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I have dined at many waffle houses and enjoyed great food and service. However I must say how disappointed I am at location 660 in st George sc. I have stopped there twice and received bad service and under or over cooked food. The first time I thought maybe the employees were having a bad day. But today or was even worse. The food my hashbrowns were over cooks to the point they cut the burned edges off and still served me the food. My husbands was still raw. Waffel burned. And all of the employees was arguing amongst themselves in front of the customers to the point we could not get service. Some people even left before they could even get the drinks. This is not the normal experience for us in other locations. Someone needs to get this location to step it up before it gives the waffle house in general a bad name

Horrible Waffle House!!!!

I visited a Waffle House in Okc ok this morning. We pulled off the highway because the rain was pouring down. When we got inside, it was raining just as bad inside the store as it was outside. They had buckets on the tables and floors to catch the water. To think that Waffle House is so well known and they can't even get a roof fixed!!! I will never return to that particular Waffle House. It almost makes me not want to eat at ANY Waffle House. I have pictures and would just love to show the world what kind of environment these employees have to work with. When I asked about the roof leaking they acted like it was no big deal. They say, "it's always like this when it rains". Really Waffle House???? Wow. This Waffle House was on I-240 and May Ave. in Okc, Ok.

well guys seem like pretty much all the reviews are the same horrible service horrible food and the worst o of all is that nobody seems to care the manager wasn't there the employees didn't give a rat and looks like this restaurant in sylva nc is just like another creepy and bad rrestaurant don't even try to eat her please.


I visited the Waffle House in Concord Twp, Oh last Wednesday to purchase two coffees to go. When the young lady told me how much is was I protested because there should not be tax on take out in Ohio. but to my surprise is wasn't tax it was a 10% SERVERS FEE. I have never heard of this fee in any restaurant I ever visited and I am 66 years old. Just sending this note to protest and tell you that I nor my family will ever purchase anything to go from any of your stores..This fee is ridiculous.

I called your location on McDowell road in jackson, ms, tried calling twice there was no answer called a 3rd time and Andrea answered and I was out on hold for approximately 15 minutes until I hung up, tried calling back and the phone was still off the hook from my previous call, this is very unprofessional, if there is a staffing issue, you all need to address, I've worked in the restaurant industry a long time, and this is unacceptable, I understand that there are peak hours but why have a person on hold for 15 minutes or longer to place an order, I'm sure you all miss several phone calls for orders due to this negligence

hampton va waffle house

It is sorry to see workers every nite smoking marjunia behind the store then go back in to work and act like they are doing nothing. Do you guys drug test these people or just anyone cpme work come work for you. Ashame and will tell all my family to stayaway from.L

Thank you to Catoosa OK Waffle House

The employees of this Waffle House next to Hard Rock Casino and Hotel are to be commended for the help and hospitality shown to a young woman and her two young children the evening of July 7, 2013. We assisted this young family when their vehicle broke down on the Will Rogers turnpike close to the Port of Catoosa exit. We could not leave this young family out on the roadside until her help arrived, so we placed them in our car and were going to take them to the McDonald's at hwy 412 and 193 E Avenue...also by the Hard Rock. The McDonalds staff did not want to offer assistance to the young family, so we went to the Waffle House where they were warmly greeted by the Waffle House staff and offered a place to wait for their help to arrive. We left money to get them something to munch on while they waited, but your staff is to be commended in offering help to this young family. Truly a mark of good citizenship and bolsters my belief that there are still good people in this world that want to help. Shame on McDonalds......my business will certain go to Waffle House in the future.

Waffle House in Atlanta GA

We went to visit the First Baptist Church in Atlanta, we are from Michigan... we went to the Waffle house down the road from the Church, we have been to many waffle houses... this was the BEST Waffle house of all! The people were so friendly it was amazing and the food was delicious... I have never had a Waffle that tasted so good... the eggs, toast and bacon, just perfect. This Waffle house was so busy, they had 4 cooks, and about 10 waitresses... they truly all worked together making you feel welcome and made sure you had all you needed. Actually we ate there all 3 days we were in Atlanta... each time was 100% perfect! Very good management at this Waffle House... they are a team. Janita Michigan

5 points waffle house columbia sc

This was the absolute worst service ever. This girl took 10mins to bring straws for our drinks, and another 20 to bring us the actual drinks we ordered. Not only did she suck but she was rude and not wearing a name tag. We were one of 2 tables in this restaurant and we are both servers in our serving uniforms. The cook had to bring all our food, drinks, and get us anything we needed.

