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Once again TCF gave me another "surprise" fee on my monthly statements. First it was a monthly maintenance fee. of $9.95 on my checkings account. Heck, I thought they MADE money off checkings accounts, now they're also charging fees for handing money over to them? Today, I discovered a new "Check Image Fee" of $1.95 per month. I've had it with TCF. They're now on the level of Chase and other incredibly bad banks. They should come up with a new slogan like: We're putting the word "Cuss" back in "Customer Service."

I meant to submit a rating with 1 star. I hope that made it with my comments.Thanks ... Dick B.

lolll u guys r right but the easy way to save ur account is open a saving account it is much easier no fees no mistakes no drafts nothing just put money and keep it to urself ;) a hint for u guys!!!!

I am closing out my account at TCF and I will rally with everyone I come into contact with to ensure they closeout there accoutns or do not open accounts with them. This is by far the worst bank I have ever dealt with!!! If you look up thieves in the dictionary there should be a picture of TCF next to it. I give them a negative 5 stars....

Worst BANK EVER!!! Just got off the phone with them... I was wondering what happened to my statements, appearantly they have decided to email them to me and save paper. too bad I didnt know, I also didnt know that due to the fact I dont do 15 transactions a month I am getting a charges... I thought my checking was COMPLETELY free (that was the sales pitch)... no refund of charges, and no one to complain to , all I got on the phone was a rude and condescending dude who was arguing with me that I signed up for email statements and all the info on account changes was there... I asked that he prove to me that I did it and when... Because I know for a fact I need my paper statements and would never switch to electronic... however now they also appearantly charge for statements as well... gettin the heck outta there... good riddens... I hope they flop miserably!!!!

It is unfortunate that there is not a 0 star rating for this bank. In my opinion this bank is the worst to deal with. I am a non customer and was considering opening an account. However, that will not be happening. My frustration comes from one bank in Lone Tree, Colorado. I simply went to cash a check from a client but was not able to because they did not have sufficient funds (frustrating). I was told by the clerk to come back in two days because funds would be available. She used her over the top customer service skills to convince me that opening an account with TCF would be the best thing to do if I was going to be working with this client on a regular basis. She even offered a starting balance of $50 if I opened one. I told her I had to think about it. I came back two days later and tried to get the same check cashed and was actually going to open an account. The clerk I had spoken with was not there. To my surprise the funds were still not available. So imagine my frustration as I drove out of my way to get there. This time a male clerk told me that if I opened the account he would waive the $7 non customer check cashing fee. "On which check?" I asked. He said the same one I was trying to cash. Does this make sense to anyone? I told him I don't care about $7 that I just wanted to get the check cashed. I can't so what good is the new account going to do? Again, he told me that he could save me $7 if I came back on Monday because the funds would be there. More time, more money on gas and no guarantee that funds would be available. No thank you. A third time he tried selling me an account. Most people in this situation would stop "selling" and try to understand the customer. Not TCF. The manager came over and said I could deposit the check if I opened an account. The same check that is not going to clear......Really?! Needless to say I left frustrated. When I tried to contact the branch to speak with the branch manager, I could not find a direct number. I called toll free customer service and they would not give out a branch number or email. There is no channel path to direct your frustrations, concerns and questions to your geographic location/branch. If you search TCF online you will notice the same number for each branch (Your area code)000-1111. Overall I give this company a big fat "F". A little advice TCF - Pay attention to consumer trends. People want instant access to information and service. The more hoops they have to jump, the less likely they will use your product/service in the future.

I have been a tcf customer for over 10 years. And I really don't overdraft on my account. However, I recently overdraft and put the funds in before the cut off. Alot of the transactions I had was still pending. I went into the branch and put the money in and asked if I will be charged any fees. The teller informed me no... Long story short I have been charged upto $ 148 in fees. I ask for a full refund because I thought I did what I supposed to do. They only refunded $55 I am not satisfied. Everything should be refunded ... A Pissed customer.

I have had TCF for 10 years now. Though I never had an issue with them in the past, I am now finding out they have royaly screwed me over this past month. First off, I get paid on direct deposit and it is a LAW that they need to process all direct deposits prior to transactions for the day. I currently have 4 account with TCF. One of which I use to soley pay bills. Long story short, a few of my bills were set to draft on the same day that my paycheck was to be deposited. They went ahead and processed my bills before my paycheck, which resulted in overdraft fees on all my transactions for the day. Obviously I called them to explain what had happened expecting them to refund me all the overdraft fees. They wouldnt....then I went to explain to them that I work for a Banker's bank in which I work closely with federal regulators on a daily basis and that what they just did to me was illigal. I ended up speaking with the head of that particular branch and he was able to refund all my money. After that, I pulled ALL of my accounts with them. They lost a long term customer as well as many future customers since I will be reporting them to the feds and posting on FB and Twitter and letting all my friends/coworkers and clients know to stay away from TCF.

