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Wendys has always been my favorite, but no more. This is the 3/4th time My order was screwed up. I have had enough. I went to the frive through at the cape coral parkwayordered a large double PLAIN cheeseburger, medium fries and a med. choclate frosty. WOW was I disappointed. First the cheeseburger was loaded with mayo,mustard,pickles,onions, one thin slice tomato and one partial lettuce leaf.Talk about retarded. Certainly this was not PLAIN! The choclate frosty had no TASTE? Finally my burger was cold, as was the half full french fries I ordered. Shame on you all, that as a business you cannot control the proper treatment of your customers. I don't take these things apart till I get home. What a joke. Don't you people care???? I've received others orders, and drinks that I did not order????? I send this to you to try to get some response for your corporate failures. No way to do business. Bye Bye. Service was less than POOR!

I just visited your drive thru.....on the square in red lion, at the shopping center.... I got a #1 and A # 2, with frostys..... omg, i am now covered in frosty, i didnt get a carrier, i was the passenger in the car, so i was holding both frostys....I was wearing my army sweatshirt that is military issued, my son is serving our country.... now I have chocolate frosty on the chest, down the arm and it even dripped in my purse. I know ppl. normally don't complain when they get too much of anything, but geeezzzz, they were both sooooo full, that they were dripping out of the sides of the lid and thru the top.... So u need to give lessons to your crews on how to fill a frosty cup.... totally ridicilous......


The store on Chandler Boulevard in Phoenix (Ahwatukee) should be closed and the manager and employees should be dragged through a swamp at the end of a chain for about three hours then made to watch videos of themselves screwing the customer (ME) and the company (Wendy's). Why you say should that be done. Well I go to a Wendy's for two things (maybe three) the chili and the frosty. But when ever I go to the Chandler store I wait for freaking ever at the counter. Well they are busy you say ? Hell no I am the second person in line. The first person has ordered: a large fry, a frosty and some chicken sandwich. The clerk can't get the fries into the container, she tries and tries and tries, finally; then she can't make the frosty dispenser give it up. She tries and tries and tries and finally another employee possibly a clean up guy shows her how to make the machine work. Then she asks is there anything else and the customer ahead of me says yes how about my chicken sandwich ? Oooh she says and goes to the area where the chicken sandwiches are made. Meanwhile the other four people (employees behind the counter) are admiring each other's tatooes. Finally she gets the sandwich and the ungrateful customer says I asked for this to go why is it on a tray ? Do I get the tray? Finally I get to the counter and place an order: one small chili please TO GO. Sure or something like that she says. In a minute there on a tray on the counter is a small cup of chili. No crackers. No lid... its to go remember ? And no crackers... its Chili remember ? So in my very best polite voice I ask for a lid. Well yeah OK says the only employee visible. The others have gone into the back room. And HANDS me a lid. And that is why I have changed my mind about punishment for the Wendy's employees at the Chandler (Ahwatukee) location. I now think the Chairman and the CEO should be dragged through a muck field all the while some one is standing on their backs and pouring pancake syrup on their heads, Dumb..... this location could triple its sales if they had a competent management and help. But don't take my word for it see this foolishness for your self. It is just west of 48th street on the north side of Chandler Boulevard. I never go there anymore so don't expect to see me . Wendy's probably has forgotten that there are a couple dozen fast food emporiums which are giving good service. Tough rocks Wendy's what is next BANKRUPTCY ? Or may be a management (top) change ??

Went through the drive through yesterday @ Wendy's in Baton Rouge, Louisiana @4545 Sherwood Forest Blvd and had the worst experience w/ fast food that I have ever had!!!!! The person who was @ the register was telling the girl serving the food that she needed an order of wings and the other girl was obviously aggravated. Yelling back I got your wings right here. Then she started picking thru them w/ her bare fingers throwing some back. It was gross but, I figured she wasn't actually fingering the ones I was going to eat. Leaving the drive thru in major traffic I ate one thinking it was really fatty. I have never had one before that was so fatty. The second one was also fatty. The third I stopped & cut open and to my surprise I was eating raw chicken drenched in Honey Barbeque sauce. Thanks Wendy's!!! So far I have not gotten sick & was able to make it home on a 4 hour trip driving my children home alone without being sick!!!! Will NEVER eat at Wendy's again. FYI the person who served me the raw wings had a tattoo on her wrist, red hair and a very bad attitude!!!! May want to think about replacing her w/ someone who is not going to put your customers at risk for Salmonella poison.

