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scammers. pathetic. I have been with you guys for 12 years and you are charging me for a cell phone I don't even have and returned. you are STEALING from me. I will be contacting a lawyer and lucky for my I have family in fox 5. you guys have taking far enough from me and your other customers

horrible company

We tried to get service from tmobile we paid 350.00.....we never received equipment......it is not January, and we been trying to get our money back that we paid down since november.....They are now saying they can't give us our money back to our account, it has to go onto one of their rebate cards, which is not how they took it,,,, We have been treated horrible since we tried to get service,,,,,If this is how they treat people trying to become customers, I can't imagine how they treat the ones they have

Corporate needs to contact me. Next Letter goes to the BBB

Have been with t mobile 7 months, have had issues with my wifes phone since day 1. I am locked into 2 q touch phones that do not work. Have tryed to deal with local stores in Mobile AL and in Tallahassee FL. They have given new phones, sim cards, some kinda booster thing that I have yet to get out of the box.. Now they are playing games with the bill. All I want to do is turn in all this junk equipment and not be held liable for the $ 380 dollars for these POS phones and cancel my service.

Poor Employee Care

I got hired on as a store manager at an OKC store. After one month of working there, I got suspended due to the fact they did not previously run a medical background check. They suspended my work phone, & 2 months since starting there, I have not received any form of payment. I moved 4 hours away from my family to work there! At first they said they sent it to the wrong address & now they are stating they sent it out 2 weeks ago. After multiple calls since, they have NOT returned my calls. Honestly, worst company I have ever worked for! The pay is good, if you ever receive it...

I was very unsatisfied with the costumer service of tmobile. I had called in today as I feel I had been overcharged in my bill. I pay £53.00 a month for three mobiles and have been with tmobile for three years and haven't had any problems till this year. I feel as I am not supposed to be paying more than my bill because I am not going over my minutes and that my minutes are being cut. furthermore my bill is not showing up online so I cannot even check if I am being charged more for no reason. I would really like this problem to be solved as I am thinking of leaving tmobile all together. thank you.

Customer Service

T-Mobile customer service is not satisfaction guaranteed. The sales representatives need more customer relations training. In addition, they need to be train in negotiation skills (conflict resolution). As a result, they don't know how to validate customers complain.

Phone Number transfer disaster

I have requested the transfer of the prepaid line to my family plan, the transfer of the phone number according to FCC rules should happen in 24 hours. It has been now 10 days and they keep on promising to do it in the next 24 hours. Hours with support bring no resolution! I do not know how to address the issue.

t Mobile is a joke! I have been waiting a month and 3 weeks now for my money back for a return phone but they've had sense October 24 2013 at 10 a.m.I think this is very ridiculous on how long it takes to get reimbursed your money back! Maybe I should contact the Better Business Bureau! What a joke!

No customer service

In the last 24 hours I have had to call customer service for the same problem. I bought a pre-paid phone to have for emergencies. I only have a cell phone, no land line. As soon as I activated it text started coming in. I called customer service right away to stop text on that phone. Was told it was taken care of. A few hours later text were still coming in. After talking to 5 different people,2 of them being superiors, I was told I would not get credit for all the text that continue to come into that phone. One of them even had the nerve to say "you sure you didn't have this number before". If I could rate it at zero stars I would. Come Monday I will be calling the headquarters.


i have been with the company for over 15 years and i have 5 lines and have issues with 3 our of the 5 phones. they continue and continue sending refurbished phones and they keep getting worse with issues. i spend more money on the fees they charge to send them then to just get a new phone. it is rediculous

tmobile services sucks and unwillingly takes money

ThIs is the worst phone service I've ever had. The customer service sucks and the service is useless. The people they have working needs to be retained on sympathy and attitude. If your thinking about getting this service don't because you will regret it, I promise.

Moved to MT, Tmobile has NO service there with all calls being a Roaming. Was forced to End my contract prematurely with Tmobiles blessings to zero out the account and close it...so I thought. a year later, ran my credit to see they have been ruining my credit saying I owed early cancellation fees. Vicious circle to get no service. said to talk with the credit agency it was sold to. Was denied. tried to contact corporate...nothing done.

T-Mobile is completely useless!!

Called for help with an SD card that failed in 2 of our phones. This was caused by a known flaw in the Samsung S3 phone after a google+ update that we did not approve. Retrieving information from the SD cards will cost around $2000 and T-Mobile basically told me that it's not their problem. The real problem is we have lost irreplacable pictures of our newborn son. We are discussing this with a lawyer currently and hopefully will have a resolution or lawsuit. After 10+ years I will be cancelling my cell phone service with T-Mobile. It's obvious they don't care about myself or my family.

TMobile is awesome!

They just made things right by taking the time to hear me and addressing my concerns! I was so happy that I am resuming my account with them!!

poor service

I have been with T-mobile for only nine months and I am not happy at all. The advertise nation wide coverage but I have to drive to certain parts of town to use my phone. I would never recomend this company to my worst enemy.

Perfect customer service

I have to write to say that my experience at the T-Mobile store located in Lakewood Ohio was so good. A girl name Heather at that location went above and beyond to make everything good for my business account. She was considerate , professional and just went out of her way to get my iPhone 5s. I will truly get all my cell phones from there from now on. It's this type of employees that you should reward and keep on your business team. Heather was tremendous. Thank you for all your help, I hope she gets recognized for all her help and hard work. Thank you. Afefa owner of Marvin deli.


Dear Sir or Madam, There have been many requestes within the Pass into T-Mobile Company as one of the lead people where noting have been resolve with my fav , Maybe previous requestes can be reviewed and contact me asap. Reason: T-moblie Corporation Reason: Requestes to staff/posing staff Reason: unlimted line of Credit no excuse is it for rejection , also feel free to contact verison wireless , Att , Sprint

After 13 years with this company and I don't know how many contracts, I had finally gotten on a plan that didn't hold a contract and was told by T-mobile's customer service person that there was NO CONTRACT WHAT SO EVER on the two lines once we switched to this new plan. NOW they want $400 early Term fees or for me to restart my account.. ARE YOU FRICKEN NUTS!!!!!!!!! This company has gone to the toilet. I used to be happy with T-mobile and then you tried to buy AT&T and when that didn't happened you stopped caring.

Horrible Manager

I live in the Modesto, CA area and visit the McHenry/Granger store monthly and the employees are fantastic however the manager Shannon Dobson is an absolute disgrace to the word manager. As being a manager myself I have never had someone talk down to me in such a way. She is no help in any way and when there is a line of customers she stands at her computer and says "someone will be right with you" When she is doing nothing and her other employees are busy with other customers. I would love to see this manager recieve a reality check and hopefully either treat her employees and customers with respect or get the heck out of the company, it's horrible for business!!!

customer service! I don't think so

2 hours and 20 mins on the phone what a wast of time. I have never dealt with a more useless bunch of people. There head office has no managers, no phones, nobody that can make a decision, they can change the terms and conditions of your contract and not tell you,I think they can stuff there phone where the sun don't shine. Its quite usefull when these thing happen as it makes you look around at other suppliers and you realise you can get better cheaper.

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