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very dangerous&slippery when wet.

Shape up shoes

Of course people are only here to complain and so am I... I love Sketcher shoes, except for the shape up model. I bought them to wear in the rainy season but the sole was too hard and they were very slippery. Not the problem. The problem was in the soft midsole. The material separated on the sides first and later the bottoms fell off. I probably got 5 months of good service out of shoes I would expect to last for 2 years.

Go Walks are fantastic walking shoe

I have the original Go Walk walking shoe. They are the MOST comfortable everyday and long-walk shoes I have ever had. They are SO light and provide great support. I re-ordered the same pair after wearing the first pair out and two friends loved mine and bought a pair for themselves.

Golf shoes

U advertise golf shoes AND none of the stores carry them. They tell us we would have to go to seattle to find them, 80 miles really. There have to be at least 25 golf courses (approx) and u don't sell them in nw corner of washington. Poor

defective shoes

My husband bought 2 pairs of sketchers at the same time. Brown ones are fine. The black ones have hardly been worn, soles are perfect. The top the shoes are literally falling apart. The left one has a slit across the top and the right on has a slit under the stitching. We would expect more from a product from Sketchers and wonder what they are willing to do about this?

problem with shoe

called today with aproblem with my daughter skechers.. wanting for my email back havent gotten very upset


The store in el cerrito ! We felt lots of stress to shop on this store On Sunday night . It will be closed on 7 we know But the people work there are not very nice and ??? We feel like very in hurry and be pushed to finish our shop . And we also felt they were not happy to clean what we looking for the shoes we like . Not good expience this time . We been shoped at this store for lots of years and like the shoes very Well. We understood they want to close on time but ... On the costumer Side ?

Comfortable, but shoddy

Bought a pair of sneakers a good 2 years ago, really like the look and found them very comfortable (wide widths seem hard to find, these fit great!). About a year ago the glue holding the sole toes and heel cups started failing, making the soles flop at both end of the shoes!... (though the uppers and the soles themselves are still in great shape). I called, a very nice woman told me to send them back; now, a month later, I just got them back with a form letter, basically telling me to go *f(*&# myself, saying it was "normal wear and tear"... too bad.... with a little bit of forethought, they could have had a Skecher customer for life... instead of someone who will do all I can to warn folks from the shoddy products..

Poor quality

I bought a pair of Skechers shoes for my 6 year-old son and after only a month of wearing the shoes, his ankles roll in and the soles of both shoes are slanted inward! He complains of sore legs and now I have to buy new shoes for him. I'm buying some decent New Balance shoes - never buying this crappy brand again!

Looking to buy more shoes

I am a large male in my mid fifties, I have worked at heavy construction for over thirty years, about 6 years ago my knees wore out to the point I am in need of complete knee replacement on both knees. It became extremly diffacult to work or even get around, I found MBT shoes they helped a little but did not last very long and cost well over $300.00. I tried Skeecher Shape ups and found the were very affordable and made it possible tp work and funtion at near normal conditions. Over the last five years I have purchased over 14 pairs of skeecher shape ups. The only problem I have with these shoes is they are being dis continued and I am having a hard time finding more. If anyone from the Skeecher Corp. can tell me where there might be a few more pairs I can buy It would be the difference between me being able to work or be stuck at home. It will be at least another 6 months until I can have my knee surgery. Please feel free to contact me

Return on both pair

I purchased one pair of tennis shoe . They came apart at the seams. One pair of flip flops. And they came apart between the toes. What happened to quality . Shouldbask up their word. I want my money back ! They weren't cheap..

sketcher work boots

These boots were by far the worst boots that I have ever purchsed boots were difficult to break in, non slip feature is not accurate and most importantly fake leather upper sole started to crack and peel off from boot. Worn basically for walking job related and not used in a rough construction nor heavy laborous setting. Do not purchase poorly made boots I would recommend timberlands.

Quality Asurrance-On the Go!

Been a reebok guy my entire life until my wife asked me to try Skechers, as she is old on them. I bought a pair of skechers "on the go" and they are the the most comfortable shoe ever. We walk about 5 mi. a day. I like them so much I bought another pair in a different color.I am hooked! BUT there is a QA problem that needs to be addressed. The laces will eventually untie when you walk no matter how tight you tie them. Please address the problem so I can remain a Skechers man. The laces are too thin to walk.

Poor quality

I bought a set of shoes 4 weeks ago, since then the shoes have rapidly been falling apart on the bottom. poor quality. Buy new balance much better.

disappointed buyer

I had purchased a pair of sketchers a few years ago and loved them, but I found when I purchased a pair of biker troopers a few months ago the quality has just left the shoe. I had only wore them a few times and the toe of the shoe had torn and now has a whole. I paid $60.00 for these shoes at shoe carnival and still haven't broke them in and they are no longer wearable for work. I amdisappointed in the quality in the shoeI am going back to puma's they are just as expensive but last longer. by Joanna W


I have problem feet and have worn the shape ups. They don't last very long, but are comfortable. I ordered another pair and they are called tone-ups. The sole is different and I can feel every little bump on the bottoms. Last time I buy Skechers of any kind!

skechers shape-ups

I bought A pair of skechers shape-up walking shoes at Dunham Sports here in Cookeville TN last summer and i wore them a couple of times and hurt my ankle the second time while i was out jogging.There is a DVD and Booklet with the shoes.I payed $43.00 for these shoes,and i would like my money back.They are the motivation skechers.Size 7.5 women's.The # on the bottom of the bar code is 079 2 10-2 color black.US Design Patent D607,188.The original price for these shoes were $109.99.I did not know there was a recall on the shoes at the time i bought them.I have been trying to get a refund for months.

Poor Quality & Customer Service

I recently purchased a pair of shoes from Skechers, the shoes were Horrible they blistered the whole top of my foot & when I went back to the store I was only given half the value of the shoes,...and the manager was disgraceful I will never shop in the store again Nor purchase any of their products!


I bought shoes for my son a week ago and now they don't light up, nothing happens.They were the Police 911/ K9 hot lights skechers. Thats why I bought these shoes in the first place, The worn out pair of shoes that we placed were also light-ups and they still work, You would think shoes bought just a week ago work..I should go back where I bought them and get a new pair of shoes????? What do you think. Paid 24 Dollars for them....

SpiderMan light up shoes

My son's shoes was bought a few months ago and had only been worn about 30 times. This past week we have had alot of rain. Yesterday he was out with his father when the sole of his left shoe came apart. I am very disapointed in this product. What a waist of money.

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