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I hope you get sued

I have more then enough proof of one of your employees slandering a company. She has perry much laughed in our faces saying that you know. I would fire a person like this if it was my company

The managers at Wendy's do not know how to treat employees.

Wendy's chili

My name is Debbie Blankenship and I live in Vanceburg Kentucky. I work in Morehead Kentucky & often stop to buy a large Wendy's chili. Lately I've notice that there are more beans in the chili than usual and not fully cooked ! I will continue to eat Wendy's chili because I love it so much but please have them cook the beans a little longer and not put so many in the chili .

Facility in Midfield, AL , Al. Facility is dirty and unkept. More than that the attitude of the employees are worse. Will never go again...just awful.....

For a resteraunt that has baked potatoes,this seems like more often they don't have any. Very annoying!

no bueno

the food her in rome is ok but the one thing i did not like i went in to sit down and the roof was falling in so that was a last ime and my kids love wendys


My lunch today at the Wendy's in Carbondale Illinois was terrible. The bread was stale, the burger barely warm. The soda did not have the proper mixture of carbonation to syrup. The only redeeming item was that the fries were served hot. Don't think I will be going back there again.

Wendy's terrible drive thru service

Just went thru the drive thru at the Wendy's on Mall of Ga Blvd in Buford Ga. The service was so bad from these 2 teenage girls that I just left when I got to the window to pay. Very unprofessional of these 2 young ladies. Will make a habbit of not going there again unless I'm desperate.

Thanks to....

Thanks to your Wendy's in Mt Airy N.C. for the Easter message they displayed on their sign. You won over many current and new customers in our area.

Wendys Food

Wendys isnt a good place to eat, the way they make there chilly will make you reconsider there greasy/ obesity food. Wendys no bueno

Fish Sandwich

I was so glad that the fish sandwich was back and what a disappointment. Get the old ones back, the fish used to be a lot larger and crispier.

love it

Love your food. But! Very few up North. Maybe you could look into Sandpoint, Idaho. Or next door in Ponderay, Idaho. All we have is McDonald's Burgerking and Taco Bell. KFC went down. Leaving an awesome opening for Wendy's! You'd wipe the competition!


I just left Wendys in Bucyrus Ohio where I frequent often the employees are very nice. I was shocked to hear the manager yelling at an employee I could hear her through the drive thru window! This was very unprofessional and I felt for the employee.

Very updet! We ordered two chicken sandwiches in Canoe creek, service plaza in Florida thisorning Nith chicken sandwiches were raw! We left and moticed in our car driving to Iami and could mot go back.

raw chicken

Several weeks ago I bought food for dinner through the drive thru. Upon arriving home, my daughters chicken was raw. She was so disgusted she didn't eat that night and I was recovering from surgery so was unable to take it back.

Wendy's at Broward mall has the worst customer service ever!!!! Even the managers are rude !!! They really need to learn how to speak to people!!! Without your customers you are nothing remember that!


I just received raw chicken from Wendy's in Madison Ohio. I ate a chunk and realized it wasn't cooked. Disgusting.

nice service & food

Branson and East Sunshine Springfield MO, quick efficient, clean. I prefer them to all others. Good value and they have a walk around person who greets you and asks if everything is ok. NICE.


I don't even want to give ONE star, but I have to in order to write a review. The Wendys on Washington Ave. in Endicott NY is a pig sty. My little grandson had food poisoning twice from eating there. The first time I wasn't sure. The second time, I was. I always used the drive thru until I went inside. It's a pig sty. Filthy, greasy floors and windows, and the service people are sloppy and careless with their manners of handling food. I'm reporting them to both the Head Office and health department.

dont cook therebfood

Everytime I order a hamburger it is never dine it is still red Wendy's is the nasty place to eat at I rather starve to death before I ever eat there and and the manager and works are nasty people two the Wendy in Lexington Kentucky off of Winchester road

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