Waffle House - Waffle Change

Today ( Fathers Day 2013) My daughter called and said Pop would you like to go to WH and have your favorite Breakfast ? I have been on a low carb diet for 6 months and I was anxious to get back to a WH All Star Breakfast ! What a dissapoitment the waffle was ! Why would Waffle House change the Quality and Quantity of the Waffle that made them Famous ? I guess now when I want a great Waffle I'll need to go to IHOP.

Need a Waffel House in Kalona Iowa!

To whom this may concern. I am writing to suggest building a Waffle House in or around Kalona Iowa? It would suffice the purpose especially with the Casino near by. Your food is great, and many people would enjoy the food and it's reasonable prices for the amount of food receive! Reason I am writing to you bout this is because recently my fiance and i traveled to Glendale Az. and there was a Waffle House always close by.( Needless to say i am a waffle enthusiast! Waffles are the greatest breakfast food in my opinion. So please take into consideration of this idea i honestly feel a lot of people would be pleased! Thank you for your time and please really look into this??

Positive Feedback

While vacationing at St Pete Beach, Fl our family visited your location on Gulf Blvd. to have a birthday breakfast for my 17 yr nephew. (there was about 14 of us) I have to let you know that your manager and her crew was fabulous. We received great service and as we were leaving they overheard it was his birthday and sang to him etc. I understand the manager has been employed by Waffle House since she was 17 yrs. old. She runs a great store and her employees seem to enjoy working for her. Great experience! Our waitress was also fabulous :)

I can't stand how employees get treated

Well i worked at the waffle house in Valley Alabama. I worked doubles and everything i was hired as a server and my manager wanted me to cook. So i did it for like three weeks and i told him i couldn't cook anymore so he kept putting me on the schedule so i didnt show up for a day and he fired me. Now I don't think that was rite because I had worked third shift which is 9pm to 7am and he wanted me to come in 2pm the same day. I think that was so wrong because he has a girl there that has a disease that is easy to spread and you can not get rid of it. Which is Hepatitis C! My old manager is very unprofessional and had his favorites!!

Sitting in waffle house on hey 55 in Durham on Saturday night watching tj cooking by himself again because no one showed up so we leave one cook in the store on a 1400. night. Lights growing hair, not enough sugar shakers, girls can't call orders correctly but we are opening up another store. It seems we need to correct the ones that are here first with proper uniforms, calling system, clean stores, proper staffing, etc. Before you open another store. Why would you even consider opening two stores at this time when Denny's just open with a imppresive opening. Brian was not aloud to run stores like this, but corperate is. What a way to talk out of two sides of your mouth. Do they do pride inspections anymore. Not.corporate but ye s franchise. Come on !!!!!! Get with the program.

Alcoholo inside?

I was eating dinner at the waffle house in gulfshores, and witnessed several drunk kids walking in with their alcohol. I had my 2 year old with me, and i was disgusted by some of the obscene comments they were making. I also had to witness them continuing to drink inside the building! I thought waffle house was family friendly, not a bar where one can go to drink. I will tell everyone i know to never give that place a penny again. Disgusting.

Used to work for Waffle House.

I used to work at the waffle house in Temple,Ga.I would love to work for Waffle House again.The people i worked with were wonderful.You have to just love it,the food is great.Though some stores are different this store was the best.

Treated like a dog

Hours cut and the boss plays favorites. i went from 40 hours til 10. i live 35 miles away.

Treat employees like dogs

I am disgusted by the way management treats their "valuble employees" that give wonderful service even if they are exhausted. I witnessed a Distract manager berate an eldery woman whom worked there by not even having the respect to curse, yell, and such within not taking her to an appropriate place so we would not witnesss the ugliness despersed upon her and customers. Disgusting. Food is good but I will not eat at Waffle anymore if employees and hours are treated this way. Thank You.

the waffle house in springfield mo on kearney and hwy 65 is the worst place i have ever experience in my life. the waitress is so rude and they dont take your order right. they dont wash their hands after they come back in and smoke. the bathrooms are so filthy i would never let my dog go in there. the management is so disrespectful. i will never ever go back there again and i will stop my family and friends from going there again. i will do whatever it takes to shut the filthy place down. that waffle house dont deserve to be in business.

Awful house at Toccoa Ga

Don't go here. This place has nasty cooks and awful food. The cooks and waitresses are horrible.

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