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customer service

Ive recieved a new galaxy 4 and 13 days later the phone is overheating and the screen cracked when pushed button and nobody wants to help except if I pay more on top of the price ive already paid. Nobody ever wants to help you at the store or on the phone. This is ridiculous


The srv that tmobile have sucks even if is unlimited it sucks all rather pay for limited than bad srv also their customer service is horrible they have no skills I will rathef stay with at&t.


$185 Out of warranty charge for returned defective phone. TMobile claiming screen was damaged. Was not damaged when I sent it. Want to file a freight claim, but they do not have the phone anymore. Really?

T-Mobile is a piece of crap!

They shut your phone off when you just got your dam bill! Customer service is useless my whole account is messed up, I have been with them since 2006 and no one can fix my problem but I have to pay 200.00 and phone to leave T-Mobile! They want their money but wont fix any problems you have! I think its time to call channel 6 news!

Great Company

Hello im shawn, ive had tmobile for 2 1/2 years. Its been great beimg with this company, where I live its bad for all cell.phones tmobile and att work here ok. I have the samsung s2 and will ne upgreading to the s4 when I pay this phone off. Im a loyal customer and always will be. I wish you could get 4g here, I live in Jamul CA and where I live is on lyons valley rd. I love the fast 4g I get and the customer service people are very helpful, I was at my friends and I downloaded an app speed net.com and my phone is just as fast as his home network. I topped out at 22 mbs download and 2 mbs upload. You guys are the best. Everyone at tmobile have a wonderfil day and stay cool. Thank you tmobile for being a great company.

in the process of a lawsuit

These people are snakes. They are treacherous to all of there customers. They have no union. Adding charges to my bill is really smart. Locking me out of my account with your website is really smart. I am documenting everything. To all the t mobile reps, what goes around comes around. You are helping a no good company by lying to them and scamming people. I rather sell candy bars and collect cans with a conscious mind than work for these devils.

Tmobile is AWFUL! Buyers BEWARE!!

I'm a new Tmobile customer. I came to Tmobile after being with AT&T for six long expensive years. Although AT&T was super expensive they had great wireless customer service. As an iphone customer they treated me like a king. But they were just too darn expensive. Now I'm with tmobile and I see there customer service are all in India and these folks are RUDE. I'm on my SEVENTH CALL in the last HOUR trying to get an American based agent. I've been hung up on, told there are no American based agents and even sent to one number that sounded like a perpetual bullhorn was blowing in my ear. I've also been placed right back in the que to hold and get another agent in the SAME DEPT! All I wanted to do was change my account to a tethering account. I just made a $70 dollar payment on 6/21 and I was told although I'm 20 days from my new cycle I would lose ALL the money on my account and that I would need to pay another months bill; even though the tethering plan is cheaper than my plan by $10.00. Doesn't make sense. When I spoke to the Indian supervisor he started shouting at me and told me I had agreed to having my money taken by tmobile when I hadn't used the full month of service. I told him he had lied. Plus tmobile pushes through all sorts of updates on the iphone which change the firmware of the device without ones permission which shouldn't be allowed. My factory settings on my unlocked iphone are GONE!! How can tmobile change my factory and original software? What the ??

T mobile is the worst cell provider! I overpaid $360.00 and they will not refund my money. I asked and researched, investigated and called T mobile customer service line several times over the course of a week and have not gotten my money back. T mobile told me the refund was pending on June 20,2013. I have not gotten my money.

Excellent customer service

I've had t mobile customer service for over 5 years now. Any time there is a billing issue or a service issue I'm able to get a nice friendy customer service rep on the phone who goes above & beyond to fix my problems! I've never had issues with this company at all! I'm sure there's way more to everyone's story then the 5 sentences of a "review" you gave this company! I've never paid more than $70 for unlimited talk text and data.

