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bugs in food!!

The subway in the Riverdale WalMart, coon rapids MN .. Many times we have come to eat here and there were flies flying in the meats and vegetables. Today was the worst and a bug was on my husbands bread and the took it off but continued to make the sandwich like there was never a bug! We had to tell them to use fresh bread.. This is not right and very upsetting!!


U work with her on the 21st of august yesterday I saw her have her friend come in there and act like she was buying cookies she gave her a 10$ bill for some cigarettes she just had a baby why are you stealing they have the worst customer service over all and there theifs.

When you are telling the sandwich artist what veggies you would like on your sandwich don't point! It's annoying and we know where the veggies are


Good Food, but poor service. I am very disappointed in store in Souderton, PA, when I ordered 2 catering platters at 10am for 5:15pm and when I got there at 5:25pm they weren't even started!! Told them I would come back in 20 minutes and when I got there was only one tray done. It wasn't until 6:00pm when I finally got my trays. Then on top of that they only gave 5 mayo packets with each tray that has 15 pieces of hoagie on it. I then called to talk to the manager about the issue the next day and was put on hold for 15 minutes by the manager!! Very poor customer service - if you don't have enough people to make the place run smoothly than I recommend you hire someone..


If what I heard is true, that due to muslims complaining about the bacon and ham on the menu, so to appaise them, proceeded to take those items off the menu, then this person will not longer be a subway customer. And I will shout from the rooftops, what traiters you are. Shame on you for choosing them over Americans...

Watch using your debit card at this store

I went to Subway on Roosevelt Highway in College Park Ga swipe my debit card and 2 hours later there was 3 fraudalent charges on my account. The manager called and stated there is no way any of their employees could have gotten my number. That was the only place I use my card. Just a heads up be careful when using you card at this restaurant. Also the place they tried to use my number is own by the same owner Hmmm.

Syvania Georgia

Good Food, but poor service. I am very disappointed in that I called the owner about an issue in calling a order in on the phone, and that the subway worker kept putting the phone down, and NEVER coming back to take my order. The owner made excuses for her employee, there is no excuse for being rude to putting a customer on hold making them think your coming back to take my order, and THEN HANG UP! This has happened MANY times! My family eats at Subway ATLEAST 2 times a week! Get with the program JANICE BEARD of Sylvania Subway, this is NOT the way to treat your customers!

can someone answer this

I have a Subway in Sunriver, Oregon (Bend) and they do not offer the $5.00 footlong special, that cheanges differently each day. When I asked what the five dollar special was, I was told that the owner feels he does not have to offer that special because of are community being so full of millionairs. Well, I thought if you own a franchise and they run a special that they all have to honor such special, is that the case?? By the way, I am not rich, by any means and I am a local here.


I have been going to different locations here in Dallas TX and I find prices vary for coffee. Some by the cup or otherwise. One location doesn't even offer coffee. The price variance is .30 cents per cup. What is going on?

I saw that boss show on tv and they were throwing all the bread away that they didn't use wis gives theres to the food pantry try to consider that option please

I went into a subway in Grand terrace,Ca on Saturday June 28,2014 at about 1:30pm i had order 3 sandwiches. The was an employee sweeping the floor while my food was being made and i had asked her if she could stop until my sandwiches were made and she would not stop sweeping the floor. that is just plain rude


Everyone is quick to write a complaint - but I want to pay a particular store near my home a BIG compliment! I have been visiting this store located at 936 N. Mountain ave in Ontario, Ca. since they opened their doors. They are always very pleasant - when you walk in you are greeted with a Welcome to Subway!! Kuddos to my neighborhood Subway!! I love going to this store:)


Why are some subways using the cups at there stores that the coupons on it have already expired?

Subway in Lacombe

Walked into a subway to get 2 sandwiches and the guy was in the back clipping his toe nails. Disgusted!!! I walked out without my sandwiches! Never had this bad of service walking into subway before

I was somewhat disappointed with customer service on my last visit, and i do mean my last visit to this particular subway. I had already paid for the meal, and was getting my drink. I was filling my cup with tea when it was half full i dropped the cup into the trash which was located directly under the dispenser.(This was my fault, i admit) I went to the register and ask the girl for another cup ,she informed me i would have to buy another drink. I declined to do this.

broken trust

I have eaten at Subway most of my adult life until I was eating a sandwich and broke my tooth on some grit in the darn sandwich. Now I don't eat there anymore.

Subway Store Contents

We have the contents of a Subway store in one of our storage units. The owner discontinued making payments and the outstanding blance due is $2,705.00. If interested in claiming, please call 609-269-1350.

pickle buckets

i have been buying pickle buckets at a subway store close to me for $1.00 each . last year i bought 150 buckets for a dollar each. i use them to fill with food etc and then i give them to the poor people that cant afford a lot. now he wants more money or to sell them to someone else. can you help me. i still have some in my shed for you to see. call 708-371-4813 ask for bob thank you

bad subway

Went to subway in Riverview Michigan at fort and Sibley and after i ate from there i got food poisoning I told them about it the next day they didn't take it seriously at all disgusting people.

old crabmeat

Omg I was at a subway downtown Kalamazoo Michigan and my crab sandwich smelled like old eggs then the manager had the nerve to say it's not old. How dare people argue with the customer.

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