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Nobody seems to have any clue as to answer what should be a simple question. They refuse to allow you to talk with anyone who has any actual authority to do anything and get very defensive when you ask for anything outside their very limited area.

making a paiment

I call to make a payment by fone for the forts time and they did not took my payment because I didn't wan to give my social. I don't see the reasons to ask for the social an order to make a paiment.

Worst Bank Everrrr!!

This bank has the worst customer service when you ask for a manager you are told that one will call you back in 24hrs and never do. They treat you like crap and charge ridiculous fees and make you feel like you are a liar. I am ending my business here ASAP would not recommend this bank to anyone.

TCF Bank Sucks!

Thus bank sucks! Don't even consider doing banking with this idiots. I can tell you how many problems I have had with them. The bank functions in the 80's meaning NO ONLINE BANKING...seriously! The customer service department is awful. The call center is a JOKE


This bank is so far behind the latest trends, charges too many fees, has poor customer service and their phone and online systems do not work. Use a credit union instead!!!

Worst Bank Ever

Command Insurance

No problem with the staff however, a word of advise to anyone considering their Command insurance. If you become disabled the absorbent interest is not suspended on you home loan, so on a 40 year mortgage you only avoid foreclosure & it saves you nothing on your cost. Weigh this out on your 30 year as well. It would be nice if TCF would sell insurance that suspends interest while you are disabled and trying to heal and work & earn again. I guess that's asking too much.

All the reviews are so right at least all the one stars, TCF is a joke, just taking money even if the money is in there to cover all of it worst bank out there

Worst banking customer service

I have never been in the bank and seen the most incompetent employees even the vice president in wood dale is a joke they don't put the customer first, the stupidity of doing any money transactions in front of the window that faces a parking lot. their arrogant attitude as if . They were av first rate bank. stupidity is what will causes this bank to fail.


I have never seen this kind of lower than third rated bank in United States, how federal has given approval to this kind of worst bank. There Branch people just don't know about the process and they even dont inform customers about limitation and when you speak to them they just show attittude and say contact our Customer Services, they are saying we have limitation and say sorry, but, just saying Sorry dosent serve the purpose. They are holding my check more than half a million since fifteen days and still nobody answer correctly when it will be cleared out ???? !!!!! I am completely lost what to do next failed to understand....

(TCF) Totally Crappy Financing

This bank is a joke. At some point in time they will be sued and all the immoral people that work there will see who and what they were (are) working with. The fees, customer service and style of business just sucks. All dogs have their day, and banks too.


Do not bank with this institution. They will keep removing money from your account. Will put random holds on your funds and will not help you if your card is misused. I am in the process of contacting several social media companys to make others aware of their unethical practices!

tcf bank is the worst i was robbed and my wallet was stolen along with other things and i filed a claim and a police report. my account was cleaned out and my birthday money was in there for my vacation and my rent . on the day of my birthday tcf denied my claim and would not return my money. so pretty much they said it was ok that i got robbed. im a client of this bank and they are supposed to value your buisness but they are some crooks just like the people who stole my money out my account.

Outragous Hidden Fee's

I left Colorado with $300.00 in a "Premier 50 plus Checking" account and when I went to close it (22 months later) I was informed that the balance was $100.00. I was informed that inactivity resulted in monthly charges. I signed up for on-line banking when I opened the account to avoid all fees but was not made aware that inactivity(or them just holding my money) would result in them hi-jacking my cash!. I have talked to 4 different customer service reps about this; what a joke. They all said the exact same thing to me which led me to believe they all went to the same class on "How to abscond with our Costomer's Money"! So the long and short on this is they made money on my money and then took mine too. USER BEWARE.

Violated my Privacy

TCF Bank questioned some internet charges totaling $7.80. There were four charges of $1.95. The fraud unit called my home and spoke with a nonaccount holder about these charges. There are privacy laws concerning bank accounts in which you cannot disclose information to a third party unless law enforcement is involved. I am closing my account since I cannot trust them with my financial information.

Awful Bank!

I deposited a personal check into my account and they froze my account for 10 days!!! The check was cleared by the other bank and funds were taken out of the other person's bank while I sat with no money am no access to my account!!! I am currently going through this and am pulling ALL my money out of there and will NEVEr go back and Will be telling everyone I know NOT to go there!!!!


unfortunately I bank with TCF and have bee since I was 8 years old. I am currently in the USAF and am having to drop them due to all there fines and fees they charge due to the fact I'm out of state. I get just about 100.00 worth of charges every month. I call and try to see if they can be military friendly and I get nowhere due to the fact that they do not support or want to help out the people that chose to be in the TCF community, that join to serve for there country.


I think it is terrible that a Minnesota resident is forced to change banks when they join the military. Military members do not make that much money, and then they have to pay 30 dollars a month to use ATM machines out of state. Well, there are no Military bases in Minnesota so it is impossible for them to get cash with out using an ATM - I believe this is a disgrace to the military from TCF....

Worst Bank Ever

Tcf is more than willing to let a pending transaction go through right away if it's going to lead to a over draft fee, but not if it's money coming in. One of there atm's said it had the option to deposit money, so I tried to on a monday morning before a check was going to go through, only to find out the option had been taken off a long time ago but not the information on the machine. Because of their mistake I was charged a $37 overdraft fee, which for a poor college student hurts, a lot. This is just one example of many instances in which this bank has had me grabbing my ankles.

Worst Bank In Existence

Had the account for less than 6 months, a terrible bank, not helpful, complete liars. Will run all transactions twice to charge you an overdraft fee....you can be charged an overdraft fee for spending less than the amount in your account. You have been warned.

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