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the taco bell in burnsville, mn is horrible. always super slow. i waited in the drive through over 20 mins. they just seemed rushed and not caring. i waited 20 mins and my cheesy fiesta potatoes were ROCK HARD. after 20 mins they should have been super fresh. i would never go back there again if it wasn't so close to my house. i wouldnt ever direct anyone to go to the taco bell off nicollet ave in burnsville mn. HORRIBLE service.

Senior Discount

We've enjoyed eating at your restaurants for many years. Now that we would qualify for a senior discount or free senior drinks, however, you seem to have eliminated them !! I hope this is a temporary situation since we enjoy frequent lunches at your Meadville, PA location, and would like to save a little.

Bad food :(

Hi, please help the taco bells in Toledo Oh, I have resided here since 2004 & I can say, I had only THREE good experiences at the Taco Bells here. It's like after a certain time (evening) they get lazy, & their Chalupas are horrible!! I just had some last nite, & the Chalupa shell was so hard, I couldn't even finish it! I then tried 2 eat the Gordita, & it was cold! Both were chicken, & it was not even enough chicken for one bite!! I'm just tired of it & the lousy service, I won't be going back I used 2 love Taco Bell now it has made me sick because they are not preparing the food properly :(

I believe your company should pay all of Locos tacos creator medical bills and set up money for his wife. How unfair not to pay this man anything while he was alive! Have some compassion. At least pay for his death. Kris

bad food

I live in south san francisco and have been to the taco bell off el camino real many times over the last 3 years, and after tonight I will never step foot in another taco bell again. I ordered a vegetarian cantina bowl with extra pico de gallo and extra cheese. I got very little pico de gallo, even less than a normal order, and almost no cheese. I did, however, get plenty of rice and black beans, which i was so looking forward to. Such an easy request turned into such a difficult mistake. You should be ashamed.

fired for dumb reasons

i was working at taco bell in the mall im not sure of the store number but i was unable to get to work on black friday due to being snowed in an hour and a half away from work we had a huge blizzard the nigjt before and the general manager travis lawrence informed me that since i could not make it to work i no longer had a job there i am a single mother and i can not find another job because of this dumb reason of getting fired even though they had every employee workingo black friday completely uncalled for and stupi..angry ex employee watertown ny

Quality Assurance/Quality Control

I have always been a regular customer to taco bell until I moved to radcliff, KY and received very poor service from store# 3303. I have lived here 2 yrs and NOT ONCE has my order been correct or all in my to go bag. I am not the only one that is complaining. I have asked everyone i know who goes to that particular store and they have the same results. I went into the store to correct the order and ask to speak to the manager and I get attitude from your employee representing your business and your store manager representing your store! I have had enough. I would like something to be done.

Horrible service and hair tacos

So me and my family have ate at Taco Bell for years, but that's about to change. Recently every time we go there they forget something in our order or get the product wrong. Two of the last three times we have found a long hair in our tacos or our cheese roll up. The employees act dumb founded and roll their eyes. The manager barely can speak english and acted like they didn't care. This is ridiculous and the fact that they consistently do not know how to deliver customer service on top of the mistakes. This location needs to be shut down until they can find proper employees and management to run this store. In Harrodsburg, Ky!

I've been going to Taco Bell for years now and it seems like it's getting worst,I'm and have been a costumer for years and I fell like I've been cheated.I don't mind paying extra for what I want but,when I ask for extra meat on my taco salad or my tacos and all I get is extra rice we have a problem.This isn't the 1st,2nd or 3rd time this happened,it's been going on for yearts,but like I said I am a loyal costumer.So if there is someone who can help,please do.