What a bunch of thieves these people are. I was charged for "Check Viewing" and called to have it removed, the customer service person had said they removed it but it would take up to 30 day to take effect. Next month it was back on the bill, I called again to have it removed again and they would not waive the charge...I was born at night and it should not take 30 days to have something removed from your account preference, 1 key stroke and it should be done. If their computer system is that bad folks....it time to find another band that servers it customers better. This bank suck big time...they nickle dime you to death with obscure charges...go elsewhere...I found PNC to be far better in all aspects of personal banking Good bye TCF Former Customer

I opened checking and savings with TCF HUGE MASSIVE MISTAKE I also learned how they work the hard way,I deposited cash into checking on 22nd&they bounced all my checks on 23rd,could not access my cash deposites in the checking or savings for almost a week,NOW they are attempting hit me $300 more over drawn charges,refuse to close ANY MY ACCOUNTS and basically stole $799 bc I deposited it n cash and put hold on all my funds said until they cleared HOW DOES CASH DEPOSITES HAVE TO CLEAR im dispputing this to the top attorney if i must seeing all nearly same complaints here shows me I should have listened to all people said DONNOT open accounts with them they screw everyone NOW I SEE WHAT THEY MEANT!!!they've got learn it's not just wrong but it should be illegal im sure alot bad banking policies were found be illegal past few years noone pays any attention well,I'm pying attention and I'm fighting back stealing food from my 3year old child NOT right!!

TCF no longer participates in loans. I made a deposit on 3-10-12 and on line account shows this deposit was initiated on 3-12-12. My deposit tickets shows 3-10-12 and does not show up on line in my account until 3-12-12. I did make a deposit on 3-12-12 and that deposit as of this date 3-13-12 at 10:04AM has not been applied to my account making the account over drawn. I went to the Westland, Michigan branch and talked to the tell that accepted my cash deposit and she did not know why the deposit does not show in my account and she would have to check into it further. I understand that mistakes are made, I have made plenty but I would think that this amount should appear in my account immedicately to bring my account current and let them figure this out as they can. I also buy boxes of coins at this branch that they get from the Fed and when I use their coin machine, the machine throws out Canadian or damaged coins that I got in that same box and the bank will not accept them back. So I get stuck with those coins that I got with the Feds box of coin. That's not fair.

I've had TCF since I was 17 and started my first job. At first they were beyond helpful with my account and whenever I had a problem or question I could call customer service or go to the branch and they were more than helpful with anything I had to say. However all that changed within the last 2 weeks. My account went negative because of a mistake I had made with my financing. I was then charged 28$ a day for about 7 days. I then made a deposit on a Friday after their 2pm stupid cut off for the business day. This helped to cover the negative expenses and left me with a positive balance. I then chose to call customer service to see if they would reverse the fees because they had helped me out so much in the past. I called the rep only to discover that she was ABSOLUTELY NO HELP to me and told me that she could only reverse one of the fees but that on Monday I'd be charged a overdraft fee again because basically my deposit didn't happen before 2pm to cover it for that business day. I was beyond pissed and told the woman I was going to close the account that day. I go into the branch and they inform me I can't close it or anything because of pending transactions. I was then set around in circles for about 5 days. I had called customer service about 4 or 5 times within that time. All of the reps told me different things and told me things that made absolutely NO SENSE to me. I asked why within a 45 minute time period that I went from having to put money in to cover expenses to being negative to which they told me they couldn't look into it until the next day. Needless to say I was pissed that when I asked about MY account no one could seem to tell me a straight answer. I've never been so dissatisfied with TCF in all the years I've had them until now. This experience has forever changed my view on the bank and caused me to take my business elsewhere.

I have been a customer with TCF since 1996. They've made some fair revenue on overdrafts now and again over the years, but this $28. per day overdraft fee is criminal and really ought to be investigated by the Federal Reserve. I have a monthly transfer from checking into savings and this last one, I simply forgot about and did not have enough in checking to transfer. Now, over the years, TCF simply did not transfer the money if it wasn't in checking. They never charged a fee since it was a non-purchase transaction. Well, this time they transferred the money, despite it not being in the account and charged this $28. daily fee for four days, including the day I made my regular deposit. I had not even realized I had forgotten about the transfer, nor did I expect to find it paid when there were no funds, least of all incurring a continuous overdraft fee. I did speak with a teller, but only received $14. of the fee returned into my account. I will be asking to speak with the district and regional managers to refund those fees. If no luck, then the assistant to the president. Regardless, and in addition, will be going to the Controller at the Federal Reserve to investigate this suspect practice. A daily fee could potentially wipe out the account of the elderly or the disabled, not to mention the working poor. That is the Catch-22 of the financially vulnerable. If you are low income, you really need to consider an account somewhere like Wal Mart and stop giving revenue to TCF. They don't call it the "poor man's bank" for nothing. You'd just be better off with a strictly debit budget. The higher incomes just need to go to a Credit Union. That is going to be the only message TCF understands.

