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lava sauce

I used to get the spicy buffalo loaded grillers all the time, now you discontinued lava sauce. The replacement chipotle ranch sauce taste like hot dog juice. Now I don't go to taco bell anymore. Idiots.

No breaks given for employees

I will not visit Taco Bell at all due to the treatment of their employees. In Pulaski, TN they work a 9 hour sift and have no breaks at all. You work for that long and don't eat. It is not right. Until this is solved won't be spending my money there. I know this is the truth due to knowing someone that works there.


The taco bell on fort Campbell,Kentucky. I have spent 25 to 30 dollars each time.buritios surprimes are just beans and small.I buy a 12 pack of tacos and they are just little bit of meat a couple pieces of cheese.i 'am very dissatisfied.... more then 3times this has happened.I am calling corporate office and complaining.

Taco Bell General Manager Steals Hours From Employees

The General manager at the taco bell in Kenosha Wisconsin store #19016 on 52nd St. is going into the computer and changing the hours of employee after they work their schedule shift so she doesn't have to pay over time. She also take off time for breaks that no one ever gets. You ask red taco for help and you get the run around so they don't have to deal with the issue. They are break numerous federal laws.

absolutely bad bad bad service

I was at taco bell in gulfport ms... we sat in the drive through line for 1hour after we ordered our food. And by the time we got our food it was wrong. Way wrong. They were extremely disrespectful. I will never eat at that taco bell again. Everyone I know agrees. They are always rude.


Taco Bell in Tehachapi, Ca is the worst. You pay for something n you DO NOT get it. I ask for Guacamole; n they just CANNOT add it to my Fiesta Taco Salad. I am not going to eat there; or go thru the drive thru anymore. Enuff is enuff.


the taco bell on 14th street and about 5th ave should be checked by a representative of taco bell for the amount of food that is put in the special of 3 soft tacos and a drink. the cost was $6 and came in a box. very little was put in the tacos. the advertisement showed lots of chicken or meat in the tacos. i will not be going back there ever. if i wanted just dough, i would have eaten pizza. it's embarassing to your company.

New item

All the new tacos and grillers u come out with are awesome but I have a new one or two that would be very awesome

bad taco bell

in brewer maine 4 of the 5 times w order food it is not what we ordered at all!


very rude to minors.. lost my business.. have been rude to myself and my daughter .. will not go to porterville taco bell on olive every again

Lime Aide

I don't know if you did this in all Taco Bells, but why would you take out the Lime-Aides They were awesome!! The Taco Bell in Hazard does a wonderful job, so please bring MY Lime-Aide back!!

Taco Bell in Deming, NM. They only serve like half portions and more expensive than other taco bells in Las Cruces.


My brother and his friend into thr one taco bell.on colrain ave. The employees there were so rude to them. Making them wait for their food when noone else was there, laughing at them, making fun of them calling them names. So disrespectful. And I want thr names of the employees so I can report them.

food rating

Your food has got nasty! I remember when you got better food and the cost was right! Now you get nasty food and pay twice as much! I got where I don't like Taco bell anymore. I would rather go to a real Mexican Restaurants!

horrible management

I went to my local taco bell in pomeroy ohio store # 026849 and upon entering store at 4:53 pm on Saturday feb.8 I heard the night shift manager cussing and yelling at the gm and the other employees. I meself am a manager at a restaurant and this is uncalled for.

bring back lava sauce

I really like you taco bell, but you really need to bring back the lava sauce. I put it on everything. I definitely will not be going there anywhere near as often. I told everyone about it. Just bring it back.


This new Taco Bell n Amite,Louisiana is disgusting !! The tables are always dirty, and takes forever to get your food! Today there is water all over the floor. Looks like it's coming from the drink machine area. Also there were no sauces in the trays for people to get. We watched a couple wait for about 25 mins for their order. There was only 3 people in the place! NEED YOUR HELP!

this place sucks

Im at store number 005187 right now and they refuse to make me a 5$ box. They say its only promo and seasonal. This place is terrible. They are rude and ridiculous.

Lava Sauce

Just found out today that lava sauce is off the menu. So disappointed.


I recently came in to the Taco Bell on north tarrant parkway in fort worth Texas,76244. I usually get my food in a timely manner. But this time, my order was repeatedly skipped over. I waited 30 minutes to recieve my food, I also noticed that there was only one freaking person doing ALL the dine in orders. That is a fine example of terrible management. This is coming from a once happy customer.

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