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I got fired for make compliant about how my boss was being rude that some had to step in


Subway in central city uses fake temps for there food and they touch the food with bare hands behind the scenes plus some of there dates on meat is off and alot of people get upset stomachs from eating at the reelscorner location im never eating subway again want to have them inspected so bad but cant find how to...

extra eat

went to a subway in cleveland on the corner of rockside rd and northfield told the indian lady to give me a coldcut 12" with extra meat for the extra meat she got a half of a half cut it in half and said that was extra meat what is this world coming to a bunch of crooks dont go to subways

tuna sandwich

Suggest you lighten up on the mayo for tuna sandwiches. Use light mayo. Too much fat.

no cheese or bread

can't belive I went to a store in highland Michigan......They told me that they don't have swiss cheese any more, and they were out of bread as well. I will never go to a subway again

worst night of my life

After eating a chicken subway sandwich, i got violently ill. My stomach started to feel upset but the fatigue drained me. I proceeded to throw up an have diareah. I want to stress the fact that this was the worst feeling i have ever felt, i wish this apon no person. My symptoms whent from bad to worse, i still am very out of it. Im self employed an every job matters to me, i had to cancel two jobs already. Subway, ill never eat your disgusting food again

Subway in Imperial Valley has the worst general manager. Hasn't someone noticed the high turn-over rate of employees she has. Who is the owner of her branch?

How does subway corporation assist employees attending school; do these support them by giving them days needed off? What about young people with mild disabilities, are they discriminated against.


I don't understand why the Chino Valley Store has to keep the temp at 67 degrees even in the winter. It's so cold in there ALL THE TIME we can't sit and enjoy our lunch, not to mention the cost to keep it that cold.

Healthy Suggestion

I love Subway...I do have a suggestion however...I think you should add the choice of a lettuce wrap in addition to you signature breads. There are so many people that come to you already for a healthy choice...and it would draw the gluten free audience. Just a suggestion..Thanks!

never eating there again

Worst customer service in Georgia @ south DeKalb mall, and once during purchase, I saw a Roach behind the counter


Watched the staff use a broom to clean the table And then go behind the counter and help Customers without washing his hands. How Gross is that


I will not buy another subway due to the support of a minority in changing the menu by pulling pork off the items sold.

Subway menus

When is subway going to add baby sprouts to the list of additions.

I will NOT be purchasing anything from your stores. If you choose to cater to a particular religious group, then I choose to go to Firehouse or Quzino's with my American dollars.

Bowing to Islam

I recently read and confirmed an article stating you are removing pork products from nearly 200 stores in the UK. No worries, I will go to Blimpie's or Firehouse from now on. At least they are still American and don't bow to the desires of a single religion.


lose the ham and bacon and lose me as a customer!

Michelle Obama

Don't expect to ever see me again. Since when did you get into politics?

Quiznos for me

Ridiculous policies and very rude customer service

Make an effert at least

Just visited the subway on 93ave and Miller dr. In Miami , Florida . There was at 5 customers in the store not once did the employee attempt to use English . I speak both English and Spanish but I had to help to customers before me that did not speak English. There was no attempt to even try to speak English by the employee. This is so sad:(

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