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SO MANY RIPOFFS, then extortion

There's a long list of transgressions, from not recognizing the company account as a company account, to a branch manager taking it upon herself to block my card, to them twisting rules on deposits to cause overdrafts, to the branch manager stalling me for weeks, claiming to be waiting to hear back on a resolution, only to use up the time before it went to collections, so they could then use that as excuse to extort their $377 in FEES before another bank would open an account for me. Stay FAR FAR away from TCF!


I closed my account with TCF for being charge service fees. I had closed my account last year. I called and the customer service center is useless as far as I am concerned. I need statements for January and February of 2012. It is for a small business account. The only way I can receive them is to pay more money. I will never tell someone to use TCF for their banking needs. I feel that they are not customer friendly.

Overtime pay

I do not bank at TCF and never will. My granddaughter is a teller at one of the Cub locations and from what I hear from her they do not treat their employes with much dignity or respect. Her biggest complaint is that they refuse to pay for her overtime hours even though they have almost demanded she work. I'm not sure what recourse she has except to quit.

banking customer

I am living on a fixed income. How shocked was I to have a $37. nsf fee on my statement. I try to be extremely careful as my money is so very tight. please reverse the nsf fee as a one time courtesy.

Bad Business

TCF bank is not free they are the only bank that charges !.95 to view a check you wrote online. They are not customer friendly and find creative ways to rip off their customers recently I was credited $114.95 in September for a fraudulent merchant account that was supposed to be $4.95. In November I guess it was reversed although the bank never sent me any information that was being done. I just found out today after getting a sjhort check with a fee of somewhere around $38.00 that it had been reversed. So now I am out $114.95 for the fraudulent merchant and $38 something for a short check the banks fault since they did not notify me that the $114.95 charge was reversed. I talked to corporate 1 800 number to reverse at least ther short check fee, which I was not alerted to as TCF has no alerts by phone or online banking, and I am unhappy enough to file a claim not only against the merchant but TCF bank with the Better Business Bureau but somehow got redirected to this site. Will work on it some more when I get back from work

I also asked to speak to a supervisor when my online banking said my deposit was cleared and posted, but it was still not available to me 2 days after the date it was posted available, and they had me speak to a Lead named Roxanna. She is the most useless person I have ever spoken to in my life. She told me that yes my deposit is posted, but it won’t be available until Friday (6 days later) because i deposited it to my savings account and I shouldn’t expect it to be available after just 2 days. I told her i would like to speak to a REAL supervisor, because I know there is one there, and she refused, telling me she will have them call me back. TCF needs start hiring some quality employees instead of the uneducated slobs that they can pay minimum wage too!

TCF has horrible service.

i have a son that in collage and he has a checking with t.c.f as well as a saveing acct.He overdraft on his checking acct and they close down his saving . When he call on the 1800 number they just blew him off didnt try to hlep at all. He then ask to speak to a supervisor and was givin a crewleader. Her name was roxanna.She told me it wasnt nothing she could do for him.I told her we been banking with this bank for years.But they will lose our buss. they VERRY BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE I WOULDNT TELL MY FAMILY ABOUT THIS PLACE. THE BAD THING ABOUT IS THAT HE ONLY $2.00 FOR THAT THEY CHARGE $37.00 THATS NOT RIGHT HE DONT HAVE NO MONEY AS IT IS. GOOD LUCK ON WHOEVERY STAYS WIT THIS BANK



Horrible customer service in the MPLS area. Rude and condisending people. Also the new website just sucks. Wonder how much they paid to have that mess created. I am looking for a new back this weekend. Can't wait to close my investment,savings and checking accts.

