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Mgr Destroyed our house / rented by him

Mgr and his family destroyed our house and before the court day he disappeared. Shame shame.cont Lie lie.plz hire better quality employees.

Went to Wendy's on terry parkway and ordered food and the guy working there looked like a homeless dude shirt was over his belly button and he was sticking his dirty sausage fingers in my fries had a bump on his lip looked like he had been eating some rotting cueche will never eat at Wendy's agian for the rest of my life


Last night my daughter ordered a portobello sandwich from the Wendys at Philadelphia Mills (formerly Franklin Mills) @ 1455 Franklin Mills Cir, Philadelphia, PA 19154 and the sandwich smelled rotten! It was so bad that my daughter was gagging in the car. She obviously didn't eat the sandwich.

use to work for

How do I get my w'2 if the store get shut down for good 8%

Lack of food items

I just returned from Wendy's in Carson City Nevada. I had ordered chili and a large chocolate Frosty. I was told that neither of these items were available. I find one both items are on available at one time miss management is to blame. When I asked for the corporate number they said they do not have one. I find that it's hard to believe as well. I thought you should be aware of what is going on at that location. Thank you for your time

Wendy's franchisee fells oak trees

My call to Wendy made 8 Hours ago has not been returned or acknowledged. A Wendy's franchisee has chopped down beautiful Oak trees on City owned right of way under the cover of Darkness. Wendy's corporate office in face of evil does nothing. No statement, no apology and no action. Can Franchisees ignore city ordinances with impunity ?;


The store in celina Ohio needs help the service for drive Thur is too slow & most times order is wrong the speaker need's to be updated to new. With a screen to show your order with price when done and workers need to be more greet full my sister told me sometimes she wait'so 10 to 15 minutes for 1 item and she doesn't have the time to wait one night she ordered and she waited to long and she left.


I have tried and tried to get in touch with wendy's for a long time. And I have failed. Almost giving up. What I have to say is that everytime I go to the Wendy's site I am kicked out.. It says that I have already got that months worth? I am real sorry to write to ?? but it is the only way that Ican try. For at least two (2) years.I have been trying. I e-mailed someone at Wendy's a while back and noooo answer.

Managers Shorting My Hours

I work at a Wendys location in Jacksonvill, FL and have just been shorted for the second time in less than two months on my pay check. The first time this happened I was shorted 6 1/2 hours and had to wait 5 weeks just to get the money that was owed to me. Now I have been shorted 11 hours. I discovered this Tuesday when I was able to see my pay stub and called my location along with the employee hotline. I am still waiting to hear from HR. There is no telling how long it will take to get my money this time. I have my time slips to prove the hours I worked.

Bad customer service.

Ordered and server was rude. Paid by card. Later asked to break a $20 and server said we don't have change. How rude!!!!

customer service

I went to Wendy's on roswell rd in Marietta Georgia I ordered a large fry with my meal they were in a large box all they were little broken pieces it was bad

The Wendy's in McComb, MS doesn't care for it's employees or it's customers! Not only are they refusing to help employees hurt at work, they don't even have a first aid kit to help the public. Isn't that against the law? That is horrible unwise, callous, and cheap. People get hurt and need a well-trained, caring person to be there for them, but that is obviously not that manager's style of management. If corporate truly cared then they would have removed the manager who continues to over-work the employees even after being talked to about the situation and put on leave for that abuse. Truly makes me wonder if this is truly one corrupt location or a tip of a much bigger, darker problem. If people are over-worked and too scared to say anything, they will be unfit for safe work and then the food will be tainted and unsafe for the public.

restaurant on main st billings montana

i dont mean to complain but they have a terrible fly problem in there restaurant is there a way u could talk to the manager its really bad

My daughter ordered chicken nuggets, chicken sandwich and the spicy chicken salad. All of the chicken had a horrible flavor, either the meat was bad or the grease was dirty that it was cooked in. I called back to that location and the Manager let me speak and at the end he said, "NOTHING". Absolutely, the worst customer service where did he get his skills and who promoted him to Mgr. Needless to say, I advised him I am looking for anything except except for him to acknowledge that something was wrong with the meat or at least tell me he will look into it. he was so ignorant I ended the conversation by hanging up the phone in his fac.

Dyersburg, TN Wendy's

I ate at Wendy's in Dyersburg yesterday with my mom and brother. The air conditioning was not working propertly and there were flies in the bathroom. The chairs were sticky and the walls were dirty. I have eaten there many times and it has never been this bad. I love the food and am really disappointed with the building. Servers are very compete and friendly. Please tear down that building and build a new one there. McDonald's and Chick-fil-a across the street are new buildings. I would love to see Wendy's "brand new building". Thank you so much, Joanne

Pretzel Burger

This burger is very good and love the sauce on the burger. Unfortunitely, it is way over priced.

uncooked hamburger

My grandson ate a uncooked hamburger at the Wendy's in fall river Massachusetts today and was in the hospital because of diareah the manager gave my daughter in law a very hard time this is sad .

Dirty Kitchen

Wendy's on Macon rd in Columbus GA serving garbage to customers.

Evendale ohio Wendy's

I are here for lunch today and you shorted me a chicken sandwitch. The manager is rude and nasty so I just drove off with out my chicken and cash now I'm out 3 dollars. I'm a medical assistant you all are loser . And I'm doing.

I jusr bought Wendy's Ciorp

I know a Manage at Wendy's in Ohio. In oHio WEndy;s is great. They are hard worke's the food is good and hte Manger's are great and they have health benefiits. I boguht thus company for my friends so her and her husband can retire and I can concentrate on my Aunt and her 3 month old son, my great gand nephew.

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