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UnAmerican Subway

The Subway in Miami at 9326 SW 56 St. does not hire people that speak English. Three times over the last two weeks, I have gone in and tried to order a sub. She could not speak to me in English. She spoke to me in Spanish. The owner called to say he was sorry, but he did not hire English speaking people. Is this the way Subway is supposed to work.

bad management

the mangers in the Chiefland subway are rude they scam you out of money and they tell and curse it is verbal abuse.

Worst Subway ever in Louisiana @Grosse Tete. Men's room is a pig stye no soap faucet pulled out of sink women's restroom no tissue only subway napkins. A real stinking place serving food!!!

I work at a subway and the only thing i dont like is that where i work at only one person works at night and that's against the law and I'm getting tired of it so either ya start putting two people at night or I'm sewing you.!

unfair treatment

my daughter worked for subway in Gloversville ny her hours were cut to half what she normally worked when she complained to the store owner and manager she was fired and never paid for her last week of work and still hasn't gotten her w-2 forms .

Cheat the Employee

My stepson started working at Subway in Fort Worth. The manager told him that he would not be paid during training. No W-2, no I-9 form. Working behind the counter making sandwiches for customers. Just wait till the Texas Workforce Commission hears about this.


I Am Sending This To You I Have Taking Your Servae Two Times For A 100.00 Dollar Gift Card My Name Is Dale Allen Elkins Address 4008 Saint Johns Way Pittsburgh, Pa.15201 Phone (4120681-1816 Please Send Or Contact Me


After visiting subway with my four children for lunch my kids were excited. until my 10 year old daughter spit our what appeared to be a piece of plastic or bone from a meatball UGH. whats really in the meatballs??

Every time I go go subway the manager always raises the prices. They never put enough on my salad or sandwiches to where I don't even want to pay for it. The manager who runs the place is so rude! They are always the most expensive subway around I can drive 10mins up the road and save money its rediculous.

Never again

My husband went to subway on Stateline Rd. Asked for a flat bread pizza, the young lady who work there said it would take to long. She then walked away and left my husband standing there. Poor customer service.

poor food quality

I would like yo know who I can talk to bout receiving a sub that lacks food quality and poor service. I had ordered a spicy Italian sub from the location in Atlanta Georgia. the vegetables were nasty and looked brown and bad. the bread was hard and tasted funny. the vegetables were so cold I couldn't eat my sub when I got home. can I please get a response to this issue. I will let my friends and family know bout this problem at this location.

I have seen your on under cover boss. If you have a store that serves and acts, I would love their address. On Sunday I take my handicapped and is in a wheel chair. When the weather changes, I will go to any other food location. I do agree there is no 5 minute sub there, 1/2 an hour or 45 minutes. Every time I go there, they are our of something : small cups, eggs, beverages, etc.


Grants Pass Oregon, Williams highway. The young man is polite and friendly and uses gloves.....However, has tattoo's down his arms and African ear rings the size of quarters installed in his ears lobes..He belongs in a side show at a carnival. Not serving sandwiches at a diner.


Hey I work at subway and I deliver, in miami. since I've been delivering to so many places not only catering but lunch deliveries, People always say" subway delivers now?" i find it cool and funny that they always ask that. So i thought that would be a cool commercial Idea that would bring in more customers.

Sorry managers

Everytime i go in that Subway on Palmer Hwy in TexasCity the managers are so lazy. I go in there 3 times a week and i never see them help out . They have one sit down in a chair while eveyone else work. I asks for some cookies one time she was the only onw in the front she didnt move from that chair at all she call someone from the back to get the cookies for me . Which i think she should have got it herself shes right there not doing nothing at all .Irs truly said to see how manager treat the ones who work hard then them like nothing juat sad..

You make so long noise about your $5 foot long meat subs. How about adding a cheese sub with all the cheeses for a $5 foot long sub; any bread, any kind, with all the fixings!!

Michelle oboma

Really??? Her of all people... We had a good run, you and I... So long!

pissed off person

I have been to my subway 5 time and ever my bread is hard like its been seat out over nite for to days I love subway but if I want hard bread I will stay home for it u need to change this

Michelle oboma

Really??? Her of all people... We had a good run, you and I... So long!

I'm out as well

Due to your recent kowtowing (or rather Cow-towing), I would like to express my dissatisfaction with your recently adopted political agenda. My family and friends are extremely disappointed with your lack of backbone, in the face of liberal oppression and shall withdraw our financial support in purchase power. We shall make our subs at home from now on, healthier and cheaper and select alternative food outlets when not possible.

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