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ongoing crappy service

**INCOMPETENT, RUDE CUSTOMER SERVICE in a store or on the phone** i called the corporate office to complain and no one bothered to call me back. t-mobile used to have great customer service...no more. if i hadn't gotten stuck with ANOTHER 2 year contract i would not even consider t-mobile as a carrier. they are so bad now they are going to put themselves out of business and it serves them right! **don't waste your time...T-MOBILE SUCKS!!!**

Customer Service

My current service from T Mobile is absolutely appalling- my phone has been cutting off after about 2 minutes of usage for the last six weeks. I've been told:- -a rare eagle has nested on the pylon -you have dust in your phone so now I've blown in it it will be OK. - you are on G3 so when were working on the G4 we turn off G3 signals. - you have to test your sim and handset by using someone elses.. However yesterday really takes the biscuit- it took 7 attempts to reach an operative because my phone kept getting cut off and when I did eventually get through on my land line the Non-Native English speaking operative left me on hold for more than 10 minutes and then cut me off. The final insult came from the next Non-Native English Speaking operative who asks what I was really moaning about because I still had internet and text messaging? Her supervisor was unable to speak to me, however she did promise to email the T mobile head office address and the CEO's name. However, unsurprisingly its now 18 hours later and still no text. However according to the operative I can cancel my contract with T mobile if I pay them a £500+ cancellation charge.

Service & Phones

I'm still having problems with my phone and customer service is very incompetence and everybody come up with a different way of helping me. They also have these pat answer and tell me the understand. I don't believe anything that come out of your customer rep mouth.

I have never in my life experienced such incompetence from tech support people. After speaking with a tech support representative for 40 minutes we got no where. I repeatedly told her that multiple T-Mobile devices were experiencing a "no network connection situation " at our location. The tech support person insisted that I reboot and reconfigure my one week old Samsung S4 phone multiple times. After being referred to a Manager she insisted the there were no outages in our location. Tech support could not understand that this was not a device issue, since there were four different devices that were having " no network connection" issues. This is not acceptable in this day and age.

Poor Service

Poor customer service poor phone service, not able to connect to network issues, cannot connect to internet billing issues.

new phone activation

I am trying very hard to activate a new phone AND migrate an old cell number to the new phone; each time I get a foreign voice who cannot understand the english numbers system and i hand up...i may take the phone back- it is impossible to do this online.

T mobile is a horrible company to have your phone service with. I have received a new phone 3 times and the phone still doesn't work and they refuse to give me a different make and model. I can barely make phone calls, it constantly freezes and they are still trying to send me the same phone. I file a complaint with the BBB and they still have not solved my problem. I will be contacting their corporate office until this issue is resolved. After my contract is up I will be leaving T-mobile.

phone upgrades

Why is it that local T-Mobile stores want to make their customers Pay almost 200+ for a phone I have unlimited talk text and Web but I can't get a better phone like galaxy S II because local T-mobile say they don't do contacts anymore I complain because it sounds like a lie and the real truth from the cooperate if we can trust lots of people around the US are starting to hate T-Mobile because most local T-Mobile stores employers are becoming money hungry and are liars because they want the money -K1DD$PIK3

t-mobile is rubish and i want to leave it and will tell all my friends to leave it too as their service is rubish and advisers are incopetent

T-mobile bricked my phone and expects me to pay shipping for a new phone!

So T-Mobile forces a software update to my phone and now it's bricked... I take it to the T-Mobile store who has to look up on YouTube how to factory reset it which didn't work. Their solution is for me to pay out of my pocket to ship them my phone and when they receive it they'll ship me a new one... Ohh and to get the address to ship it to I was told to call customer service (funny name should be called scripted incompetence).....Well the assistant to T-mobile's president now has a vm from me... This is ridiculous!

former customer

I was a t mobile customer for 9 years. Was sold a set of smart phones for my last contract and I was sure to ask if they worked in my area. When I had issues within the first few days I called in and was told they were working on problems in my area( the same thing I was told on subsequent calls). Not until after the 15 day return period did I find they only had 2 g in my area. I fought with them for the 2 years over it. Was told by one customer care specialist that they were planning on getting it here. Was even laughed at by one care specialist. Well I when I called in to cancel my service after I ported my phones to Verizon (which if you tell them first they won't let you keep your number) a customer care specialist came on and actually asked me What can we do to keep your business. I almost laughed till I cried. They think you just forget about what they do to you. I'll pay twice as much to any other company rather than give t mobile another dime.