False advertisement

Your triple steak stacker is a lie and a joke. The actual product is nothing like the commercial. You don't even get half of what's in the commercial. You either need to change your procedures and give us the meat we see in the commercial or take the commercial down. If neither is done you WILL be sued

Worst place ever!!! my family and I ordered the DORITOS TACOS and to our surprise when I opened the wrapper to a taco I found a live WORM! yuck! it was disgusting! to top it off, I brought it to the cashiers attention and she couldn't even get a hold of a manager. I had to ask them for my money back. Not even an apology. Never eating there again :( this happened at location 181 Alessandro Blvd, Riverside, Ca 92508

False Advertisement

Commercials by Taco Bell have proven to be complete false advertisement. Being someone who rarely chooses to eat out, their advertisement for the new triple steak wasn't even close to the commercials that they place on TV. All I have to say is thanks for dissapointing experience. Specifically the Taco Bell in Green Valley, AZ. Along with the Triple Steak, my wifes order of Nachos were half crumbs. Too bad theses places have become this greedy over cheap food that's already mass produced at slave wages.

Taco Bell sucks

10-20-2013 I was waiting on my family in my vehicle at the Taco Bell parking lot to meet up with them before ordering to eat at the Taco Bell located at 626 N Kingshighway Blvd St Louis, MO 63108. I had been waiting for approximately 1/2 hour in my vehicle. An obese straw haired female police officer comes out of Taco Bell saying that the staff complained to her since we were sitting in our vehicle for over an hour which was not the case. I ended up calling my family to meet at a different restaurant to eat. The parking sucks at this location, food is not that great either, and I will never do business at Taco Bell again. I don't appreciate being treated like a criminal for waiting on my family to eat at their establishment. Not happening ever again.

terrible scary service i was afraid when i pulled up to taco bell, workers were out in parking lot listening to some rap really loud n dancing around... there was only 1 car in lot n it had doors open n thats where music was coming from... it was late n i was afraid to go in so i went thro drive thro. i should of just left.... i wont b going bk anytime soon...


Went to the taco bell in Novato, CA - Store #020994. ordered about 20bucks worth food. Got up the window and handed to cashier a 50. She said we don't take 50 dollar bills. Asked why there is no sign posted and she said there is at the entrance to the drive through. No sign posted - Dishonest. Since I had no smaller bill I had to leave and to go to McDonald's on Redwood Blvd. No problem taking the 50 dollar bill there. Won't be going back to taco bell anytime soon.

orders not correct

This is probably the third time that our order has been wrongMonday when we got it home. Taco bell needs to step up employee training at the south gloster st. location in Tupelo MS. How difficult is it to read an order. If you want people to continue to spend their hard earned money at your establishment then Taco Bell you need to hire more competent people.

Items on Drive Thru menu board not available

I feel that items no longer available in the store should be removed from the menu board in the drive thru. I have tried to order the Apple Caramel pastry twice and both times was told the item is no longer available. If it can't be removed from the menu maybe you could at least cover it up with tape so no one will be tempted to ask for it only to be told, "We no longer have that".

worst taco ever

Went to taco bell and got some tacos. They barely had anything on it. I took a picture of it, unfortunately I can't attach it on here.

Outstanding Employee

I go to the Taco Bell at 2425 W. Lee Blvd in Lawton Oklahoma; I am very impressed with the service there. Especially Larry, who take my order and does it in a very caring way and has a delightful attitude, He always has a smile and remembers what I order each time and is prepared to help me the minute I walk into the store. My order is always made the way I ordered it. I will keep going back to this store as long as Larry is there to take my order. Thank you Larry, keep up the Taco Bell spirit! The only problem I have with Taco Bell in Oklahoma is that they did away with the hot green chili. If I want a good green chili burrito I either have to drive to Colorado or make my own.

Prejudice Hiring

I applied at a local Taco Bell near where I live, after waiting a week later after my interview I call them. I ended up talking to who seemed to be a district manager and he was the rudest and most hostile person I have ever talked to over the phone. When I asked him why I was not considered for hire, he said that by law he did not have to give me a reason at all. If you are not a hot, good looking young twenty something taco bell will not hire you at all! I hope that the new taco bell fails due to incompetence. I have read the other consumer complaints and they all have one thing in common, BAD, WEAK AND POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE! I was dumb enough to think that Taco Bell wanted to hire good, smart, older and experienced people but I was wrong.

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