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Never again

Since you've chosen to partner with the flotus I will no longer visit your locations. I and my family will not be dictated on what we choose to eat.


Just wanted to let you guys know that your add is misleading. On the commercial aired in Summerville, SC makes it seem like any foot long is five dollars and it is not. I almost walked out but paid my sixteen dollars for my two subs but was not happy. When I questioned your employee they were very rude. I am just asking for you to be more specific next time. Very misleading.

Putting politics in your store! Shame on you! My friends, family and co workers no longer need your services! What a shame that a lady that needs to do her own dieting is trying to tell our children how to eat and you are supporting this.Good luck! I see our local sub shops business booming here real soon!

Horrible service

I went into subway and wanted to use my gift card but they couldn't because the strip reader was dead so I had a sandwich waiting for me and was ready to eat lunch and then they said they couldn't use it because the reader was broken every card has a number and it could have been punched in totally disgusted with this right now.

Januany campaign

the TV ads are blatant lies. Once you get to the store, the advertisement changes. There are exlusions. I'm angry, it's false advertisement and it sucks. We will consider going elsewhere whenever subway crosses our minds and will be glad to spread the above word to neighbors and friends!!

Screwing you franchisees

Having an Obama associated with Subway will be toxic for your franchisees. You you please tell me what benefit it is to have this woman associated with Subway. Your franchisees must be in a state of shock by now. As much as I like Subway, I will think twice before spending any money at Subway.

Not another dollar

Now that Subway has announced an alliance with Michelle Obama and her Marxist agenda I will never spend another dollar in a Subway store. EVER!

Horrible idea

I love Subway. Buy I swear, if you put pictures of Michelle Obama in the restaurant, I will boycott. I don't think anyone wants to deal with politics being thrown in their faces during their meals. I'm glad that you are making the default sides in your kids meals more healthy choices...but are you only doing it because of Michelle's school lunch change? Why don't you just say you wanted to offer more healthy choices???

I just saw that your company is going to spend millions of dollars to have the First Lady' picture in all of your shops, telling people what their kids can eat. No. 1, there is no way I could sit and eat a sandwich in your shop and have to look at her face. No.2, what right does she have to try and tell us what our kids can eat, this from a woman that looks like a hog at a trough when she is eating. I will no longer buy anything from your company and most all of the people I know feel the same way! This might be one of the worse moves your company has ever made!

current experience

I have eaten at many Subway sites across the country. I typically order the vegi delite at the Phelan store. It is always good. I hope the rumor that the first lady is going to be advertising in Subways is not true. I would be very disappointed.

Michelle Obama in your advertising

Your recent decision to use this idiot in your advertising has lost you another life long customer. This woman and her husband are a disgrace to this country.

I walked out. Please read

I was in the Garden City Kansas Subway last Tuesday. I had a friend with me. When we walked in, the man behind the counter had a pair of pants on that were pulled down so far that his boxer shorts were showing. It just grossed me out and we left. We love Subway and do not feel that is proper dress for people fixing our sandwiches. I took a picture of him and would like to send it to you. Thank you for your consideration

Pay attention people

The advertising needs to be more direct, many customers don't know that any REGULAR footling is five dollars, and the other "supreme" and "premium" sandwiches are not part of the deal. Then I see them yelling at the workers about them not paying attention to the ad, poor kids didn't do anything wrong. I feel bad for the workers because they have to do so much already and then deal with us who yell at them for something they didn't do. Subway needs to treat not only their customers with respect but also their employee and recognize the hard work they put in.

Tampering with Democracy

In Costa Rica, Subway is telling their employees who they should vote or not vote for in the upcoming national elections. The country's constitution states that these types of acts are illegal and punishable by law. Subway has yet to issue a public statement and is currently being investigated and boycotted.


I want to inform through this site that Subway Costa Rica has been violating the right of vote of their employees, sending emails with a clear intention to influence in the election of certain candidates and specific ideologies, in order "to keep the business alive". This is such a grave infraction that must be punished by law and have public knowledge worldwide.

Honesty and Efficient

An excellent experience at a Subway in OKC. I ordered 30 sandwiches with a pick up time at noon. All were prepared per our order sheets. I paid and left. An hour later the store called me to tell me they had overcharged me, and offered to deliver the difference to me. Not necessary. When I arrived to pick up the difference, the employees gave me immediate attention, apologized, and gave me a free soda. Well done! Honest, efficient, and courteous service!

When I went to your Subway on Wed 1/15/14 to purchase your Any Footlong for only $5.00 well, I think it is a false advertisement, because when I order a Phyllis/Steak cheese sandwich neither one were for $5. I had to pay the regular price. You would think when you advertise any footlong for $5. all footlong sandwich s/b $5. Very dissapointed. I know now better then to believe any false advertisement. Connie D


When people go to Subway expecting to pay only for the special advertisement on tv, but when you get there how wrong you find out the specials people had to pay more then what they expect to spend. Like the Any Footlong for only $5.00??? well WRONG!!!

Unprofessional don't care

Won't ever go back! Gonna spread the word on Facebook and Twitter how subway don't care about customers. I have made 2 complaints about a store in Saint Charles Missouri. I haven't received any response what so ever.

Short sandwhich/footlong

Subway in Hills, MO, 63601 served me 11 inch sandwhich and not a footlong like the sign says! Really upset I pay with my own money and get ripped off.. If you don't make it up too me I'll never go back.

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