I will be writing to the Federal Trade Commission as well as the AG of Minnesota, Colorado as well as the BBB due to their way of manipulating transaction to incur late fees, I was at a branch today and it was sad how the rep started to stutter when the ledger they provide completely contradicted "that's how the system works" which is a term I have come to understand it actually means "I don't know how or why it happens." I have been blessed with not needing this bank, which I know is the only option for anyone that has or had any negative information. I will be cancelling my services, first I will try to reach out to these agency's to see if they help, if not, then like the wild west was won, I will get my money back and we can discuss who owes who when we go to court. I am all for a company making a profit, but when they start getting greedy is when we should draw the line. TCF I wish you seen you have a great product but lousy management of funds to resort to stealing from your own customer's. Guess we will wait and see when you get put up for sale a la WAMU.

I deposited a check for over $8100 from a company I work with based in Canada. TCF should have filled out a form that I would have had to sign to tell me that this woudl take 6-8 weeks to clear. Instead, they removed the money from my account (they had deposited it by accident) and notified me about a week later. Instead of calling me to fill out the form or sending the check back to me, they filled out the form & sent it without my signature or knowledge. I could have had my customer break it up into smaller checks so that it was not a problem. Now I won't see that money for 6-8 weeks. The check was cashed in Canada last week but the money is tied up in all of this red tape. Other contractors that have accounts with other backs have no problems with the Canadian checks. I will be going to a different bank.

i noticed on a saturday that with my pending transactions i was foing to be in the negitive so i ran to put cash in the bank. tuesday morning they charged me an overdraft of $37. when we called the 800 number they tell us another one was being charged that night. we argued the fact that we should not have been charged at all. they then bounced us around to 3 more people all giving us the run around and somehow we went from having 2 overdraft fees to 4 in a matter of the 30 miutes we were on the phone with them. i am on a really tight budged and that $148 they are now charging me is the grocery money for 2 weeks. i have reported them to the BBB. we will be closing our account and finding anouther bank to use.

I just started my account at tcf anf left wells Fargo like 4 months ago...when i opened my account a guy named jose opened my account at the apple valley cub foods tcf..he told me he was going to put a lock on my account so i wouldnt get charged with over draft fees and just last week i got charged 3 over draft fees and wen i called and talked to him he told "well theres nothing i can do about it i cant do anytging about it"...then dayd " i have to go now i have things to do"then hangs up on me...wat kinda costumer service is that,this is why im goin back to wells fargo

Appalling. A check was stolen from my house by someone sent by an agency after I had had major surgery. I discovered the problem too late (more than 60 days after the check was passed -AT ANOTHER TCF branch. I had contacted the police. Because TCF did not lose any money, they are refusing to assist the police, even to the extent of letting them see a video of the person who cashed the check. To think that a former police officer has such a total disregard for their customers and the police speaks very poorly of him and his bank. I do expect the bank to show responsibility -- the signature and everything on the check were forged, but they accepted the check blindly -- and lazily. When I called today I had to be very insistent before I was given the name of the CEO and President, a Mr. William Cooper. I should not have had to be insistent on getting even this information. Is he trying to hide from his customers? I too would assign a zero stars rating but that does not seem to be an option.


TCF likes to rape it's patrons. The fees are a joke. Some idiot on the phone tried to explain the overdraft fees. I didn't overdraft my account...but they sure made it happen. Funny how you can move around whichever figures you want to, and place them on whichever date to make money.

Tcf your are in the business of chasing away loyal customer, I warn all customer beware I made a cash deposit at 1pm was told by the clerk funds were available, so with this in mind I go shopping later the night I notice my funds our in the negative when I call customer service there is no record of a deposit and go the branch speak to the manager, who told me it was a scanning error that my money would not be available until Monday, I asked him want was a scanning error and what and why would that happen? My response are the employees incompent he informed me he was doing me a privilege to reverse my charges, really you created the mistake by not doing your job in a timely matter, he also told me if I didn't leave the bank he would call the police, call asshole you take people cash funds put a hold on them, putting them in the negative. I was going to file a complaint with the district manager after reading everyones horror stories I won't waste my energy, but TODAY they lose me as a customer the branch manager never offered me an apology and told me he didn't care if I closed my account, and went as far as to say it was "his bank" well you can have your bank.. People run!!!

I would never give tcf a 5 stars rating, more like a -5 rating

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