T- mobile Corporate Headquarters helped me with my billing problems. Very professional they listened to my complaint. I'm proud to be a T-Mobile customer.

customer service

The Manager at the store on Grant road in Tucson, Arizona lied to me when I took my blaze to find out what was wrong with it. He told me that they were no longer available therefore he offered the S2 and stated there would be no extra cost to me since they were buying my blaze from me therefore it would be an even swap. Well, he lied because I am now being charged for a new S2 phone. I didn't even sign an agreement for the phone therefore he mislead me to think it was an even swap!!He finally admitted to his mistake but would rather find another blaze to return to me so he can get the S2 back from me when he should be responsible for the cost of the phone since it was his mistake and he lied. So I say poor customer service!

The worst company ever

Never in my life have I experienced such breathtaking incompetence and indifference. How does this company stay in business? This sort of customer mistreatment cannot be accidental, this is deliberate idiocy. I will throw my Tmobile phone in the lake.

Literal Thiefs!

I ordered new service on 6/5 online. My order was approved and shipped and my creditcard charged over $400 for the order. Before it arrived, T-Mobile contacted UPS and had them do a "delivery intercept" on the package and return the order back to their warehouse. I still have not received a specific reason other than they needed to do additional credit verification. My package is returned before it even reaches me, yet they refuse to refund the money they charged my card. They give me the story that it takes up to 30 days to process the refund from the time it is received back at their warehouse. I told them I could understand that if it was someone returning the phone because they were unhappy with it or whatever, but what they did is basically refusing to provide me with service. Fine, dandy, but you can't refuse to provide me service and charge me for it at the same time. If you give them your credit card number I guess they can. Here it is 7/17 and T-Mobile still has not refunded the money they stole for phones I never received and service they refuse to provide. Watch out for T-Mobile, the next ENRON!

i paid $100 for 1000 minutes via the phone. they took my money but never gave me my minutes. i talked to 7 customer service people, 2 supervisors, 1 specialist, and left a message at the corporate number. it seems that no one, at t-mobile can work this out. they are the most rediculous company i have ever delt with. be very leary giving t-mobile any money. thinking of suing them, for the time & money i have had to spend to either get my minutes or refund my money.


My phone was stolen in November. I was without communication for several weeks given my circumstances... I tried contacting someone to tell them to shut my service off. I couldn't get ahold of anyone and so I thought it would stop automatically (I had a LOT of stuff to deal with at the time, and sadly this was lower on the list). Finally checked up on my status two months ago. I had 7 months of service backlogged and sent to collections. You'd think they'd stop charging after a couple months of no payment? Nope. The people I spoke with in Customer Care were of no help or enthusiasm to assist me either. Bollucks.

They Had Me in Tears

I cannot believe this company is still in business. From the moment I've dealt with them by going on their website (which didn't work properly), I've had nothing but issues with them, every step of the way. When the website didn't work, I went to a storefront location, where the salesperson couldn't even explain their plans so I could understand the differences. When I set up my auto-payment on the website, it wouldn't work the first month and now in the second month, I've been on the phone for 2 1/2 hours trying to figure out why they cannot make an ACH withdrawal from my checking account. I was literally just in tears. EVERYTHING about this company is dysfunctional, with the exception of the network. Which we know they didn't build. AWFUL. HORRENDOUS. PATHETIC.

Rude and Stupid

Tried to return a call from Tmobile, , six times and all I get is her voice mail (out of office etc.). I filed a Better Business Bureau complaint and will probably file another and write a letter to the President, if he will even read it. I plan to switch any provider who will provide better service if I cannot get some very simple help


This is not how you work your own company, even at this ones level. First off, have fun with your trip through their terrible automated customer service line as well as others. I've been hung up on by some woman, who you should really have a copy of the conversation, this way you understand. In the complaint i'm filing and after corporate settles this matter!

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