I have morgage with tcf bank. This bank doesn't participate in any home affordable programm. Nobody answers the phone in doan department-only messages.

I wish I could give this bank negative stars as the others above have indicated. My husband and I opened an account for our son in September. We have since made 3 deposits. We opened the account solely for the purpose of depositing money for our son. We realized we were incurring a fee (like everyone else) for not doing 15 transactions in a month. We decided to switch the account from a checking to a savings so as to not incur the fee. When we switched the account at our local branch (where we physically walked in to make our cash deposits), we discovered that $1,000 was missing from our account. We no longer have the deposit slip from the deposit made in the beginning of December, TCF has been less than helpful in trying to locate this money. All they have to do is go back and pull the tapes from the 4 weekends in Dec. (which is the only time we would have made deposits) and they are giving us the runaround. By the way, it is the branch manager/VP that is giving us the runaround. When I asked him for the number for Corporate, he said he couldn't give it to me. It's all very suspect because if he's involved, what's to keep him from coming back to us in 10-14 days and telling us that nothing came from the investigation? How do we even know he's doing an investigation? I'm thinking at this point that filing a police report and contacting the attorney general is in order. As soon as I get my money back, I will DEFINITELY be closing this account.


Yep, I closed them yesterday for that $9.99/9.95 fee for under 15 transactions. How dare they tell me when and how to spend my money. I almost gave them back the nickle in interest I earned. They were very rude to me the entire 4 years I had them, I had regular deposits, but that SSDI wasn't enough for them, they backed off when they learned I had other accounts, who doesn't? They are closed now and I contacted the Colorado ATTORNEY General and will contact Minnesota's AG and BBB. Screw TCF, the rep I called said I could get my service charge fee back if I did 2 more transactions, not to include deposit or withdrawal. They should make this info very clear and I read those envelope stuffers, screw them, banks robbing customers, they are now in the low ranks with BOA, Wells Fargo and Chase and all the other low life crooks. Good riddance.

New rating 0 stars!!!! I just found oput about these new policies/fees the hard way. I have been a customer of theirs for over 18 yeatrs and have 5 different accounts. THIS IS TCF TRYING TO BE BANK OF AMERICA!!!!!They think they can ride the coat tails of the big banks and make extra money, dont they have enough of our money in their master accounts accumulating thousands if not millions in interest?!?!?! At this point I no longer will refer anyone to TCF. i will also be closing all my accounts in the next few weeks and go shopping for anew bank. I want to know where they feel they can make a change to a formal agreement (the contract) I signed when I opened my accounts that state clearly the checking account is frere of charges. Thisis what the real world calls breac of contract!!!!! We shouild all put the socail media netwiorks to use and close these guys down by having as many people as possible close there accounts and switch to different banks or credit unions!!!

I will have to agree with all the negative comments from my fellow TCF account holders. I am also being ROBBED!! I have been with TCF for 7 years, holding 2 checking accounts. I'm okay with being charged a overdraft fee if I exceed my balance due to purchases I made. But this new rule of being charged 9.95 because I have less than 15 transactions per month...is ABSURD!!! Since when are you penalized for saving your money??? That's the purpose of a bank right??? WTF?? Then I realized they charged me 1.95 for a CHECK IMAGE FEE. The agent I spoke with explained this was a fee due to the check images on my monthly statement. You are a BANK...you're supposed to show me my check images as apart of my transaction history. Might as well charge me for the statement itself. I'm so upset right now...I can't even fully explain. I joined TCF because they were not like the big wigs (bank of america, chase, ect) I wanted a smaller branch that could cater to my small needs as a banking customer. I'm not rich...nor do I appreciate being nickeled and dime to death! TCF is turning into the very banking establishments I was trying to avoid. ***fees for using my DEBIT card as a DEBIT card...instead I have to use it as credit card to avoid the fee....Its NOT A CREDIT CARD!! The money still posts to the account the same day...what's the difference?? Bullshyt! ***fees for having less than 15 transactions per month....Since when is not okay to hold on to my hard earned money for a couple of weeks and not blow through it all?? bullshyt!! ***fees for providing images of my written checks on my monthly statement....REALLY?? Since the begining I have been able to go online, look at my transaction history and click "view image" for free...this fee is the biggest BULLSHYT of them all!!!! Needless to say, I will be taking my hard earned money somewhere else and closing my accounts. From reading other comments, they won't care anyway so it should be an easy get away. I apologize for the profanity..but I am very upset with how TCF is administering their fees. TCF will loose many loyal customers because of this fuckery and foolery!!

Alienate low-to mid-income customers. Great business strategy. $9.95 a month, to write 4 or 5 checks? WTF??? Are they crazy? I'm closing my account today. TCF = Theiving Crook Financial

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