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TMobile is the worst service I have ever spent my dead presidents on. They have horrible customer service on every level including corporate. Cricket is better than TMobile and their service needs improving but they have not been nationwide as long as TMobile. Horrible.

I have been a prepaid customer for approx. 4 years now. I recently upgraded my phone and placed an order on-line for one (1) phone. Long story short is, I received two (2) phones in lieu of one (1) and was charged for both of them. I have now made 5 phone calls to your customer service/tele-sales dept. along with speaking with numerous other employees. My last call was today 10/24/10. I was able to speak with a Stephanie who identified herself as a supervisor. What she told me was that T-Mobile has nothing in place for their customers when they make a mistake, as in my case, sending another phone and charging the customer for it, until the phone is received back in their warehouse. The credit back to your account will take up to 30 days. I asked if I could return the phone to a T-Mobile kiosk in my area, to expedite my refund. I was told by Stephanie, that since they are independently owned and operated, there is nothing in place to give a customer who ordered direct from T-Mobile on line, a refund from a kiosk. Additionally, I was told by Stephanie that there is nothing in place for a refund to the customers when T-Mobile makes the error, you MUST SEND BACK THE PHONE VIA UPS AND WAIT FOR YOUR REFUND. As I explained this was not my error, it was T-Mobiles, I ordered one (1) phone, not two (2), however, it was just TOO BAD, and I had to wait for the refund. Nothing was offered to try to expedite MY REUND, such as having a courier pick up the phone, or they would make an exception to policy by my being able to return the phone to the Kiosk and getting an immediate refund....nothing, absolutely NOTHING WAS DONE TO ACCOMMODATE ME AS YOUR CUSTOMER. It is no wonder you are loosing business. I am done with T-Mobile for good. You never know who your customers are, what they do or who it is they know or deal with. This was a big mistake for you T-Mobile.

Purchased a Samsung Vibrant. Received a software update notification on my phone. Followed the instructions to do the update. Phone would not re-boot. Called customer service. They couldn't fix it. Was told they would need to sent me a new phone. Was told it would be 2 to 3 weeks. I told them that was not acceptable. They said for an extra $19.99 they could sent it 3 day shipping. I told them no, not my problem, they sent the update that screwed the phone up. The agreed to wave the $19.99. I explained I was on call and even with that this was not acceptable. I told them I wanted to go to a retail store and trade the phone for one that worked. They said their retail stores didn't carry inventory for that. I asked if I went in and paid another $500.00 if they would have the inventory. Yes, they have inventory for that. Well, I'll take one of those phones for my replacement. It's been 9 days. I still don't have the phone they were shipping with 3 day shipping. I call and am told that the phone is on back order. They can't give me a date they expect to have them in stock. But, they are still selling new ones to new customers right. Unbelievable. Does the management of t-Mobile really think this should be acceptable to a customer of 4 years with 4 lines and a $300.00 a month phone bill. Done with t-Mobile that's for sure.

I have been a tmobile customer since 2005 and have got several of my family members to change to T mobile. I have never really had a problem with Tmobile service until now. T mobile has been charging me for a family plan over a year now but I only have a single line. I called several times wondering why my bill was so high but excuses were made every time and I was left paying a big bill. Finally I was told the real reason why my bills were so high and was assured I would be credited the mistakes T mobile made June of 09.Instead they only credited 3 months of their mistake... I was told nothing more could be done and that was that - Are you for real??? this is ridicules how can you expect your customers to be loyal and want to stay with Tmobile if you treat them unfairly and as they dont matter. If I dont get this complete;y fix ASAP I will do what I can to let people know what scam artist Tmobile is.

I cannot stand T Mobile. They are overrated, overpriced, have no concept of customer retention and if you were to ask to speak to a STUPIDVISOR you will be told that no one is available. Now I ask you: TMOBILE is on the ticker at the NYSE. How can it be possible that the morons at TMOBILE have no supervisor available to answer your call? This company is pathetic and my next step is to file a BBB. I encourage anyone else out there who is experiencing problems getting the illiterates on the other end of the phone when you call TMOBILE to file a BBB complaint as well. It is interesting how they want your bank account information to set up a payment plan. To me that is the basis for promoting fraud. I know those $10.00 / hr employees that they have working for them have no reservations about taking my information and doing no good. I asked for a supervisor to call me back - - - and as typical as it all is, no one called. Have you noticed that they do not offer an "email contact" option? I think they are one of the few archaic companies out there who are not web friendly. Morons.

I've been with T-mobile for 5 or 6 years. Got most of my family members on T-Mobile and I have 4 lines myself. Up until now, I've never had a problem with T-Mobile. A week ago I paid one of my bills by automated system as usual. I got a confirmation number and it repeated that I was authorizing a one time payment from my bank account for $73.07 and ask me to confirm by saying yes. Well, I said yes, got confirmation and hang up. I went online right after and checked my bank account becuase I have most of my bills coming out automatically and found that T-Mobile had taken $246 plus from my account. Now because of this it left $4 in my account and the other bill that was due to come out the same day for $143.16 would not be cleared or I would overdraft. I called T-Mobile right back and explained what had just happened and they assured me that they would refund my money as well as fee's if my bank didn't. I have $98 in fees on my account and no money. Well what they promised, that never happened and here it is a week later and they said I'm not due a refund. I want to know how a business can take money from a person's account that's not authorized and get away with it. I'm a very dissatisfied customer and plan to tell all family and friends as well as cancel my accounts with T-Mobile. I was told several different things and none of them happened. I really hope that T-Mobile Corporate Headquarters reads this because if they want to keep a good report with customers then they should try and solve these problems. I plan to go to the news station on monday if my problem is not solved. Legally, this is fraudulent activity. Thank you.........

