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did not recieve paycheck

Im 17 yrs old and my first paycheck is still lost. My manager can't tell me what is going on. Supposedly I was to recieve a debt card type pay. I don't understand what that means but the manager said I signed paperwork to get my pay in that form bc I don't have a bank account. Christmas is tomarrow and I don't have a present for my mom. I was supposed to be paid over a week ago. What is wrong with this company. I'm sure if it was manager not recieving his paycheck, he would have answers and contacted whoever needed to straighten his money out. Way to make a good impression on a first job. Or can you say I obviously not important. MOORESVILLE, NC


How difficult is it to complete a simple order? Instead of 3 different types of sandwiches, I ended up with three Spicy chickens (all undercooked) and a small frosty (instead of Medium). This is because the workers in the back were too busy arguing about who had the best weave and hairstyle. Seriously people? This is why you will all get replaced by automated systems instead of getting $15 an hour. And don't bother calling to complain about it, cause then the people just get rude. Replace these uneducated morons with robots and just be done with it!

close early

I'm tired of going to a Wendy's where Iive in reading pa. They are always closed before 1am and they have a sign advertising open till 1am. The advertising is wrong or just the employee that work their are lazy. But in that same note. The food is very tasty and reasonable priced. You want my business but lose.it every time I get out from work.

Not Worth it

Had there new mushroom, bacon, cheese burger and the Wendy's in Sierra Vista, AZ. Well the picture they have is a lot better looking than what you really received. My burger was over cooked, very few mushrooms, on slap of processed cheese and 2 over cooked bacon strips. You get this with a meal for the price of $7.00. What a rip off. I would not go back there again Burger King is better than they are and the service was very slow. Our other order was quicker. Had more bun than anything else.

My son and 2 grandsons got sick eating at a Wendy's in Barstow, California. I don't want anyone else to get sick so letting you know.

awesome worker

I miss Karoline Sanchez at Mundelein Wendy's whom always take my order and answers question or has great suggestion at lunch time for me and my friends. I have not been eating there since I don't see her working my lunch hour time any more. I miss seeing her smiling helpful face and awesome service. Please bring back to our location in Mundlein, IL soon. Thanks. ;D


Last Friday I went through the drive through at the Wendy's in Renton, Wa at Benson Plaza and ordered two Double burgers and two large Chili's. I received the two burgers and one chili. It's not hard to see how they make their money, they steal it. Shame on you Wendy's. But it is actually my fault as they have done this to me several times. I guess they have no respect for their ex-customers as that is what I am now.

belmont nc wendys

never again will i ever eat at a wendys located in belmont nc the food was nasty and cold the people were rude and disrespectful i can not believe that a place i once loved to eat at even as a child has turned into what it has today how many people know that when the health inspector comes they have warning ahead of time to clean up all the nasty old food they serve people there now idk what there score is but it should just be shut down for good someone is going to get sick of food poising or something else

Too Disrespectful

I work at the Wendy's in the woodlands tx over on woodland pkwy,one of the managers named Kendra really needs to be talked to by the Gm....she talks to ppl all crazy wich is beyond crazy then suspect the workers not to say anything. She clocked me out without my permission and sunt me home all because I didn't know how to make sandwiches that well

bad service bad manager

went to my neighborhood Middleburg Wendys and wow I was really looking forward to what I ordered but when I got home to eat all wrong! So I went back the next day and the manager acted as tho I was trying to get food for free!!! REALLY???? I will miss the food but wont go back :(

Rude disrespectful GM

I have worked for Wendy's for a year and a half in north Minneapolis the GM Gwen is unprofessional rude disrespectful she fired me on 11/30/13 she is still refusing to give me my check MN Stat 181.13 states that I am entitled to my pay within 24 hours I am going to file a harassment and a age discrimination suite against her she yells and talk to people like they are not human she call Wendy's her house as she is yelling in front of customers last night when she fired me.

bad service

Since when does Wendy's in staunton VA hire people that smoke weed and crack with no drug tests. Also if someone has aids I thought that they couldn't work with fast food cause if they have a cut or something they can contaminate peoples food and the customers can get aids from the employee. And then there's a worker that drives a moped that drinks alcohol on his way to work. What a piss pore way to get business if the managers can't do their jobs to make sure its safe and great food service.

worst job ever !

I have been with this company all together five years, and this past year the gm told me that I did not know how to do my job and talked down to me ! When I tried to talk to the dm about this she did nothing. It got to the point where I lost my job, cause the gm told them I quit, when he pushed me out ! I called the hhr and he did nothing about this situlation ! Over all I use to love this job, but the way that they have recently been testing managers and employees are redicolous !!

What's with the commercials?

First of all I want to say that I love your food, but your recent commercials drive me crazy. Every time I see them I want turn the channel. What happened to the older ones? At least they made you want to take your family to Wendy's. I hope in the future that you have better commercial's.


I was in your 56th and Georgetown, Indianapolis, IN location last night. It was a Friday night and very busy, which was not an issue for me. The problem I had is when the only white employee approached me to take my order. Apparently she had left a twenty dollar bill on the register that she had taken from the previous customer. She did not ask me what I wanted, instead she said, and I quote "Thank you for not stealing my money". Furious is an understatement. I am a 63 year old black female who has been employed for the us postal service for 27 years. I work a lot of overtime and enjoy a very, very comfortable life. I would like to know why she would assume I was a thief


i went to wendys today and lots of people waiting for there food the manger was on his cell the sandwich lady was doing all the work looking the fires and making food the lady was looking all the staffs who make that boy the manger who cant do his job one old lady came she want BBQ salad but she dont want a corn in the salad no want to make that the lady who was making the sandwich she ran and make it why cant the manger went and make it i would say she did a dam good jog way you go and i was very impress with that lady

Bad service

I have ate at Wendy's several times and enjoyed the food. On this occassion I ate Wendy's on the opposite side of town from where I live. The service was terrible! When I pulled up there was only 2 cars in front of me and both went trough and received their order. I was aske to pull forward as the chicken would take 2 min., after 15 min. they came and told me it would be another 5 min.. I requested a refund and the manager was suppose to come and talk to me. The manager not only didn't come out to give me the refund, when the employee gave me the money I didn't receive so much as an appoligy. I was 10 min. late getting back to work and will never go to Wendy's again!

wendys restaurant late nite

I went to Wendy's restaurant last night after 12:30 p in the drive thru window on October 14, 2013. I ordered the double stack and fries. When I got home, I discovered that my bun had mouse droppings on it and my fries had something hard inside that broke my teeth.

Don't change your chili

Two times recently, I got your chili. LOVE (LOVED) your chili. First time the kidney beans were hard..uneatable. Went the second time and the girl said they were making the chili a different way. Got the chili again. This time the other beans were hard..too hard. My husband wouldn't dig out the hard beans, so he gave it to me. LOVED your chili....why change a GOOD thing!!!!


I have gone to Wendy's for lunch at least three times a week and have always visited the drive through for convenience. Today was no exception to my lunch rountine. However; today was very different as far as the food I received! I get the same thing most of the time which is: a baked potatoe, chili and a salad. Today I was extremely disappointed due to the fact I could not eat anything except the salad. The potatoe was hard and half baked and what beans were in the chili were hard as if they had not been cooked. I usually enjoy my lunch when I go there and don't mind paying the $5.48 but today was a first! I visited the Site#00010758 on Raeford Rd. in Fayetteville, NC Thank You, Carolyn Faircloth

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