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I was very disappointed in my stop. My food was made wrong and missing food. The girl in the drive thru was very rude and this isn't the first time. The location is Brownsburg, Indiana. The date of visit was 1/12/14 @ 11:36 am. You all really need to re-train your staff not to be rude when dealing with your customers. I will not be back to that location ever again.

Dissapointed in Taco Bell/ PepsiCo / Frit-o-lay

Your new commercial showing a young teenage boy running down the street when a girlfriends parents are not home being chased by the father is offensive to parents trying to instill good values and respect for adults to thier children. The song being played is equally offensive. Our money will be spent with more reputable companies when choosing a dining/ fiood / soft drink options.Please remove this harmful ad which give kids the wrong message and replace it with something that might actually encourage kids to do the right thing. Very dissapointed in Taco Bell for targeting this age group.


Went to taco bell in Portland Indiana and ordered a 12 pack of tacos,the shells were bad,there was very little meat,let or cheese, dont they teach there store owners how to run a taco bell

please bring back the echoritos

I'm a life long lover of taco bell of 43 yrs and a dad of two girls who feel the same.I have ate the the enchoritos for yrs even as a kid. You use to put black olives on them then, so there is the truth. My family loves to eat at taco bell rather than mcdanolds. But I fill you have done an injustice by taking the enchorito off your menu and put the stuffed borrito in its place . Which pardon my french sucks... to me it don't come close. There for a while it was hard to find enchoritos on the menu. Like you were hiding it. Or didn't want to serve it. Can you all please bring it back to the menu and toys for the kids! That was my kids favorite thing. Please I'm begging bring the enchorito back make it bigger and get rid of that so called smothered buritto

Poor stuff nachos

Went to Taco Bell today ordered ur lunch box with the stuff nachos. Omg your stuff nachos was a joke , we only got a flat tortilla with a smother of beans. I can't believe you have the female chef advertising for you because I sure wouldn't and your burritos are getting smaller and smaller too much tortillas. You should get into the business of selling flour tortillas because that is all we get.

your food

The taste of your food they serve at this establishment (1925 Skibo Rd Fayetteville NC. has gone from bad to worst. I do not think the employees even eat there. For some time it has been salty. Now its even worse. some one from your department needs to check them out.

bad treatment.

I am currently a taco bell employee and am not one bit happy there. The mistreatment that i have gotten has me feeling like a slave. I work 6-8hr shifts with no break but yet minors do get breaks. I just called and asked if i could have nite off due to there being snow covered roads and still have to go to work. I dont feel comfortable or safe driving on mtn in snow. But i apparently have to risk life to go sell tacos. Putting in 2 weeks notice. Not working where i dont feel appreciated or cared about.


We have been going to taco bell for as long as I can remember and the food is getting so little that we are going to stop going, just got some taco at 1527 Elizabeth in Fort Collins that had maybe a haft a tsp. of meat in the tacos and burritos and a lot of lettuce. I am 74 years old and this is the first time I have ever written to any one with a complaint.

I am very disappointed to hear that you are a supporter of the Rose Parade. Our family has watched this parade for a couple of generations and this year we will be boycotting the parade due to the float hosting the homosexual wedding. What a shame!

i already left a review

I already left a review..but forget to give you my number it is 3526341718.. Please call me! I am an ex employee who was treated very bad and I am not the only one who is getting treated like this Thank you

mother of 3

your new commercial for your new nacho burrito with the dad chasing the boy out of his house for being caught there when they weren't home is very poor in taste. this commercial makes it a joke to children to get caught doing things behind their parents back and disrespecting parents. it is tough enough in these times to to raise children, we don't need commercials telling children that it's ok to disrespect then. please revamp your commercial or remove it from the air

Complete rip off

I went to the Taco Bell in Texas off Keykendahl and 2920 to get food for me and my family and had gotten 8 fiery dorito tacos that had absolutely nothing in them. Waste if my money and waste of time. So disappointed. Maybe hire better workers?! Almost each time we go there ( and it's our nearest one in the are) the order is completely wrong and the food is either cold or tacos are always broken and soggy. Would be nice to see some improvement or I won't ever go back. Heidi Morley


The Taco Bell on 18 and Dequindre has a manager named Pam that has a terrible attitude, treats her employees like slaves, and has absolutely no compassion. I will never go there again. She ruined my work experience at Taco Bell. I legit feared her, she was ready to explode with anger at any given moment and over anything.

The Best

Love your fast drive thru the food is great all the time good job keep it up..

We went to your taco bell location on mountain ave in Ontario California and after waiting to order we were told they had no ground beef. There was nothing I wanted that didn't require ground beef. Then we were stuck in line for over 20 minutes with out even ordering. Shame on the management for running out and not even helping us get out of the drive through. Shame shame shame!!!!

Not bad service...NO service!

We visited the Central Ave. location in Sylvania, Ohio. After waiting at the speaker for seven minutes, we called out to the speaker and still got no response. After another few minutes, we honked our horn but, that too fell on deaf ears. We decided to leave and, upon passing the drive-thru window, witnesses an employee stocking the shelves and gleefully ignoring all the cars in the line!

Don't eat here

I have been going to the Taco Bell at 5410 Manatee Avenue for about a year now and it is HORRIBLE. Taco Bell should fire all of the employees here and start over with some people that care. The manager is rude and obnoxious, does NOTHING and it always takes 20 minutes to get your food. Half the time the food smells like cleaning fluid, the other half is not correct, and the soda machine never works. 6 employees there but ONE working while the other 5 are goofing off. Go next door to Wendy's.

Tack bell 018209

Was treated rudely by Nicole p was swearing behind the register and complaining I was ordering too much food next time when I spend 20 dollers almost once a week here I'll take my business to moes I guess

Newport TN Toco bell

Your store in Newport was very rude and took my family and I, tens mins to get attend to... I notice that on the front line went out side when she was done, and it took around 5 to 10 mins before someone take the order, not just that, they dont know how to greet the customers!

Please read

My name is Rayna Junk. I was in a Taco Bell #004339. We ordered two chalupas and a steak fresco taco. We ordered this at 6:36 and didn't receive our food until 6:52. The steak fresco taco was missing but, we didn't want to stand around for a taco. The drive thru was going pretty rapidly. There were also four people in the lobby that still had not received their food. They were waiting over twenty minutes. I am extremely dissatisfied. There were members standing around with nothing to do but talk. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to call. Would love to talk to someone about this so it doesn't Happen to anyone else.

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