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to who it may concern: after calling different places (Wendys at the same location, I come up with the name Ruben Gomez the manager the place Garden State Plaza while shopping at the Paramus mall N.J.One Garden State Plaza I-80 to 17 N. food cout the manager (Ruben Gomez)refuse to provide information store number and his name I had to talk to other bussines to tried to get information (Wendys) I was surprise by the attitude of this manager, first he was late one hour, he show up with his wife (apparently) she also work in that place, he was in a bad mood,very obset he said and treat customer with bad and violent attitud, when I told him that his worker open the place at 10:00 but he can charge because he doesn't know the code of the register and the procedures to open, he said that he will open when he feels liked and ready, "and so far I dont feel like open the store at all" quote hin in his exact words also he said, "there is many food bussines go and eat some place else I dont need you money" I said I will contact Subway customer service, he said "contact anyone I don't care" "get out of here, and leave me alone" in his words. I never felt so disgusted and sorprice with the terrible bad service, I travel all over the 48 states,and this is the first time I run across a low class manager is he related to somebody in the corporate office or what?. where this guy come from,did he ever attend a school or is he qualify to hold that position, I don't know why he is so bad temper and violent and care less about costumer servise we make posible to kkep Subway on bussiness, he supost to provide to us the customers, did he apply for this job or he just buy this place. Subways always stand by their hours of operation and their advertisements, why this men act like that. if you in the vicinity please drive I will tried some place else for a while avoiding Subway and also tell at least all the people that I come in contact,everyone that have conversation with me about this issue. I place my complain at B.B.B. and the customers affairs of N.J. any advice where else can I complaint I was a victim of a verbal attack and humiliated in front of my family all for giving my business to Subway after calling different places (Wendys at the same location I come up with the name "Ruben Gomez" the manager the place Garden State Plaza Joe Mendoza place of the issue (verbal attack by abusive manager) Garden State Plaza N.J.

I ihave one suggestion. I would have liked to buy a salad this evening and asked if I could also purchase a bread. I was told they do not sell bread. I wopuld suggest that it might be a good idea to sell bread if the customer would like to buy it. Thank you.

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