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paying for water?

went to Taco Bell and was charged $1.69 for water???? I can see a quarter or even fifty cents, but charged for a soda that was not even ordered??? And Corporate Offices say: "oh well". I am slowly getting to hate Taco Bell.

Horrible breakfast!!!!!

Don't even bother!

bad problems

The Ardmore, Oklahoma store has a lot of problems. Poor management, very slow employees, too long on getting your meal. 45 minutes is too long to wait for your meal. We went in the store today and walked back out and it was this way time before, people complaining about the wait time. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!!!!,,


This website is inaccurate. The information above is not the corporate office. The Taco Bell Corporate number is 1-800-822-6235.

rockies taco special

at our taco bell in pueblo colorado on 99 south mcculloch told us they werent informed to start the special so we werent able to ha fansve the special. we are rockie f ansmaybe someone can correct this.



I need human resources information..

I need information for my tax return. Please contact me as soon as possible.

No Breakfast Excuses

Went 3 times in 5 days to Taco Bell on Cortez in Bradenton, FL to try the new breakfast menu. First 2 visits I was told that the ovens were down. Last visit I was told they were out of eggs. I asked to speak to the Mgr. and was told she would be right with me. Then someone else came to the window and said that the Mgr. was in the bathroom. How professional is that! I traveled 30 miles in total, (3 round trips), and never received my breakfast. Last time I will every visit Taco Bell.


am interesting opening taco bell in sweden

open new location

there is a perfect spot for a Taco Bell in Urbandale( Battle Creek) Michigan across from Burger King. Pizza Hut nearby and McDonalds down the street. There is also a shopping center next to it.

Valcano Burrito/Lava sauce

Bring back the valcano burrito PLEASE! Very dissatisfied when you took this off the menu. Along with the lava sauce!

volcano burrito

Everyone wants the volcano burrito back! That was the best thing ever, and you guys wiped it off the menu for what reason? Hopefully you actually take this into consideration.

I want the bell burger back.....please.....411

Taco Bell at New Britain CT bad costumer service at they drive true they have a bad attitude


You guys should seriously start delivering food. All my problems would be solved if I could have Taco Bell delivered right to my door. It would even solve world hunger!!

Taco Bell in Childersburg=crap

Our local taco bell is skimming the ingredients. Why have a picture if your food looks unappealing and disgusting?

kansas city



Your Wfl Tac Ssg is terrible. The waffle is so greasy your hands drip with grease. If you do not improve this on the menue you will start loosing customers. Your coffee is fantastic


I wonder what the several people that are to be at work at 7 am are to do if they want breakfast at taco bell all their competition open at 6am or earlier missing the boat someone should do research on how many people are at work before they open.

Check your advertising

Your ad using Rond McDonalds from different locations misspells Fort Myers, FL. Your ad agency is probably located in Fort Meyers, VA.

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