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Horrible bank. Wish I would have switched 4 years ago. I have never over drafted my checking account once in the 4 years I've been with them. I was under the impression if my account was at a balance of zero, or in the negative, if I tried to purchase something with my debit card it would deny me. Little did I know it didn't. Even with the statute passed and in effect as of August 15, 2010. I had an automatic payment come through that put me in the negative. I was under the impression I still had over $100 in my account, which I usually keep as a cushion for emergency's. I ended up getting charged $35 a piece for 6 purchases of 3.95, 3.76, 1.62, 16.95, 5.67, and 10.02. All of which totaled a overcharge of $210. The customer service was some of the worst I've ever had, and that's saying a lot. The supervisor I talked to on their 1-800-tcf-bank number was very rude and tried belittling me over the phone. The worst part of it was the fact that the local branch manager admitted that the "opt out" option online didn't work so they have no idea when I could have opted out, making it a bank error. Which means they should have refunded me my entire penalty of $210.

mr bocce. there mission is to open new accounts and after change terms hiding under the governing agencies suggesting that they have to abide by the regulatory agency

worst bank ive ever had. i was a customer with tcf for over 4 years and im done with it after i had to deal with their horrible customer service...

Horrible bank. Everything a bank should not be.. tricky, sly, under-handed, and unresponsive. I will never do business with them again.

I would have selected 0 stars if option was available. I was a customer for over 8 yrs and due to TCF poorly trained staff my acct was closed. I have been trying to resolve this issue since Feb and it's been a nightmare. I have been lied to for Months and my last resort is to call the media. I m an unemployment Single Mom and all I wanted was my acct reinstated. Now all I want is my money and maybe someone in your organization to really help not just lie!!! Francine Phillips 708-525-0063

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