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Taco Bell location on E Broad Street in Whitehall, Ohio Day 1-13-10 - took my son to Taco Bell. Well actually he had subway and I wanted taco bell, so I'm waiting in line -and I'm the 3rd person back, and I hear them telling the first customer, we are out of those shells, can we make that a gorditta? Then they say oh, I'm sorry, we are out of those to. They already took her money, and then decide to tell her they are out of everything that she tries to order. So the lady is standing there like what do I do. So she settles for some taco's and they move on to the next couple. Oh we are out of those shell, oh we don't have any steak, we don't have that either. Okay - so they order some tacos and some chips, they paid $22.00 and didn't even get what they wanted to orderr. So it's my turn, I've been standng in line 10 minutes now at a "fast food" restaurant. So I order a pizza meal. You know with bread sticks and a soda. So guess what - no bread stick. So I say how about you exchange the bread sticks for 2 soft taco's (about the same price). Well all the sudden there is breadsticks but I'll have to wait another 7 minutes. Now I was so upset and pissed off to say the least. I said are you f***ing kidding. I just couldn't believe it. 17 minutes to get a little personal pan pizza and some breadstick. Well needless to say I walked out! This is by far the worst Taco Bell that I have ever been in.

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