Troy, Nat Hil are three if the most abnoxious persons. If thet don't stop bothering me I have their mgrs arrested and them. I haven't shopped at Kroger in years. When I did the cashier unattentively would drop things on the floor. Fish had ity bity maggots. I've been to a few seafood shops of Kroger and evertime their fish has mgts. Seriously, Kroger straighten your employees or ship them to space where loonies belong.


Kroger has gone downhill.. Almost every time I shop at Kroger items are run up higher than advertised and some of the merchanidise is not only over priced but also poor quality. I purchased solar lights, on sale for 32 dollars.. Got them home and noticed they only stay lit until 3 am.. Two months later they only stay on until 11pm.. I called the store and they offered just to return them but they don't have any solar lights left..So I asked for batteries to replace the dysfunctional ones they sold me and he said he didn't think they had any.. Then I called Kroger corporate, all I got was sorry but the only advise is to return them. Worst customer service ever.. I wont shop at Kroger ever again.

Expired dairy products

I have been shopping at the Kroger on 515 a Mac Arthur Irving tx for years about twice a week. And never had a issue until now, I have pulled about 40 yogurt item off the shelves, because they were expired weeks to a month later. Spoke with manager on duty and they said they would fixed that issue. A month later I go to purchased my yogurt for the week and the problem still exist. I think I will apply for a job there. Because they seem to give away free money to employees who clearly don't do there job. Be aware !!!! And always check the dates on your dairy product'

Fantastic service

The pharmacy personal are caring. It makes me feel I am their only customer. The seafood ordered alligator, frog legs and now I found a source for turtle, I have three pounds coming. Mike took time to talk to me and helped me find coffee syrup. I am a retired nurse who served as such in the Army during Vietnam then in nursing homes. I wish I had your training unit. They are a gift.


I am a long time customer of Kroger and I once was a regular at your west end store here in Atlanta; however, I became disturbed at the store's appearance and product quality, so I chose other Kroger locations to shop. But, a few months ago I happened to find myself, as a convenience patronizing your west end location, to say I was surprised at the improvements would be an understatement, I was stunned. The staff was exceptionally helpful and courteous, I was even approached by a manager type person who wanted to know if I founded what I needed. I don't usually write notes or letters, but I think the people who make a difference at that particular store deserve a few Kudos. Thanks.

Chicken Humper

If the customer only knew! ;)


I am a huge fan of Kroger and have been enjoying your cinnamon/raisin bagels for years. Over the last several months I have noticed that the bagels have become tough and difficult to chew (like many other brand bagels) I've always enjoyed Kroger bagels because they weren't that way. Thank you for looking into this.

handicap accessability

I use the Krogers at 5137 W Washing ton St Indianapolis, In 46241 and that store needs serious help on maintaining and having operational shopping carts for the physically disabled. Everytime I go in there, out of approx. 7 or 8 electronic carts, I have yet to have one that would even make it in the door of the store let alone shop with it. One time I got to use one, and got part way thru the store, and it quit on me, and I had to get reg cart to use. I have a very difficult time walking and breathing and people like us need to know we can go there and have handicap means to help us shop. I complained to the manager, but he seemed disinterested in my complaint. I feel I need to file a complaint with ADA and see if they can do anything about this. Same issue with the Handicap parking, I am told they can't do anything but yes they can, read the law and regulations with ADA and see what they can do. It is a shame they don't follow this for their customers in need. A shame.

Employee Discipline Procedures

I am a long time customer of Kroger. I shop 2-3 times per week at store #395 in Houston, TX on 1960. Lately, during my visits, I am annoyed by the reprimanding of employees by a young female named Selena. She is loud, unprofessional, and it seems that she enjoys the attention. Well, as a customer, it is so annoying and unethical. An open-forum should not be used as a platform to attack employees. On one occasion, she was talking about an employee, and I realized she was talking about one of my ex students. I'm all for disciplinary actions, but not in public. My friends ask me why I go to that ghetto Kroger? Oh, please do something about the lonnnnnnnnnnnnnng lines.

past employee

I am trying to get verification of my employment from Kroger and you talk about a run around, I have been trying for months to merely acquire my employment dates at Kroger in order to get financial aid for my son's college loans.....What a mess.....Keep getting the run around.... Very frustrating.. You've compartmentalized so many functions and sourced others to third party administrators that getting simple employment verification is next to impossible..


Your Pharmacy has failed to fill my subscriptions correctly for three months in a row. I am notified by your phone system my refills( 6 of them) were ready for pickup but when I arrived at your store once again I am left with nothing. My doctor called me personally to inform me my refills were sent in yet your store pharmacy denies this. I trust and know my doctor, your store screws up and wants to blame everyone else. I then talked to a manager named Charles on Saturday evening July 20 2013 at approximately 545 pm. Charles laughs at me, what kind of customer service is this???? I then tell Charles I do not appreciate him laughing at me and I walk out the store. Charles proceeds to follow me out of your store and yells at me to call my doctor. I will take my business and grocery shopping to one of your competitors and will tell my friends about how I was treated.

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