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food poisoning

My boyfriend and I ate at the mount juliet, tn location in Providence on Friday around 230 pm. I had an xxl nachos and a doritos taco, he had a cantina burrito. Around 6pm, my boyfriend started to have extreme diarrhea until 12 am the next day. Around 3am, the symptoms hit me. I was throwing up left and right, had diarrhea, was clammy, and dizzy. At first I thought I had the flu. I went to my doctor and she said it was food poisoning. I know it was from taco bell because we hadn't eaten anything else since then. I will end up missing a few days of work due to this. Thanks taco bell..


I have went to Taco Bell and no Lave Sauce they will sell everything else in stores but not that one and now discontinued at the store if you want people to eat there then sell what they eat,or make it easy to get the product.


It stinks, it took a half hour to get food in your "new" Commack store. Change the drive-thru back to the old way.


Me and my girl ate at the tacobell on gibsonton drive in riverveiw florida and an hour later were both feeling sick to our stomachs. If we have to go to th ER, you will be sued in the court of law :(

no good

4553465ll in Dayton Ohio store at 1414 n. Keowee st. This taco bell is always very slow!! All the time. Tonight i went to order the "triple steak burrito" that i thought was simply steak and cheese(which it was the first time i had it) it had very little amounts if steak or any other filling no flavor and beans and gross guacamole. My sister had a stuffed griller. Her item was also flat with little fillings. She also got cinnabon delights, which were hard. Both of our food were cold. This is the first review ive written and enough is enough. They waste my time and my money every time i attempt to purchase from that store. Horrible!


PLEASE PLEASE can you come back with the chili cheese burrito!!! Haven't had it in years! I used to crave it daily. I always still look for it on the menu and it's still discontinued. I'm a picky water so that was the only thing I really liked. Please get it back on the menu!!


I really enjoy taco bells food but it seems as if everytime I go there they always get my order wrong. Well this time I took time out to go to Taco Bell on break and get my food. Well when I traveled all the way back to work I opened up my food and it was a beefy five layer burrito and I had ordered a chicken burrito. Also when I drank my drink it was coke and I ordered sweet tea. So I'm pretty upset right now because I don't drink sodas nor eat hamburger meat. So I just wasted money basically because I can't drive back up there.


So i was working for taco bell for a while.in 2013 & the left. We ended things on a bad note. I have NOT recieved my W2 and i have no idea where to go get it or call... Someone please help.me!! Store is in Burien Washington. Thank you.


I am very upset with the store on 1420 University Avenue store number 001335. I went around 9:42 pm and I simply asked for a chicken quesadilla and when I arrive home I realized it was a steak quesadilla. Normally I would not be upset, but I hadn't ate well today so I looked forward for this meal, but to my surprise I didn't get what I want. Also I thought it was very rude that they didn't offer anything as a complementary for me having to drive back and forth. All around I was very upset! This is not okay because I do not eat meat.


When I was younger Taco Bell had a Bellbeefer and I sure would love for u all to bring them back they were so yummy . Your meat /cheese/lettuce/onions on a hamburger bun . kids will love this for sure as I did when I was younger

W2 request

I have been trying over a yr to get my w2 for working there and no one helped and will tell me were to go ! Does anyone know

rude mgn

I am very unhappy with the Pineville Mo store ( store number 027087). I will not be returning to this store because of the rude mgn Sara. She was very rude to all the customers starting with me and about 5 after me. She then processed to cuss at 2 of the crew members. And every time Ive been in there when shes working all of the crew is very unhappy. When Ive bben in there with other managers the crew has been very happy and up beat and a great place to be. And Ive been telling everybody i know about this store and to not go there anymore.


I had a large chunk of bone in my Steak Soft Taco!! Something HAS to be done about this Safety Problem!!

Minors not being paid

My daughter worked at least 30 hours at a taco bell store. The store managers were suppose to clock her in as she did not have a log in. It has been over 2 months, she no longer works there, and they still have not paid her. when I called for the second time asking for her check, I was told they can only pay her for 15 hours. That was a week ago and we still have not received anything. All I hear is maybe my daughter wasnt working when she said she was. I know she was there because I would stop in and see her working. I think that she is being cheated because she is a minor.


Today i visit a store in oakland i got to say best service ever provided. By oscar i just really want to let cooprate know how hard this guy is working very efficiently

markisha tacobell on 56th fowler tampa fl

This happend on morning shift with a young lady name markisha i remember. Tampa fl 56th street tacobell 33617. I was in drive thru my food was made wrong so i came in and she rolled her eyes as if she did not want to be at work. This happend saturday on the 11th. Ibsaid its your job to make sure my orders correct mam. She went to the back of the store and i saw her spit inside my bag of food. I askd for manager name she said amy. I believe it was incorrect cause no one didnt know of an amy when i calld. I will never go to that tacobell as long has that young woman works there.

Taco Bell chocolate dessert kit

We purchased this dessert taco kit. All but one of the taco shells were broken, and my grandsons sons said they tasted awful! So needless to say that was a total waste of money

Adding Fillers!

The taco bell on Malabar Rd. adds rice to menu items that are not supposed to contain rice. They are using rice as a filler in many of their menu items.

New Iberia louisiana

Went to Taco Bell ordered 12 pack of tacos and a taco salad my husband went to eat it there were Dead flies all in the salad , then went back to the store and seen dead flies on the floor while the male shift manager lied and said they never had flies and the female worker laughed when she seen the flies and we told them our kids ate this food they REALLY asked for the tacos back after seeing flies in the taco salad !!!!!DEAD FLIES are u serious??????? We had to stay there for over 45 minutes to beg for our money back.... I will never recommend Taco Bell to no one not even a animal!!!!


The Fort Pierce, FL Taco Bell location forgot my friends Steak quesadilla order and almost forgot to give me my large Cherry Pepsi. All the hard taco shells are stale as well.

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