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This is the worst bank ever. My debt card was stolen which i never recv'd and fraud called me and stated," we noticed you have had activity on your card and you never used it before." I advised them that i never had a card and to cxl now. So they cxled the card come to find out whoever had the card tried to put checks in to the atm to get the money out but sinced the card was cxld they couldn't. two days later after getting police report and filling out all the paper work for fraud. the bank charged me for every bounced chk. I refused to pay this and now they have fraud on my background when I try to open an account else where. I cant get a number to customer service because the reps say its no way to reach corporate and my local branch can handle this. Well i went to get my paper work at my local branch the police report and all and they couldn't find it. this is crazy this bank is the worst ever if someone have any advise on what i should do pls email me at dsingleton10@yahoo.com

TCF has the worst customer service. I am totally frustrated and ready to write to channel 2 and 7 news in Chicago. I was charged a $9.95 monthly maintenace fee, which has caused my account to go negative. I know am incurring a $28.00 daily fee. I has attempted reslove this over the phone with customer service, my local Jewel location and the branch in Schiller Park, IL. No one wants to help in fact I have been told that they no longer offer totally free checking accounts and pretty much don't care if close my account or not. I bet they would care if they realize by their poor customer service they won't have a job much longer. I am ready to contact a lawyer to file a lawsuit against them for unfair charges to consumers. They are legal loan sharks.

I need help, my account was broken into several times. And when I would go and tell someone at the back they didnt seem to care they made me feel out some form and then I got a letter back saying that they couldnt refund my money. I had went to them before the account was withdramen out of my account and then they told me that you had to wait til it was out before you could make a claim. could you please help me figure this out. email address is mychelebrotheres@yahoo.com

I have more Than one account with this bank and the charged one accoubt a 9.95 maintenance fee which overdrawn the account so when I surprisingly just noticed it on the same day after checking for a transaction on my other account I immediately transferreg money into the account. Then still later noticing a 28 dollar fee after the fact of the account not being negative so I called the bank and told them that they need to reversed that fee because the was not in the negative anymore and this bank charged 28 dollars after the fact..and come to fibd out the were already in the process of charging another 28 dollars even though the account was current.So after I completely went off theyreversed both fees which was a total of 56 dollars. I told them thIs nrw policy wad rediculous and this bank is not going to last long because this is crazy.THey get off the phone daying a lot of people like the new policy I told them yeah right that some real BS!!!!

tcf is the worst bank i have ever had in my life. today, i checked my account balance a couple days ago and saw i had 160 dollars, so i went shopping with the money. today i called and checked my account balance and i am now negative 140. i talked with a customer service rep and she told me, that money was put in my account by mistake and now i have to pay that money back, plus i will be getting a 28 doller overdraft fee untill i get payed in five days all because they made a mistake! the lady said it was my fault i didnt know how that money got into my account. how does tcf expect people to pay off large amounts of money on a negative balance if the bank is charging 28 dollers a day? i dont make that much money in the first place! worst bank of my life!

I am going to start a petition like the lady did with bank of america because these fees are outreageous. my acct was neg six dollars and some cent, not knowing about the new policy, my direct deposit hit my account and the took over 255 dollars from me in fees. this is highway robbery. We need to take a stand. I agree with Valerie H. we should file a lawsuit. This is damaging our credit.

It is said that misery loves company. But I take no comfort in reading the long list of comments from unhappy cusotmers of TCF Bank. I only add my sad experience with TCF as the worst bank I have encountered in all my many years of personal banking! Like others, after accepting years of abuse in the form of hundreds of dollars of ridiculous fees, the ultimate and most unconscionable fee of all has been the $28/day feee for being overdrawn--initially by $1.92-- but now somewhere near $1,000.00 because I refused to pay the $35.00 OD fee levied on the $1.92 overdraft. I have tried in every way I could think of to close my accounts in person, on the phone, via email. But they will let me close the account with an outstanding negative balance caused entirely by fees. So responding to nothing else, I have cut up all my TCF cards and checks and mailed them to the President ofthe bank. Perhaps he will now close my accounts.

