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Internet Issues

I made a HUGE mistake in switching from AT&T to TWC and I regret it. Although it cut my bill by $80 a month and is a consistent price. In the 4 days I have had it I have had more disconnects than anything.

Internet not reliable

on 2/6/15 and again on 2/8/15 my TW Internet went down in the late evening and stayed down for a significant amount of time. This is awful customer service. I also have AT&T Uverse because I know TW is so bad. Luckily I have it to fall back on and it is far more reliable. It may be time to just unplug TW completely.


I am paying so much money for time warner service that I don't have I should have 200/20 and I getting not more than 50/10 I called so many time and they saying that they will fix it but it is been over 6 months nothing change. So do not get time warner cable.


I do not like paying for things that have not occurred. Every other service you pay for sends you one bill a month. TWC bills you twice a month. After paying one bill, a few days later you have another bill. And even though you are still in the current month, even after disconnection, you are still being billed for the next month.... that hasn't even begun... Why TWC, Why???

Bait and Switch Game

I received a promo call from TWC in August. I had turbo speed internet at that time. This woman told me for $10 more per month I could get highest speed service. After experiencing many difficulties after the switch and add on of phone service a technician came to my house and he told me my internet speed was still turbo. It was supposed to be upgraded with my phone service add on. They added the phone, but did not upgrade the service. So they played a "bait and switch game" on me and the liars never gave me the high speed service and now refuse to do that. TWC sells lies and plays people for suckers.


I had one of your reps come to my house and offer me your cable services. I ordered the cable and internet and made an appt for the following week. Went out and bought a router for cable and when my appt day came they never showed up. Called next day and was told I can't have service because my daughter who doesn't even live there owes money! Didn't even get a courtesy call to say they weren't coming! I've never been treated this way by a company before! They were very rude and ignorant. I'm not responsible for my daughters bills!


It's awful, why can't time Warner have there TV menu up to date each day or even ahead of time......I'm so frustrated.......just one example....yesterday I had to leave early and wanted to record ND football game. I couldn't (information to follow) which is a bunch of bull....this happens every single day. The evening show are never up to date, you can't set up a recording early...... Can't you fix this?????

Poor serivce ever higher prices

After 3 yrs finally getting to a point of decent TV and phone service, TWC continues to raise it prices. For 18 months our TV service picture would have loss of sound, freeze and have pixilation. It finally ended when they agreed to replace the DVR. Our phone would suffer frequent disconnects as well. The sign-up price baits you in, then the costs shoot up. Its a machine meant to maximize profits while minimizing service. Its time for regulation and as someone involved in the political arena in our state, I'll be pushing for regulation on cable providers. I'd prefer free market, but it appears there is no responsibility with TWC.

Worst internet/ service imaginable

I have been waiting since 0900 am this morning for a technician to come out to my house it's now 1600 and still no word or call from there tech. I've heard rumors of the horrible service and technicians canceling appointments and not even bothering to call. Today I have expiranced it first hand. My whole day off has been waiting around and constantly calling back and getting lied to by there customer service reps... And all I get for an Internet tht runs at >5mbps is a lowsy $20 credit, I'm paying about $50 a month for 15mbps ? Is this just my whole neighborhood / city getting this bad bad bad customer service or is it nation wide????

bad service

i had twc put cabel in my home here is a list of what went rong .mest up order tryed charing me 200 for the mest up order.so i call they give me the run around and said yes u will get this and that .i call back to make sure ever thing is in order but its not my order was still rong they did nuthing .and when they finaly got it right i was like ok grat thank you so i call back to make sure its all good but they still got it rong.

bad dont by

lies lies and more lies this makes me very mad i hate twc,

money hungery

Time warner in my opinion wants your money. Does not give customer service. Cancel/transfer and timer warner will make it impossible. Keeps charging for service you don't have.

The worst

TW is, unquestionably, the poorest excuse for a company known to man or woman. I hate you all, with every fiber of my being.

I have constantly been experiencing piss poor service with pixelation picture, frozen screen, distorted sound and a message from on demand to please try later to view a movie. The Technicians can't or won't fix the problem. This has been going on for almost a year now. The customer service is terrible, the managers lie to you to get you off the phone and technicians don't show up on scheduled appointment times. A billon dollar company can't satisfy its customers and has the worst service.

Time Warner Cable

I am writing this review on behalf of the 50 residence here. We are either senior citizens or disabled. The building is own by the National Church Residence, as residence we are not permitted to have satellite tv, so our only option is cable. We constantly experience problems with pixelation picture, frozen screen, distorted sound. The Technicians can't or won't fix the problem. This has been going on for atleast 3 yrs now

modem fee increase & payments

There is something seriously wrong - and very much out of integrity - when two multi-billion dollar companies charging $5+ a month forever to lease a modem when it is easily paid for fully within the first year - especially given they get them wholesale. I can accept paying a going retail price, yet after that would expect that the modem would then be "paid in full." After that, should we wish to pay $1-2/mo. for insurance to cover a mishap (which never happened for me over an 10 year period) then so-be-it. Yet if not, we should have no further modem payments. Anything less than this signals undue advantage of customers taken by an already exceedingly wealthy company. In a word, it spells "GREED." And here's the kicker. Were OTC to elect to become fair and honest in this regard by considering everyone who had paid for their modem for a year now modem-fee-free ... then the number of new customers this would attract from its competitor Comcast is beyond comprehension! Don't we hate being sucked in like this?

Phone service

Our business (internet)telephone line has been down for a week. We start work at 6:30 and end at 2pm. TWC won't send a technician out during operating hours. TWC doesn't give business customers priority, they don't care if your telephones are down. We are going back to AT&T phone service. DO NOT USE THEIR INTERNET LINES

I don't like Florence Time Warner

I have been called a liar by a Time Warner worker and gotten very bad Service our Bill seems to change every 3 days when we call. we tried to get work done on the Town home we rent and it has yet to get done we ordered it on the first of April.

whole house DVR

On November 5th TWC had an update. From 11/6/13 to date we have not been able to use our whole house DVR. They keep telling us they are working on the problem and have given us credit so far for the days the service has not worked, but what the heck.... A big company like TW and they cannot have their people program this correctly. Everyone I have talked to apologizes but 12 days later we cannot use our whole house DVR system. Someone's job should be on the line!!


Sitting here reading all these reviews. Looks like no one give twc a good rating. I have had them well over a year. Service has never gone out. Only thing the price does get high. If the price is the issue you can easily play the switching game. Same equipment for the whole time every once in awhile you have to reset it, but that is expected. There are just some people out there you can not satisfy.

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