T-Mobile Remorse

Not even sure where to start. I sent a Samsung Galaxy II back under the buyer's remorse program. UPS confirms that it was received and signed for. Two months and countless calls to T-Mobile later and they now claim they received the package but can not verify that there was a returned phone inside. The charge for this phone remains on my bill and T-Mobile claims no responsibility. Unbelievable. So, either I sent an empty box, or T-Mobile is up to something fishy - stinking rotten fishy. Based on the below ratings, who would you believe?

horrible customer service

I made a payment arrangement for $156.17 well instead $287.62 was taken out of my account without me authorizing the payment. I wake up that following tuesday and my phone is off. I call T-Mobile and they don't show a payment being made and that my payment arrangement failed. I call my bank and they say that T-Mobile has the money the transaction went through. T-Mobile says I have to wait 3 days for them to investigate. I end up waiting a week and nonone ever calls me. I call them and thr supervisor helping me named jaime is rude and hangs up on me. I now have $50 in overdraft fees because of them taking so much money.I have been with T-Mobile 6 1/2 years and up until now I'm so ready to end my contract.


Customer service is horrible. Had issues with the s3 after their own update and they send us not only 2 phones back to back that don't even work. Call tmobile and Samsung. Both want to blame each other. So long story short filing a complaint with Indiana attorney generals office on both company's. consumers shouldn't have to pay the ultimate price of two large corporations faults.

Worst customer service

I had to talk to 4 csr's to change my plan. I had 1 extra phone on my line with the family share for $10 more a month. I wanted to be on the simple choice plan for $50 a month and my mother's phone to be switched to pre-pay plan in her name. I get a bill a month later for some plan I never heard of, and I was charged for 2 full lines. Tried to close my account, i kept getting switched to other departments, AGAIN. They are negative 5 on my chart. Oh yeah, hey t-mobile, I'll be sure to expedite the check for that wrong amount.

The WORST of the WORST

I am paying for a service that I am not getting. I, and a number of others, are now trying to break our contracts and switch to two tin cans and a string which is a whole lot better that this company - T-Mobile, that is.

Absolutely Horrible!

Tmobile is the absolute worse phone company to deal with. The people in the corporate office won't even speak to customers! They treat us like scum. The receptionist will tell you "they don't speak to customers" and hang the phone up on you! So rude, so uninformed, so inept, only once in a while would I find a person who was actually nice, who knew what they were doing. I'd ask them why they were working for a company that looses over 18,000 people a month. (If you have problems, contact Germany, you may actually have someone help you) I got to be one of the 18,000 in May. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!


Worthless phone service can't use the phone in my house at all. One tech tells me I'm in a low coverage area and the next says it is satisfactory. Their customer in the stores and on the phone is horrible, I wonder where they find these people they have no idea what customer service is, or common politeness. Warn everyone you know stay away from T Mobile.. I would have better service with two cans and a string. The only reason they got a one is that you cant give less


So far my experience with T-Mobile is the most horrifying experience I have ever had with a company. They misinform their clients and then no matter how many phone calls you make no one seems to really care. They have you sucked in and you're stuck. As soon as I can, I will move my numbers and make sure everyone knows that T-Mobile will say most anything to gain a new client but will not take care of them once they are on board.

Tmobile is bunch of liars!

Tmobile is bunch of liars!!!! The are selling that $70 unlimited 4G, but all you got is one jump to 4G and rest is 2G speed when you do the speed test. I wish I newer switch to this suckers.

T-Mobile is absolutely horrible with problem resolution and customer service i have not had service in my home for 30day and it still has not been resolved nor they having a solotion to it.This is very disgusting and i am totaly disapointed with them.

loyal customer?

I have been a loyal customer since I started buying cell phones. The service was great until now! My daughter bought me a new phone a year and a half ago. (T mobile Samsung) now I need a new battery and I am told you stop making them. Is this a way to make customers buy a newer phone before they are ready? If I buy a new phone will the parts not be available in a year and half. I really like T Mobile but if I can't count on you to service a new phone with something as basic as batteries I wonder if I should buy a phone from you. I wonder how many have experience the same thing, these phones are not cheap.

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