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Hi, I live in Middletown, RI and I have a complaint. I have gone to this Wendy's a long time now, and recently (since June), there is NEVER any baked potatoes!!! The staff always says it will take an hour to cook. This is very aggrivating and poor planning. Please let them know! Thank you, Marie


no receipt - all those cash transactions- somethings not right- when I asked for one they offered to handwrite it???

Double check receipts & coupons

Recently have been given wrong amounts to pay on two different orders. Asked how my order could equal this wrong amount and even after cashier figured out amount in her head and realized I was right went on to tell me the computer was generating that amount. I left the food, but ripping off customers at $1 or $2 every order makes me wonder how much Wendy's is making off their own customers.


I have visited the store in Grayling Michigan and the manager was RUDE CRUDE and socially unacceptable to my wife when THEY did not place half my order in the bags and the did not give me the correct sandwich for my order plus the key tag operation for the so called community support is a farce as they only want to give one per customer per purchase per visit and I have 3 for 3 children.


The Wendy's at 13 mile rd in saint Clair shores MI is the worst Wendy's the serves is so nasty and the place is so dirty the employes are so root and the don't clean the place I just was ther and I can't bolive how people are eating at this place

MOD on the this shift great customer service

I came through drive-in line was moving slow, which i expected a wait, but once i came back to the office to east and pass out everyone food the order was all wrong. Now i have an hour lunch so I called back and spoke with Ariel and my words of choice were not good, she said calmed me down and told me personally she would take care of me if I came back to the store, with no wait. Just wanted to give cuddos to your MOD ON the of July 31, 2013 at your McCain store.

Not readily accessible, how is it possible to know extensions if you are calling for the first time. There are no prompts for departments

Hi!! I recently visited your store in Sparks, NV and was so impressed with the service I received from all of the employees, but especially the manager and another senior helper at that location. Way to Go!!!

Your chilly is great!

I think you should sale white rice for your chilli. Just get a rice cooker and you can sale eight oz. or 16 oz. One for you small and one for your large chilli. You need to try this cause I think it will help you make new customers and more profits which you need. If you keep your prices under four dollars.

your commercials

Your new comercial is great! The young red head girl has shown a very good representation of a good food. Keep on you new trend. You have brought me back. Thanks. Frank Maui Hi.

service is a thing of the past

wendys in kannapolis is bad 99% of the time. what is the alternative? slightly diff. tasting bad food? Ive unfortunatly lived in area for 7 yrs and couldnt beleive when i 1rst came here and order would be wrong, i would get attitude.i expect it now no matter where it is. (walmart is horrible as well) I know its this society of wanting something for nothing and maybe its not a great job working fast food but where is peoples pride and respect? All i can say is for the few who do your JOB i am thankful on the very rare occasion you get my order right and give it to me with a smile.

Some plastic in my salad

I usually get the apple pecan chicken salad and take it to work with me at my night job. It is usually really good, but this weekend I swallowed something that felt sharp and looked in the salad and there were pieced of some blue plastic pieces in it. I am concerned this thing I swallowed will harm me . What do I do about this?

poor employee treatment

My son received raises, was calling in often for extra shifts and was being groomed for management. After one awkward exchange with a manager he was terminated and they fought is minimal request for unemployment insurance. Outrageous!

A complete rip off

Unbelievable, I've been going to Wendy's for many years getting pretty much the same thing for me and my mother. The BLT (whole) salads and a frosty. Today I went to get the same thing and I was so disappointed at that salad i received til I just wanted ask for my money back. The salad looks as if it was a side salad from the value menu and I paid 6.49 for it. There was small slice of bacon and the chicken on it was so small you could barely tell it was there. Wendy's is definitely not the place to go anymore. Customers like to be somewhat satisfied with what they spend there money on. I will not be going back for me or my mother no time soon (thats a promise) to get nothing. I was in complete shock and still upset about what i payed for. I asked the manager several times are you sure this the correct salad. His responds was "yes it is". If the salad wasn't for my mother I would have asked for a refund. Talk about bad business, it was the worst I've experience in years.

Bad Food

My husband and I have been going to Wendy's for a long time and the last several visits have not been good. The food is cold the fries are old and nasty and when I called the place here in Honesdale, Pa.to complain, all I got was we are sorry and next time you come in give them my name, the general manager, and we will replace the fries. This store has really gone down hill in the past year. Service is slow and the place in side is not clean.

nooot again

i have been working at Wendy's for a while now and ever since I started working there i have been treated with complete and utter rudeness. They don't listen to their employees when they tell one of the managers about their school schedule and yet they still would schedule us on the days we cant work. then the management gets mad at you for telling them that you cant work the days you go to school. plus the store is over staffed and on the schedule they wrote that we now have to work for the hours that we want because they are way over staffed now...I WILL NEVER RECOMMEND THIS JOB TO ANYONE EVER!!!!

Bad service and meal

My husband, 92 year old mother, and I had a terrible experience at Wendy's restaurant in Jefferson, Georgia just now. We placed our order then waited 20 minutes for our order which was incorrect and incomplete. They had no clue how to make a Cobb salad, my Mom's sandwich was incorrect and I was given the wrong drink. We love eating at Wendy's, but this time was inexcusable.

Poor Management/Slow Service

I worked at the Wendy's in Fayetteville Georgia and Peachtree City Georgia. My last day working for this company was on November 2, 2012. I mean I gave them a last minute notice which I had quit the company due to all of the harrassement that I had to face from the time I got employed until the day I left. Also the service was very slow. The customers had to complain to me all the time. They always asked me it seems like you are doing all the work. What is everybody else doing. I just told the customers I am doing the best that I can. I will try my best to satisfy you. I hated to see the customers like that. It felt so much pain for them. Customers is always first. No matter what. The employees that I worked for was just very lazy and did not want to work at all and that included the management. The management was just plain awful and that is including the district manager and when I called HR they didn't seem to help the situation at all. I was so ashamed of why I worked there in the first place. I will be sending a letter to corporate headquarters about what I went through. It's just not fair. They treat there employees and customer very unkind. I have never in my life witnessed this until 2011 through 2012.

Lower price

Today I went to Wendy's to get the new berry salad. Will the price for a half salad was $4.86 plus tax. Did not get the pecans, no Crackers or croutons. For five dollars I could get a sandwich and a salad for this amount. Will not be going to this place again. You can have it .

Terrible Service

I had went to Wendys in Haze Park MI and was totally disgusted, my order was a loaded baked potato add sour cream and a burger with bacon ketchup mustard only, I wind up with a cheesy stripped bacon over cooked potato no sour cream(Tho charged 30 cents extra) and a burger with no bacon just lettuce and mustard also had to wait 30 mins for my order this is Ridicolous minimum wage went up but the service still sucks, Then when I tried to talk to the Manager she wanted to argue with me.....They same you get what you pay for well I paid for what I didnt get........Guess its back to Burger King

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