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law enforcement

Just to let y'all know I will never step foot in a Waffle House again. Law enforcement are not welcome I see.

waffle house

Had the worst customer service at Waffle house on international drive in Daytona beach Florida. They charged me extra because they ran out of Original Angus burgers so they took it upon themselves to charge us $4.80 instead $2. Hash browns wasnt done all the way. I ordered original angus burger ($1) double original angus burger ($2) order hash browns ($2) and small hi c (?) In total charge me $14.60 makes no sense at all!!!!!!


I lived in North Carolina for two years and fell in love with the waffle house but when I came home to Utah there is not one here have you thought about setting one up here? :-)

Last visit for us.

Recent visit to WH on Rout 20, Toledo Oh. has ended our satisfaction & eating at this restaurant chain. Coffee $1.75 compared to competitions price of one dollar or less. Portions half of what they used to be & order not compete when brought to table. We lived in Georgia for 15 years and ate at WH hundreds of times. Also when traveling that was where we stopped for something quick and realistically priced. Our latest meal was 2 single scrambled-one hash brown & one dash of grits on the plate & 2 coffees-one order toast. $11.77 total. About $4 to $5 more than we pay at other FF restaurants. Being Seniors we can't pay these prices anymore. C ya-----don't think so.

we were in waffle house at platte city Missouri on sat aug 23 approx. time was 12 am you need new managers !! the cook was using profanities at the waitress , she was swearing back, one guy was trying but he was running ragged , the waitress was just counting her tips we had one plate at a time nothing came at the same time a long wait in between meals being served, then it wasn't hot , it was just there.

Burleson Tx Store Derails

I have been a long time customer of WH. It is my favorite hangout. I have also spent many hours on the other side of the counter at WH. I know the rules. I know the WH WAY! The 2nd shift at this location has absolutely gone to the DOGS! The waitstaff is gross. They seem to believe the store is here for their enjoyment and amusement, regardless of the customers. The juke box is so loud I am having a hard time hearing myself think! And the crew feels like they need to sing along. The last three customers who left have complained about the volume. There are drug deals being made in the parking lot. The regulars have stopped coming. A gang of teens have literally ran them off. There are some good people who work here. Their coworkers are ruining their business, too. Please have the district manager of this location check things out.


My rating for rest. #2039 is not good , I have walked in ,no waitress .the cook waited on me . employes appear to not get along . Employes getting to work at last minute or late . Total chaos in my opinion. I am a regular customer at Waffle House weather on the road or local .

There are some rude workers there Peach Orchard Rd and messy..That why me and my husband go to ihop across the street


when are you going to ,reopen stores in owensboro ky


Can you put up zappers for the flies in the restaurants?


Can you put up zappers for the flies in the restaurants?

Flat waffle

Waffle House pancakes was the worst I have ever had. It was flat and crunchy. The waitress said its because the employees from the night before didn't mix the batter correctly. Wow

Spirit Night

On the 24th of July the Waffle House in Brookille Ohio held what they refered to as a spirit night to honor the Wounded Warrior Project. I will gladly say it was FANTASTIC. The lady in charge of it Theresa Coffey did a super job. The food was excellent and the service was even better. We had a take out order for 22 meals at 6:45 pm, they were ready and loaded at 6:40. What a great bunch of people. The only thing I might add is that I think it would have been better if it would have been advertised longer than 3 days. But thank you for recognizing One of the best Veteran groups going today.

Horrible manager!

Again the drama continues as I sit in Waffle House close to college park rd ladson sc!! Oh did I forget to say that the drama continues as she discuss another employee with others infront of customers!! Then she discusses how her shift is going to run and how she's going to let people go!! So unprofessional ! to add that she has passed my table many times and never even says hello!!

wafflehouse still negative

went to waffle house with kids I ordered dollar burgers lady told cook to cook quarterpounder burgers which I didn't order than gave me a outrages bill the cook even said it was wrong so she said oh we no longer have dollar burgers and threw out the 8 burgers I orderd infront of hungry kids the cook said you could have given that guy the burgers for a dollar since it was your fault and hes been here for 20 min with his kids but she tossed them in the trash than stated its the managers policy

Bad Manager

Your daytime manager at store #695 in Dalton GA is really bad, abnoxiously loud, disciplining her employees, not just one, more than one, on the floor loudly in front of a bunch of customers, more than once.... I have seen customers get up and leave when she starts, again on more than one occasion. We go 1-2 weekly, and I have had a bad experience each time we have gone since she has been there, food wrong, not cooked right, after the waitress calling it properly. She is just very rude. I realize its a Waffle House and its loud, but she's just over the top rude. I love going to the Waffle House simply because it is close to our house but will seriously think of finding another one until she is gone. :(


I found that the waffle house in Lancaster ohio do-not accept coupons from your I phone.the girl that served us ask the owner she was told he was the owner of all of the waffle houses,but only accept paper coupons. I just wonder why this information was not include on the coupon

insane cook

At the Jonesville waffel house in nc the cook went nuts and stared yelling a cuson this girl who had done nothing that cook needs to be fired I or my church will never eat there Aegean 6 24 2014

Waffle House - Zachary, LA

Had lunch @ Waffle House in Zachary, LA today. For the first time in 15 years I was VERY impressed! The restaurant was clean, food was good, and the employees communicated and worked with each other efficiently. They were all smiles and joked with both myself and each other. I rarely have lunch at Waffle House because of my past experiences but I will definitely frequent this location from now on!

Bad for business

I worked there only for a few day due to where I live an where the Waffle House was located an I didn't want to quit. But I could afford to drive an hr every day for $2.13 it's like I'm Paying Waffle House to work for them. But every got my check that was a month ago when will get my money oh an then they didn't even try an tranver me to the closes one to me like I want to not I'm jobless

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