It has been our family's experience that the service at most fast food stores has been going down the drain. The stores on Ohio River Blvd., Avalon,Pa. and West View Plaza, West View, Pa. have gotten worse. The employees at both of these locations bring too much of their personal life to work. They discuss personal matters, argue in front of customers, don't pick up dropped food, and are often too impersonal with customers - not evening a welcoming smile. How much effort does it take to train your employees to have manners? Greet customers with a sincere smile and "welcome to Wendy's". Most seem to hate their jobs (no wonder due to low wages), but at least they have a job. If employees don't want to "serve" the public, then tell them not to get into the "service industry". An argument started once at West View, became very loud (not physical), children were in the store and the manager had a very difficult time settling them down. If they are arguing with each other, serving poorly put together meals (food sliding off the sandwich, fries in bag out of container, lids loose on drinks, etc., you can be sure the founder of Wendy's is rolling over in his grave. I have seen the same type of things at Burger King, McDonald',s, etc. and I am also writing to them. Teach your employees to have pride in themselves, in their service, and respect for customers. Thank you for the opportunity to vent!

My name is Jim, I live on disability. I had some extra money on my account at the end of november so I took my wife out to dinner at Wendys, in Helena Arkansas on the 1st of december around 6 p.m. I gave the lady my bank card for the meal which it had more than enough on it, but the machine was doing something, and gave an error, and it still showed that i owed for the meal. So I gave the lady my master card which is a credit card and i keep it on reserve, but again the machine gave an error. My wife ended up paying for the meal with a check. I got home and my wife told me to check my accounts for both cards just to see if the charges went through on either one. Both cards where hit for the same charge that she had already paid with a check for. so for a meal that costed originally $11.28, it turned out to cost me $33.84. and of course i contacted my bank about it and challenging the charge and contacted my mastercard, but if the employees knew what they where doing at their jobs, they would had noticed that the charges went through on a pending. I just want the extra money back that is being charged.

worst service ever at rib mountain wendys line of customers manager robin no smile no greeting after standing in very slow moving line. one person taking orders took a cup of soda left his station with no replacement and went to the to drink it in sight of customers waiting. wausau, wi

Hi my name is Meagan Velez. I went into wendys on Rainbow and Cheyenne In January of 2010 and the manager Chaylo informed me that i passed the interview and if i went out and got my health car which cost me 50 dollars which i didnt have i would be employed immediately from then til now which is November 30th i have gone and talked to him on a numerous amount of occasions and he keeps hiring me yet playing games it cost me gas money to go back and forth from his store to my house each time and i am fed up. I really need this job i am a hard worker and i am sick of these games and jumping through hoops to get a job working at a fast food restaurant.. Can someone please get back to me informing me of what i need to do because it seems as though i am getting nowhere with him and i am wasting my time. He has always been nice to me however and im sure he is a busy man but i need an answer!! Please give me a call at (702) 218-6490 Thank you very much.

To who it conern Today I went over to Wendy drive thur and I got their at least 7:45pm and I order a single bacon edder and buffio wings, and I also ask for a ranch dip, even the guy said oh you got to buy salad? I ask Why? Well we can't give you ranch dip. I do this to my old Wendy's place and they weren't bother. So then I told them just skip it, and just give me the bacon edder. Ok it 6.99. WHAT??? How is it 6.99, even in the vauvel(sp) menu it said: 3.29 on their board of signs. Now come on that plan stupid, and I ask for a recpited(sp) and they told me to come over. Ok fine I will be glad to come over, and then I ask for the manger and recipte(sp). The person took forever, and I say just skip it. They were rude to me and this is the most rude night timers I have ever seen who ever worked in Palmer MA. I went over to McDonald in Palmer MA and they were much nicer and they got the change right for me. So maybe someone need to talk to Chris the empyloed(sp) who works in Wendy's. I an't wasting a lozy person who do my job, unless I want it right and correct!!!

I wonder if any of Wendy's staff read these posts. I just started with them. I have been in some form of management since 1965. I have received zero, nada, zip positive feedback in the time I have been there. I do realize that I need to be trained. However, one should hear something good about their progress. I have 4 managers and none of them have a good attitude.

I visited the location in Dallas tx on n Jim miller. Please do not go this location manager is very rude he sits and hav a five minute conservation with someone ahead of me in drive thru. He ignored me because I began to blow of course by time I got to window to get he had left window. Not to my surprise my food was cold. I asked to speak with him he refused to come to window.

Just left wendys and the service was the worst ever they mrssed up the order and aevenfter I repeted my orfer 5 times theystill got it wro.g the prople at window were rude and npt once did they appoligze for the mistake

I am so upset. On Sunday, Nov. 14, 2010 I went thru the drive-thru at the Wendy's in York, PA. First, the lady would not let me finish telling her what I wanted to order. I had to go to the window and tell her that I wasn't finish ordering. She had a real bad attitude. I felt as though I was bothering her. When I finally got my food, the fries were so salty my daughter and I couldn't eat them. I do not care to ever go back to Wendy's even though I have given them quite a lot of business in the past.

