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You guys have by far thee worst phone company ever. How you are still in business no one will ever know. Every time I call, nobody speaks english, no one can help and no one actually has a supervisor. I am not paying you another cent for crappy service and I seriouslly wouldn't even buy tmobile for my dog. Someone hacked into my account and deleted information and now I receive harassing phone calls all the time. Thanks for nothing tmobile my lawyer will be in touch.


I realize that personnel can turn over quickly in a TMobile retail store, but I am so pleased with the support I have received at the Houston store on Eldridge. I have been well taken care of by Viktor and again today by Fred. There is a friendly atmosphere and can-do attitude that keeps me coming back. I have been a TMobile customer for 11 years and not all my memories are happy ones but you should be heartened by this young bunch with their yes faces.

customr service

You all are terrible in customer service and need to change because you are going to loose customers.

Lousing payment accounting

I would never consider using T-Mobile again. They have problems with payment issues after you leave when contract time is done. I always paid my bills on time. their customer service is rotten to say the least. I have talked with them so many times since 6/2013 just to get my payments credited. My credit union faxed payment info 2 times and I had a conference call my cu and tmobile 3 weeks ago. I still got to talk to a rude outside collection company. I was told one more time last week it was fixed, well surprise, surprise it still isn't. I called corporate today! We will see if they care!

T-mobile is the worst company I have ever had any dealing with. I received call's from a collections agency and I don't have a problem with t-mobile never owed a thing to them. Legal action will soon follow

Phones ( Poor Quality )

T-Mobile will milk the cow for you, but some how they manage to kick the bucket over.

I Call T-Mobile September 20,2013 about the life line they told me it take 24 hours they said T-Mobile going to call me September 25 no one call I call them that same they T-Mobile said Friday that's September 27 they lie so much

T-Mobile is taking advantage of.people.

Hello , my name is jaime . I have been a quite and valuable customer until now, I have been a been with T-Mobile for over 7 years , I pay my bill every month on time and it rises just about every month for horrible coverage, the intolerable customer service.. that NEVER can understand why I dont get any signal, or why my 4th phone in one year time keep having malfunctions with but say I have to pay more too upgrade , or why my web is so slow I cant even upload videos..all that this billionaire company can say to me is up grade for more money , well I wish that the president of this company would know exactly how and by who is making people.like me walk away , it is wrong how they treat me and customers on the other end of the line .. so Mr. Or mrs. President of T-Mobile are you willing to listen to your customers on the other end of the phone if so please call me .... jaime dundon

excellent customer service

I would like to say thanks to mercedes. I had called about a contract problem that was creating a problem for me. After her review and notice of the facts she was able to resolve my issues. even though dealing with 611 people did not help she was able to. I thank her for listening and understanding.

Worst service ever

No coverage anywhere. I travel. Nine out of ten cities had no coverage. Had no service for three days. Their coverage is the worst ever.

Lots of AT&T spammers herer

Sorry, but having had AT&T for 15 years and recently switching to T-Mobile I have to say the reviews here smell badly of being paid for, something AT&T is known for. Since I switched a few months ago I've been really impressed. Better download speeds and coverage that hasn't disappointed so far. 4 stars only because I think they have a new model they are still trying to figure out and communicate. My Nokia 900 works great on their LTE network but I was told it wouldn't work and that I would be limited to HSPA+ speeds. This may be an issue with CS not knowing that LTE was going to be turned on in my area though...

att rule over tmobile

I transfer 2 number from at&t last Friday and the lame rep transfer only one and disconect my other number when I call to see what's goin on they told me that my number was disconected by accident and they said we gonna fix it ( really) now it been 5 days and my number is lost on the limbo what a great customer service T-Mobile had I should stay with at&t bad tmobile bad

I want U.S. Cellular back!!

I was a long, long time customer of U.S. Cellular until they left my market. I loved their service, customer support, etc etc. I have been with T Mobile since April and I have had nothing but poor quality reception on the phone AND their customer service is the worst I have ever dealt with. Their financial care department is worthless. Stay away from this company.

Wow! what happened to good customer service I guess it went out the window with the sidekick.... no one could give me any information on marketing. T-MOBILE you have do a better job!

It's All Bad

Poor procedures at retail stores, offshore phone support, bad accounting practices is only the start. Customer service without procedural standards relying on interpretations of individuals to solve problems. I have spoken to dozens of individuals (probably making dirt for wages), alleged "supervisors" and corporate representatives who will not return a call. Worst customer service I have ever experienced. Any professional should not do business with T Mobile. I continue to pay my bill and my srevice is still suspended. It's all bad, stay away from T Mobile

how can they still be in business???

if i could give t-mobile a minus one million rating it still wouldn't describe how totally stupid and inept everyone is at that company. someone from the corporate office FINALLY called me back, blabbed on and on, never did address the problem of why i had called in the first place and hung up before i had a chance to say anything. obviously t-moblie doesn't care about thier customers...at all! if there was any way i could get out of this stupid 2 year contract and go with another carrier i would. i just can't say enough how bad t-mobile has gotten over the years. ***BAD...REALLY REALLY BAD!!!***


Please anyone who reads this...do NOT sign up with TMobile. You will not receive the equipment and customer service that you will receive with another carrier. I have used them for a quite a while and their service has declined greatly. I would not refer anyone to this company.


T- mobile has absolutely the worst customer service in the industry, I have never been more disappointed with any single service than I have with this piss poor company, overseas agents and deplorable tech support as well as a low quality system over all you need not to do business with these guys unless of course you like to waste your money, GROW UP OR SHUT DOWN T_MOBILE< YOU SUCK AT BEST!!!!!!!!

dissatisfied customer

every since February when I first got my service I have been dissatisfied. I went to T Mobile to get a new phone they gave me a whole new service new number and my old numbers I still have my go back to this day. I've called for my number they have not been able to give me my old numbers back I don't understand why they made me turn off my phone and then told me they will switch my number and they never done it now I sent a replacement phone back to them and they're saying that they did not receive it and it after the time that I can receive my refund for the phone and they want me to pay for I am very dissatisfied and I cannot wait until my service is up because I will be switching to another service. For my problems they gave me 100 dollars. I have 2 business lines and loat money till this day cause my business was connected to them lines and I call and call they all give me the same answer. I hate t mobile and I regret goin to them

you guys screwed me over

you know i have been a customer for 12 yrs and and now that you guys made a mistake on your end you have shut my phone service off. i am so sick of being transferred back and forth between reps and not getting anywhere then being hung up on. when i ordered my phone i did it with the pay 20.00 a month for 24 months and a women i talked to said instead of paying the down payment that i would be charged 37.00 a month for 20 months so i said that was fine. now after i made a payment for july which i paid more than i was supposed to i get my service shut off. i have been on the phone with you guys for the last month trying to get this resolved and i was told it was and now you are telling me that i have to pay 25% of 700.00 in order for my service to be turned back on. i refuse to do that and so now you tell me there is nothing you can do. i have been a loyal customer for so long and have paid my bill on time every month so when it comes to something that was your fault which you guys admitted it was i loose my service. please fix this or i will call better business in the morning.like i said THIS WAS YOUR GUYS FAULT NOT MINE

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