been calling for 6 monthes 3 lines none of phones work told me i needed to buy 3 new phons from them.Had one customers service agent if i didnt like it to leave. Toldd by 1 no problems found then switched me over and told 1 problem was found and they fixed it,had another tell me your on the phone with me doesnt sound bad to me then i said it was because the t mobile service called my home line. Phones dont get servies drop calls, dont get texts when set or voice mails, dont get calls, daughters phone doesnt work unless pluged in then just turned it self off and woulkdnt go back on for days, doesnt get calls drops them cant hear on it, static, left message saying you get service cause we reached your voicemail try answering phone if you want help. yet phone didnt ring it was on and next to her happens all the time. No customer service at all told to leave,nothing wrong with them it had to be us,needed 3new phones bought two over counter no better got new sim cards didnt help. this company sucks.

I have an HTC HD2 and it is without a doubt the worst phone ever!!! bar none, it constantly freezes up and becomes unresponsive, after which i have to remove the battery to reboot, this is my 3rd phone every replacement phone they send is just as bad as the last! and the only options they provide at this time is another HD2 or the Moto cliq xt I don't see how the deem the Moto cliq as a comparable alternate to the HD2 and I surely don't want to have a 4th replacement of the HD2, only to have it do the same thing all over again. the HD2 should be removed from stock and not be offered for sale, and a comparable replacement should be offered for the aggravation and frustration any HD2 owner has experienced, this seems to be a major problem the HD2, and it will only end up costing more money to send multiple replacements of an inferior phone over and over rather then pull the model and send an acceptable replacement in its place~

I bought HTC 2 about couple months ago and replace 3 times already. Still same problem. Called for tech support same answer, will shipped new one will not have issue. I am so upset for not able to use the service that I paid for. I called today customer service for same issue, her excuse was updates are not available right now for that issue and she transfer to tech support; nobody came on phone and its cut off. I don't know where I should go to fix this issue I am having.

Where do I begin???, I'm concern someone has hacked into my T-Mobile Blackberry over past weekend and I will do research to see "What happen to my SMS Messages and Saved draft which all disappeared, Something is wrong and I will get answner (anything else entitle to me) for emotionally stress and mentally stress!!!, Upset T-Mobile Customer (will be making switch to Verizon Wireless!!!), Ms. Justice, TEXAS

I went to Anderson Store to purchase a family plan . I was using AT&T. By the way the store is now closed in Anderson. Maybe it is becsuse they are a bunch of thieves & crooks. I read flyer state 97% coverage in USA> Bullcrap. I was assured this family plan had Good coverage. The first phone I had had to return a week later was defective. I am still not getting coverage. I have called T-moble on several occasions to get help, All I get is broken promises. I have spoke to 12 diff reps & supervisors. I still get no coverage in my home or several areas. All I get is a text mess if my account is 1 day late. I have paid for full service & get no serice in my phone. I am sure I was sold a frudulant contract. The other two members on our plan have the same prblem. Matter of fact you get hardly any service in Indiana, but other states you do. So I have signed a contract that I was lied & mislead & have about 25% of my phone useage. Please do not go with this provider they are crooks & liers. I have contacted an attorney for possible taking action on acts of Fraud. Keep you Posted Sincerely Karen Downham

I would like to list names of some of the reps I spoke to today. One supervisor assured me the moon & the stars & when I asked her what they were going to do she transfered me to another person that had no Idea what was going on. The supervisors name is Sheena. First rep I spoke to today was a Tiffany. She was very rude that escalated to Sheena. The promise Queen that did absolutely nothing. Then I was Transfered to a Kim that knew nothing from Sheena. Then came on a Emille. What kind of a company is this & are the names real. Keep you posted going to call Corporate

I bought a so called new T Mobile SideKick 2009 cell phone. First the phone was USED. It was already program with rap music. Second the phone drop calls and when I contacted customer care there response is something is wrong with the telephone numbers I was calling. When I called T Mobile the call disconnected as well so I guest something is wrong with t mobile phone number too. I sent the original USED phone back and they send me another sidekick with more issues than the first sidekick. T mobile gave me 3 different codes that didn't work and when I took it to a T mobile store, It took the representative 30 minutes to program. Customer care told the representative in the store the phone was program in SPANISH when the funny thing is, It was in ENGLISH words. Also the rep said their discontinuing the sudekick due to POOR PERFORMANCE. The custonmer care service is HORRIBLE service. They put you on hold for 20 minutes and they tell you no technical support is unavailable. I could even go on and on about the second defective sidekick and customer car response is PUT IN A CLAIM for another defective PHONE. Remember you get what you pay even if it zero performance and customer service skills.

I have for years been a pay as you go customer of T-Mobile and always maintained a balance in excess of $100 on the account. This year I was occupied with eye surgery and my year expired. The company of course took my $118.81 balance and claims I have no recourse to recover it. What a bunch of robber barons, steal from the sick and likely the dead too. These fat cat executives wonder why the general public wants the government to regulate the crap out of them. This is exactly why.

i have been a customer since 2007 now 2010 my first contract was over in 2009 over not breached and was told that i couldnt get another contract because i didnt renew the last one. the contract would have made my phone cheaper. customer service told me that i would have a contract when they sold me the phone not a local store but the main office did this order over the phone. (false pretenses)

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