Why I closed my TCF Account and how much is it going to cost TCF? I have been a loyal customer of TCF bank since 2006 with various accounts during those 6 years time span. But yesterday, i checked my balance online and saw $28 DAILY fee slapped because my account went negative. And the reason my account went negative was because TCF charged me $6 on service charge. I would understand (although not agree) TCF’s policy to charge overdraft fees if my balance went negative because of my purchases. But to charge me $28 DAILY fee for a service charge that TCF imposed on me, goes beyond my comprehension of how a bank that claims to have an “outstanding customer service”, can be such an anti-consumer. Back to the topic again; I called TCF customer service and after half hours of back and forth, she said she was not unable to reverse those overdraft fees. She also told me that unless i pay whatever accumulated overdraft fees, i will be charged $28 EACH DAY. I even told her i would close my account if i have to pay all that accumulated overdraft fees to which she told me “I cant close your account since you owe the overdraft fees”. So, seeing there will not be any fruitful resolution, i hung up on her and rushed to the closest TCF branch. The customer Rep lady asks me how she can help me. I tell her that i close my all my accounts with TCF. And the she casually says “Sure, we can help you with that” and escorts me to her desk. I was just flabbergasted that she did not even ask me why i was closing my account. After she closes my account, i explain it to her that if she had asked me why i was closing my account, she probably would have been able to help me with the ridiculous overdraft fees and thus retain me as a TCF customer. But she said, she wouldnt have been able to help me with the overdraft fees. I then had to explain her what the $60 overdraft fee will cost TCF. Below is a simple approximate break down of how much it would cost TCF to lose me as a customer (I assumed i would have TCF account for at least next 5 years) : 1. Cost to TCF for me not using my TCF Card: - I spend about $6000 a year with my TCF Debit card. Since i closed my account, I wont be using TCF card. Thus TCF will lose an average of 3% of merchant fee it collects from the merchants i purchase merchandise from. That amounts to: $180 (3% of $5000) per year, which means $900 in 5 years - I approximately have 3 debit card transactions per day, which will in average amount to 1200 debit card transactions a year. TCF charges an average of $.30 per transaction to merchants. This amount to: $360 (1200 * .3) per year $1800 in 5 years Total cost to TCF from this Category = $2700 ($900 + $1800) 2. Cost to TCF for me not using my Girlfriend not using TCF Card: My girlfriend has TCF account as well and she will be closing it too, which means TCF will incur the effect of double the balance calculated above. Meaning another $900 in 5 years (merchant transaction rate) and $1800 in 5 years ( Fee per transaction charged to merchant). Total cost to TCF from this Category = $2700 ($900 + $1800) 3. Cost to TCF because I wont be having my Mortgage with them when i buy a house (30 year fixed): Average annual interest of $6000 on a house valued at $120,000, will amount to $30000 in the first 5 years. Total cost to TCF from this Category= $30000 Total Cost (in 5 years) to TCF from all categories 1,2 and 3 above: = $35,400. Why? Because, I had no option other than to close my accounts with TCF. Note: I have not even counted the interest TCF makes on my money. I also have not counted TCF’s lost goodwill because i will be writing negative reviews about this bank and telling my acquaintances the mishaps I have had with TCF. Thats why all bank should treat their customer like a valued customer and not like a cash cow. ADIOS TCF

I wish I could put negative stars like they did my account balance. HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!! MILLIONS OF FEES!!! This is by far the worst bank I have ever dealt with... I went to put money into my account and the bank teller told me I was in the negative. I have never ever overdrafted an account! Nobody knows anything! Then the 1800 number guy tells me he can wave all the overdraft fees but I have to put $7 into my account by 2pm! WTF??? I get off work at 230 and he told me " O well! That's the best we can do." I hate this bank with a passion in my heart! I am closing this account first thing tomorrow! I hope they go under! ATTENTION!!! NEVER EVER OPEN AN ACCOUNT WITH TCF BANK!!! YOU WILL BE SORRY:-(

HORRIBLE BANK!!!! The economy is failing and they are now charging a $28 DAILY overdraft fee for any account $-5 or more. That is absolutely ridiculous and the customer service sucks. There is always 10 or more ppl in line at the local branch near my home with 2 tellers working but 10 more employees entering and exiting the doors!

The worst bank ever to work with. I had 5 accounts with them and didn't care if I took my business elsewhere. They held a large check in limbo until I had an affadavit signed by the originator of the check to make sure that he wanted to write this check to us and then get it notorized. A bunch of BS. They will no longer be our bank and they have just lost out on our business. No one should use their bank if you need more than "basic" checking and savings. If you do business or many transactions, go somewhere else.

This bank blows I opened a new account had it for four weeks cashed checks three times a week went to cash one check I needed for a truck and they held the God damn thing for two days chitty staff at everybank there stealing our money to feed the hogs that work there

I have been with TCF for 4 years. I have had no problems. However as of November 11 when my free checking account would cost me 9.95 per month unless I can keep $15,000 in the account. I get 734.00 per month social security, write about 5 checks a month. I need to be able to write those checks but can't afford that charge. new rating 0 stars

After being admitted for a closed head injury, my wife used my card instead of hers and over drew 5.80 from the account now i am out of the hospital and i am 100 dollars in debt to them. as well for 14 consecutive days they charge 28 dollars and i cannot stop it till i zero the account but i am not rich im barley afloat. then they send it to collections after 14 days. so pretty much for 1 redbox movie i payed 392 dollars. this is strong arming me out of my money. hope they realize they will NEVER get it back. i get a brain bleed and they cant even give me a break. you make one mistake and they blitz you for it. TCF should be ashamed of theirselves.

the worst bank ever, someone used my debt card during the time my aunt was dying, did not know or had any clue to the charges, the bank made me responsible for these charges. I am through...Bad bank will only make any headache worst.

Best bank ever!!

This bank, loosely termed, is the worst.

We should all really get together and file a lawsuit against this bank because 3 years ago when I had an account with TCF I ended up filing a regulation E against unauthorized payments and filed stolen checks that my ex-boyfriend stole and bounced all over town. I called the bank and told them my checks were stolen and they said I had to sign papers about it and they would take of it from there. It is now 3 years later, I opened a new account and was told all was good to go. Come to find out 5 days later a hold was placed on my new account and the funds in them. I have been given the run around on taking care of this old account and have gotten no where. When they sold my old account to a collection agency that means they should have nothing to do with my old account anymore since they SOLD it to someone else. They should not have the right to place a hold on a new account, allow anyone to open a new account, or take money out a new account if they SOLD the old account.

Wow ! Thought it was just me but Wow! This bank is the worst for real! Taking my money out.

I would give a zero rating if I could. HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE Customer Service. And the corporate office does not want to hear about any of the issues. They just want to go on there merry way, and pretend everything is great! Someone needs to address the consistently POOR customer service. I beleive all of the customer treated poorly should file a greivance with the Better Business Bureau so as consumers we can make a difference and not like a company get away with treating customers in this manner.

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