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High cooks

I'll never go back to the Waffle House in Siloam springs due to the cook at night stays high and they all are lazy

smoking where you eat

Waffle House broad Street. Sumter S.C. Smoking bad language, is not where I would like to eat are tell anyone else to go there. Don't go there they have both.

Customer relations

My wife and I frequent Waffle House as we travel around the country. After hearing of your treatment of a soldier in Nicholasville, KY we will avoid your restaurants in the future.

Firearms policy

I just found out Waffle House has a no firearms policy. I do have concealed carry license so I will never set foot in another Waffle House.


I will never set foot inside another waffle house again. Disrespect of the military will not be tolerated or supported. I know you won't miss me as a customer, but I will not miss you either.

Waffle house and the military

Disrespect the military for firearms and you have lost my business and everyone else I can convince to shop elsewhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Please bring a Waffle House to the Midland/Odessa TX area!!!!!


I live in Puerto Rico. Whenever I visit Georgia or Florida, I always go to Waffle House. I love the waffles and all other food. Please, open a store in Puerto Rico.

We ate at the waffel house in niceville fl it was the worst service we have ever had there. The orange juice was all foam the server did not know what she was doing. served the wrong plate to my wife. The food was cold when we got it.

Store location

When we go on vacation is the only time we are able to go to a Waffle House why not expand your business and bring it to other places such as minneapolis,mn which would love southern cooking, or at least sell your product here to give us a little taste of what food should taste like

Poor Company

Management and staff need to be retrained in all areas of the business!!!

Unhappy Employee

I am currently an Employee of Waffle House 1864 and I am very unhappy with the work environment and the conduct of the other co-workers and management!


Visited your Bessemer, AL store Sunday and only issue noted a staffing shortage. Based on my observation there was one cook and one waitress to service about 15 people. That said, food was excellent however, wait time could improve.

We have the best here in Rolla Mo there is a young man that cooks that wants to go to culnary school in ST Louis he cleans and shines that place like you have never seen plus cooks always busy and smiling and a pleasant young man just had to share seen him at 3a.m. this morn:)

Pay increase

I have been eating at Waffle House for many years now. I love it. The family and I go every saturday for breakfast. My son recently started to work for your Pooler GA branch. I watch him cook and try to remember the orders he is given. One order after another done, done and done..... He says ," Mom, I love this job but I can not live off of what they pay me. He makes 7.25 per hour. He should be making at least, at least 10.00$ per hour.


The store on new cut rd in spartanburg s.c. Is ran by some races people.B If your white your no good if your black you get Stuff free and get away with things. As a customer I sat and seen it with my own eyes The black manger gets on to a white waiter but yet the black waiter dose the same and Nothing was said to her so that store is not a good store at all but there is 2 waiter and a cook that is best thing that happen to that store.

Horrible experience

We went to the local Waffle House this past weekend and will never go again I ordered a waffle, hah Browns, and oj my husband ordered an omelet and toast not only did it take 35 minutes for our food, my husband so let was over cooked on the outside and the veggies and meat wee cold on the inside, my has browns were not only burnt but cold, they also forgot my waffle, I could understand a mix up if they were busy but they were not, plus the person plating food was using her bare hands, . Never again will I gomto this place

new location

I love waffel house and in the town I live In we do not have one you would make a killing because everyone I know drives over 45 mins just to come to waffle house you need to build one in byhalia ms 38611 we all want one so bad

Law Enforcement

This is to inform you the I'm a Police Officer in Texas who makes it a point to stop at a Waffle House every time I'm out of town but from now on I nor my family will never eat at your restaurant any more. because of your no gun policy. I understand that your company is entitled to implement any policy just as I'm entitled to eat any other place other an Waffle House.

you are so UNAMERICAN

if you think your no gun signs will keep you from being robbed, you are wrong, if you think running cops out of your stores as you did in Houston, will show criminals you are tough, it does not, it shows them you are ignorant stupid fools, you do that to a robber, he will shoot your employee, or rape them, or both, and when you call the cops, are you going to make them disarm before they enter your business to respond to your 911 call? shame on you, how can you be so foolish to think that just because a person carries a gun he or she is a bad person. I carry a gun legally, and have done so for years, for my own protection. I wont be going to your waffle houses anymore.

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