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The Best Waffle House#1280

I would like everyone to know that on vacation at Treasure Island, Fl., we experience the best services, food and hospitality at the Waffle House #1280 on Gluf Blvd. The manager Carrie Bouadill and her crew are the best!!! Looking forward to next year! See you then! Tom & Linda (High Top) Iowa

Waffle House Greenwood,South Carolina service was great and the food was awesome. These people went the extra mile with smiles, friendly service and good food.

fingers in my food

First of all Im Blind stoped in waffel house in Greenville S.C. on Haywood rd for breakfast grits,eggs,ham,tost and coffie while i was eating my friend alerted me something was in my grits turned out it was a pack of mustered ,my friend told the waitress and she said the cook marks plates with something but the waitress reached into my plate of grits and removed the pack of mustard and said its o k just a pack of mustard and expected me to eat where she put her fingers ,never again will eat there ! Hazel.


I travel the country on a regular basis. I've been in countless Waffle Houses. I visited The one in Jackson TN, Casey Jones location. My sever acted like I was bothering her. Got a overcooked waffle. Ice cold toast. The server never came to check up on me. Left all the food on the table. Never Again at that store

Waffle house on dixie hwy in louisville ky is HORRIBLE! Went there the other day and had horrible service so I tipped the waitress 1.00. A few days later I see a charge on my account for that waffle house for 72 dollars! Hope I can get a hold of a decent manager, and get my money back and get her fired..


Waffle house has some of the best food out there and the customer service, for the most part isn't bad. But I can no longer afford to eat there. From five mornings a week to one or two to none - it's gotten to expensive for my taste. What use to cost me six bucks a year or so ago is not pushing twelve - it's cheaper to eat at home...!

a business in wisconsin

I love the waffle house my husband and i worked for the waffle house in tucson az for years and we moved to wisconsin and there are no waffle houses up here the perfect place if you wanted to open a waffle house in wisconsin wisconsin dells wis would be the perfect spot.

DIrty, Dirty, Dirty in Hixson, TN

We visited the WH in Hixson, TN, after attending a concert. I have never seen such filth on the counters. Furthermore, the cooking area looked like something from the TV show "Hoarders". The restaurant only had 4 people dining. The staff, and cook, were sitting at the counter reading books and snacking. The workers could have cared less as to the condition of the restaurant. After a cup of coffee, we decided to forego eating food that would be prepared in such filth. WH is off our list.

I am very very disappointment with my Waffle house in Lumberton. NC on 100 Jackson Circle. I call in my order about 10 minutes before arriving there and it still was not ready. Mind you they charge you for call in orders. I feel if i am going to be charge for calling it in, it should be ready when i get there. The waitress were not professional and was not people minded.

negligent employee

Not only was the service terrible, but the server threatens my wife! The server got our order wrong, then cursed and challenges my wife to a fight!!!!

Customer Service @ Waffle House

We frequent the WH in Cumming off 400 exit 17 off Hwy 306. Other than freezing sometimes, we have had excellent breakfast there and very good friendly service Ok but we did not really care for the ones in Dawsonville, GA. I would like to see some of them renovated.

take out the trash

We went to the West Ashley location yesterday for a hopefully nice breakfast. We were greeted immediately by every employee with a "hello." They got that part right... During the course of eating here, the waitress personally insulted us, split water on us, got the meal wrong and proceeded to play loud obnoxious heavy rock on the jukebox as elderly customers were beating seated. I expected and wanted a country experience, but not white trash...

the only 2 waffle houses in boutte la and they are the dirtiest iv ever been to with really bad service and never have oatmeal ready sorry but the other WH iv been to way better


The waffle house in goose creek sc is by far the worst waffle house we and the wife have ever been to. I love waffle housr and normally dont go to this particlar one but we were in the area and decided to eat there.. BIG MISTAKE!!!! The womens restroom was out of order so everyone had to share the mens. Including the employees. The mens restroom was nasty there was no soap to wash hands for me or my wife nor for the employes working there. My wife got sick right after we left. This store should be shut down and all employes fired. This is what gives waffle house a bad name. I love waffle house but wull never walk into this one ever again!!!!

Harrased employee

went to a waffle house on Buford hwy next to a flea market the other morning and two waitress were getting into it right on the floor one big girl was yelling at a younger skinny lady cussing and making threats. Why would a restaurant have a person like that working for them it does not look good

customer service is horrible and never want to answer the phone

Waffle house on mcdowell road in jackson, ms service is terrible thenthey never want to answer the phone then when they do they tell you to call back in 5 min. because we're behind on call ins then after that 5 turns into 20, 20 into 40 then it finally gets to the point youre pretty much saying f waffle house, it takes forevee to fix your food everyone has an attitude on the real tho y'all need to really do something bout your workers cuz this is getting outrageous at these stores

Companies hoarding Deadbeats

Child support enforcement has sent numerous court ordered child support notices and the company has yet to process for individuals known to be working there. How about I let word of mouth do its magic. The company should not tolerate or encourage individuals not taking care of their responsibility.

Extremely poor service/poor cook attitude

Went to Waffle House in Columbus Ga. On Miller Rd. Cook was terrible he messed my order up and good mad when I sent it back. He then took off the toast and hassbrown and gave it to me. When I wanted all my food warm at the same time he became extremely unprofessional and began to yell at the young waiter that just told him my complaint. I had to leave the place with out eating. Will never return again.

Never answers the phone

Waffle house in Ridgeland, Ms, on Old Canton Road needs two phone lines, one to do a credit transaction and another to answer the phone. Every time you call there, someone says to can call back due to credit transaction or no one answers or they can't hear you.


Do not go to Waffle House in Gardendale unless you want to freeze, have cold coffee and food. You should know I usually like Waffle House but will not be back in.

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