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I would think that a bank such as TCF Bank would recognize the cost of providing thin debt cards that crack easily and need to be replaced frequently would seek a source that provides thicker debt cards so they can save money in the process of taking care of that replacement service. Since I have been with your bank, I have had to replace my TCF Bank debt card several times all for the same damn reason: they are too thin. Please tell this dumb retired electrical engineer the cost advantage you have with thin debt cards? I would like to learn. Thank you. Have a pleasant day.

I would not even give TCF banks one star, that would just be to much credit for them! I am disgusted by the customer service I had received. I closed my account two weeks after opening it and thought I would never hear from them again. Unfortunately I was wrong! So I got a bill in the mail from a collection agency saying I owe $72.40. When I went to go see what this was about this is where it all went down hill. I went to the TCF bank where I had closed it and what a supervisor told me the account was NOT closed the right way. There was no proof on the computer that the account was closed. I thought TCF bank would be professional enough I guessed wrong. So she sent me to the TCF bank where I had opened my account to have the supervisor accuse me of swiping my debit card and over drafting, Really you are going to accuse me??? Then later he apologized because he seen I had been right. He also told me that if I found my receipt or anything saying I closed my account he would wave the fees. So in the mean time the branch manager NEVER got a hold of me like I was promised so I got a hold of her. She told me that she sent out to get my statement for my account. This took over a week for them not to tell me anything and I called the collection company back and the lady told me my credit had been flagged and I need to get this fixed ASAP! So I went and talked to the TCF bank where I had closed the account and talked to the supervisor(branch manager was hardly ever there)which I told him my story and all he could say was so are you going to pay the $72.40 now? He told me it was his banks fault because the guy who closed it did not do it right. But he was not there anymore. So after an HOUR argument I Paid so my credit would not get affected I was so mad they were so rude!! I went home and dug threw all my files and finally found my proof! As soon as I did I drove back over there and showed them I was right I HAD CANCELED MY ACCOUNT! They told me to come back the next morning so I can get my $72.40 back. I went in and talked to the branch manager. She told me she could not wave my fees I had to go back to the bank where I opened it at to do so. She also said that her teller closed the account the right way but it got reopened. So I went to the other TCF bank to have them tell me the account was not closed the right way they could not do anything for me. So all in all TCF bank sucks I hope they get shut down!

i have had troble getting fonds all day .

I decided to open a account at TCF after the bank manager came to my job. All is fine and good. I got a notice in the mail and looking at my account online. The returned one of my payroll checks. After I did some research with my boss. TCF told us the that is business account was invalid. But, it was there processing center who tpye in the wrong account number. Even though they reversed the NSF and returned deposit charges. I had to wait another week for my funds to be credit to my account. TCF from the executives to the bank tellers are some jaska$$. Don't bank with them. No matter what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hate this bank so much !!!!!! They madea baniking error that is destroying my credit!! Made it to where I can't get approved for a car loan, and also stopped me from getting a heatlth savings account. All because they can't get there shit together. I am Closing my account and NEVER going back.

Terrible. Terrible. Terrible. I am currently fighting with this bank to refund me $70.00. They are trying to tell me that my deposit of cash was withheld for 2 days because that is proper protocol on all deposits. Then they are saying that 2 checks caused my account to become overdrawn. I have called customer service and they were rude, inconsiderate and beyond trying to explain what what going on. I have 6 printed out statements that state I still had money in my account after the checks posted, and on top of that my direct deposit the next day. The day my direct deposit posted they took $70.00 out. I called the 800 number and explained this, and went into the branchs and they still refuse to refund the $70.00 they wrongfully charged my account. I am still trying to get this refunded hopefully I will be successful. DONT OPEN ACCOUNTS WITH TCF!!!!!

Their company policy in customer service makes believe they are a monopoly; which of course, they are not. When they acquired my old bank, I had 5 accounts; now I am down to 2 checking accounts and I plan to be down to one by the end of the month.

They are an awful bank. They are underhanded, shady and so rude. They are definitely the model of a crooked business. My biggest financial mistake ever was opening an account with TCF. I would've been better off storing my money in a hookers bra than in their bank.

How come there is not a (0) very poor option. I would not suggest this bank to anyone!!!!! I have had nothing but trouble from them from day one. I think their buisness is shady and their records and the customer records should be investigated/audited by an outside agency. They post transactions when it will benefit them the most and have no problem charging you 7 draft fees leaving you owing 2-3 hundred dollars in the negative. When you try to go into a branch and discuss your account they do it right out in the open and tell you in front of everyone that the draft fees are because you spend money you didnt have in your account when actually it was in there until they apply false fees to mess up your whole account.

I can not say how upset I am with this bank!I have watched my account carefully and check it regularly,this past week I checked my account online[and the online service is NOT accurate] the amount I thought was there was so I went to a few places and checked my account the next morning when my husbands check was direct deposited it showed the ammount and the previous transactions so I paid a bill and went to the store for groceries thinking all was well then I get a notice from the bank about overdrafts equalling 350.00 dollars I went to the bank to say there was a mistake and she said no mistake and could do nothing about it when this is resolved I will never bank with them again and I plan on spreading the word. This is a terrible bank there only concern is taking your money not helping you at all.

calling customer service "piss poor" is giving them too much credit for over a month I was lied to a supervisor named Elaine promised one thing on the 20th of december and then did the exact opposite costing my hundreds of dollars. Then she hid behind a bunch of idiot customer service agent. These lying crooks should be shut down

TCF, There was an account that I had with you back in 2005, unfortunately the account was closed and money was owed. After getting my life back together I came in to the Cub-TCF hwy 10 location and paid this bad debt in full. In 2007 I opened a checking account with you and had it through late 2010. There were no problems or questions, the manager said that she had contacted the loss prevention and it was taken care of. Currently I am a student at SCSU, I am disabled, and I am a mother. Your bank froze my financial aid funds because they say that I never paid this bad debt, this is inaccurate! It has been SIX YEARS since this account was closed. Do you honestly think I could get a bank account opened with you or anyone else if I owed you $394? The Disabled Student without any book money.

tcf is not a good bank;nasty attitudes from some tellers. i hope that it goes under. mafia,strong-armed tatics when dealing with customers. i'm trying to find another bank!!!

Half the staff is incoherent. Talked to petty old crone who was adversarial through our entire interaction. Worst service, rude, stupid, insulting and impertinent as well. Very poorly managed.

This bank is aweful!!! Stole my money and refuse to give it back! STAY AWAY FROM THEM!!!! Very unprofessional.

Got paid first paycheck from a company acct. at this stupid bank. need fuel for big rig to finish the day and can't cash it. noone but a damn machine answers the phone, all these banks are robbing us and controlling our lives, you can't even live a cash life, they won't let you.

Stay the hell away from this Bank. that's my best advise.

This is the worst bank I;ve ever did business with.I depsoit on friday and can't get my money tell wednesday even know it says posted.Posted is suppose to mean it's there pending means it's not there yet.This place is a dive from h=ell...

I have been having problems with the customer service and also been giving wrong information because they are not wanting to do there job at all. I need to know how I can take care of this. My debit card was taken from me. And I reported items on the card missing and then they told me the time frame they was suppose to put the money back on my account and they never did at all. I called to see what was going on and the lady said that she would put it back on after four. that just was the time that they was leaving that I could talk to anyone at all. I really would like my full refund of the area. There was no autherized user on my account exsept me and your employees claim there was could you please help me with this

i hope they go under.....the bank really sucks

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