To who it may concern.. I was employed by Wendys, in Cullman Al, for more than 2 years. My managers names were Patricia Banks, Kelly Steele, Karen Steele, and 2 fairly new ones, Clint and Rose. When I was hired in, Pat agreed 2 give me 35 hrs per week, depending on how business was. I started out as an opener, then I was moved 2 grill. I liked my job and was getting over 27 hrs per week. They were having issues with night shift employees and so I told Kelly I was willing 2 go 2 nights, to help the situation. After a year of working there, I'd only signed 1 evaluation, in fact, that was the only 1 I'd signed for the duration of my employment( whilst working for Wendys, an employee is periodically evaluated to determine if they are worthy of a raise or in need of more training). There hadn't been any incidents until min wage was raised to 7.25 an hour. When that happened, our hrs were cut to afford the pay increase. Then most of the employees became upset, and when they addressed managment about getting their hrs back, they were told to either deal with it, or be cut more hrs. So we dealt with it, and some had to find another job because 15 hrs wasn't an option. On top of that, in an effort to cut hrs, they would take peoples schedule and change their hours, without notice, from 12:00-5:00 to 2:00-5:00, so they could shave off hours here n there, n tell us that WE must have been mistaken, that the schedules were never changed, that n e changes that r made r verified by the employee first. Bogus! I would mention these changes and the lack of notification, then my hours were cut, and when I addressed my hrs being cut, Pat would tell me to quit complaining about my hrs n I may get them back. So I endured more managerial abuse of authority. When I couldn't afford gas for the trip to work, I started looking for another job, and found it without n e trouble. I then put in my 2 weeks notice and continued to work untill I came in one night for an 8:00-10:00, just 2 hrs, n was told to just go home n don't come back. I asked why and was told that I was 3 hrs late, that my schedule was 5:00-8:00, n I asked if it was only that night I wasn't to return, or what? N I was told not to come back to work, that I'd b taken off the schedule. So, the end. Or so I thought, cause now when I use Wendys as a reference, Pat tells my would-be employer that I'm not rehireable, this screwing me out of getting a job.

My 4year old dughter and and I had breakfast at Wendy's in KC MO at about 9ish. My daughter and I were the 2nd customers there. As we were waiting on our food, a lady who was in front of us told the lady behing the counter that the floor was wet and they needed to clean up, she replied with "ok".. Well we finally received our food and my daughter and went to go sit down, I got up to get napkins and straws. As I was got near the counter were the condimates were I slipped on the floor, lucky for me I didn't fall. So I looked on the floor and didn't see a spill. The dining room was carpeted and a section was soaked. Although, there was a sign on the floor where the tile was... the floor wasn't wet. The carpet was soaked so when you stepped on the soak carpet, in which anyone wouldn't know because there was NO sign or the seating section was NOT closed off, it was easy to step on soaked carpet and then step on the tile and slip. I brougth this to the attention to any employee who went directly to the manager (I saw the employee apprach the manger). The emaployee than came back to me and said. "The manger said that the cleaning people at night cleaned the floor and had way too much water that caused the carpet to be soaked". So than I asked if he was going to close that certain section, and the employee replied with a NO". As we ate our breakfast, I saw other customer's step in the soaked carpet and slip.. So out the kindness of my heart I told the other customers to careftul, in which the major after a well were senor citizens. It's a shame that a manger who should be concered, doesn't care for the customers. He should remember that the customers are the one's who bring home he's paycheck... Damn Shame, that he is one of the luky one's who have a job and don't care. SAD!!!

Ive been empolyed with Wendys for 3 1/2 to 4 years, They fired me on Wednesday October 20, 2010, because I kept one of my empolyee files updated with an current number.. Who can I talk to at Head Quarter's to get justice, and this decision revised immediately?

it is so pitiful that a manager because there in a higher position treat his employees with verbal abuse.or better yet bulling. this mnanger angelo @the wendys at promanades use erbal abuse.i mean is he not familiar with nitpicking,and findind finding mistakes to an emoloyee. ny daufgter marisol is such a hard worker but angelo has always tries to find a flaw abot that.if no accion is tackin i will go to higher standers

I work at Wendy's in Palm Harbor.Fl. I have been trying for over 6 months to get a copy of what I would have made from April 2007 to Sept. 2007, as I was in a car accident, my granddaughter called my boss Fred and notified him I would be out. Then he got let go and evidently I was taken off the books after being there for over 10 years. I need this copy for my lawyers who have been also trying to get this information. My daughter Jacki Caldwell is sending this for me, as I do not use a computer. her e-mail is h_e_caldwell@hotmail.com My lawyer Thersa Wigginton 813-653-2992 and I have called Vanessa 813-371-3360 ext 3371 and have heard nothing Thank you

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