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t mobile service is the worst 4g out there . get to find out its metro pcs

Worst Customer Service Ever!!!

I was put on hold for 45 minutes. When someone finally came to the phone and i explained my situation, for about five 5 minutes she put me on hold for another 30 minutes and then hung up on me. that went on for about 5 times different times. I'm fed up, this is the worst cell phone company in the world.


They have the worst customer service and they lie about the service then when you call them out on it they want to transfer you to different people and put you on hold for a long period of time

Awful service deceptive practices

Be careful with them. Deceptive practices was lied too by multiple managers. Hooked into signing up with an additional 75 dollar credit that never happened until 4 months later when I called corporate and complained. Basically corporate rep stated it was our fault. Stay with verizon people

Deceptive shady

Don't use them. They conned us into signing with an offer to save 75 dollars and after 4 months still haven't seem credit. Called corporate office and they said it was our fault . Very deceptive and not professional

horrible customer service

I had cancelled my service with t-mobile but was still being charged. I was told i would be refunded but it has been over 5 months and still no refund. I will never ever be with T-mobile again and will never recommend to anyone.


Can.not wait to see the back of the.mobile.nothing but a bunch of bullies, having really bad problems with the signal phoned up on more than one occasion. To try and get the problem sorted. Was kept on the phone for 2 hours was bloody livid. And still no joy

30 minutes on then phone trying to cancel service

here I am still on the phone transfered to 4 different people, how hard should this be to cancel service...190.00 a month for three smart phones, there nuts!!!! great i just got disconnected, now speaking with corporate..WOW 2 minutes on line with corporate problem solved..

Deceptive, unskilled employees.

Promised great service, ended up being the worst service I've ever had. Promised a refund, didn't happen, promised an unlock code when we switched services, didn't happen. I am filing a complaint with the BBB and will start a petition against your company on moveon.org. And judging by the numbers of complaints this will draw attdntion that you don't want.

Very Poor Customer Service

T-Mobile Has very poor customer service !!!!!

T-Mobile is the WORST!!

They are the worst company ever! They cheet people and the customer servive and cell phone service are aweful. Do not use this company.

whay flex accounts are no longer because t Mobil had this accounts

Tmobil customer service lied to me when I called to pay for my service. they told me that they would give me two months free for the inconvenience. when I called this morning they told me that there was no record of our conversation. the service is very bad. besides that they terminated my flex account without my approval and transferred it to another account because !!!1 the flex account was being compromised . we should file a lawsuit against them for all the customers that had a flex account and subpoena for their record.

Good Job!!!

The Manager Devin Santisevan and Staff in Pueblo Blvd and Northern store in Pueblo, CO are outstanding. Every month they have a class on how to use your phone. They are patient and courteous to all the participants in the class, while still servicing the clients that come in for service. They are very knowledgeable and well trained. They even provide food and drink for us. Thank You for a job well done and for great customer service.


So I lost my job and was unable to pay my bill for 3 months and when I finally landed another job, I contacted T-mobile prior to that time and expressed to them that I had another job and would like to pay my past due balance once I got paid, I was told it was ok. So in 2 weeks, I called back and they sent me to collections, almost tripling the amount of the past due balance, then told me that I would have to pay the termination fee in order to continue with the company. I don't understand why I would possibly pay a termination fee if I'm not leaving the company. STUPID!!!

Worst 4g coverage ever

Lakewood WA Store - keep your word!

Horrible customer service!!!!! Lies! Lies! Having so many issues with my new phone and every time they ask me to come in to the store....nothing ever gets resolved. Frustrating!! Total waste of my time!!!! I will continue to get a hold of someone from Corporate office. This needs your attention!!!!

Very Poor Service

I think that the service is awful and the company says they are sorry but they can't do anything for me. I'm more than fed up with T-Mobile. I'm counting down the days when my contract ends so that I can leave the company. I get no service when I'm on vacation or very poor service and they told me they can't guarantee good service when you travel. Hello, why do we have cellphone anyway. It's a sad joke to me. I get calls a day or two later awful just awful.

deceptive Business Practice

Deceptive Business Practice I filed a written compliant with FCC regarding T-Mobile deceptive business practice. After 10 years, I left T-Mobile for their unethical and immoral business practice.


I just got a robo call from T-mobile at 6:49 AM inquiring as to my satisfaction with their customer service in a call yesterday during which a Fillipino guy called Raldf pretended he couldn't hear me two minutes into a conversation that had kept me on hold for over 15 minutes to begin.


I just read all these other reviews and they are complaining about alot of things that also happened to me. What are you going to do about it, because i just sent in a complaint and do not see it posted as of yet.

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