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I visited the Subway in Warner Robins on Russell Parkway to order sandwiches for my family. The girl who just waited on a customer, handled cash and did not wash her hands before attempting to prepare my food. I asked her to wash first and she did but attempted to put on the same dirty gloves she handled initially. I have requested the managers name several times and they refused and I have been hung up on too. Makes me very disappointed to see how some people who are paid to work are so sorry! Thanks but I will cook at home from now on! Plain nasty service.

Everybody should be on the same page I recently visited one of your subways location in vinning Ga area and was told I couldn’t buy a kids sandwich without buying the whole meal, now I have been to this location and bought just the kids sandwich and never had a problem, I’m just wondering if a franchise have diff rules than cooperat stores are do they all follow the same guide

My daughter and I visit your Independence Store and the sugar Creek store in Missouri and am fairly always happy with the visits, sometime well most time, more times than not they are out of something....which is okay I guess.... However today I called the 911 Noland Rd store to see if they delivered and the phone was answered by an african american man and He just said, "Subway" very harsly, so I said "WOW" do you all deliver, he said "NO" very harsly and I said "you know what buddy you don't need to be answering the phone that way and acting like an ass"

I am a Subway employee, and cannot figure out any other way for my concerns to be expressed. I have been a Subway patron for years prior to my current employment with them. I understand that Subway is a franchised business and not all owner's are the same. But this situation to me was unacceptable. A customer comes in and I guess she knew the owner, while carrying on a convo with him, she was upset first bc we didnt have the type of bread she wanted, so she was hell all the way through. When it comes to the end when I am getting ready to cut her sandwich, she said somthing that I could not understand. I was asking her in the most polite way to repeat what she'd said, and she hollered and threw a tantrum 3 times. My "Boss" who was standing right next to me ignored the whole show until I responded. When the customer was asked what the problem was She smirked with no response. He then cashed her out and she left.He asked me what happened and I explained thouroughly. I feel as if I was unprotected and unsafe in the workplace. Would he have known what was going had it been a robbery attempt ? or would he have ignored that like he ignored the other situation. All i'm saying is, if he doesnt care about his employees, how can he care about the customers he serves. All of it goes hand in hand. If you take care of the people who are responsible for the success of your business....then u remain successful. Right ? So if there are any Franchise owners who are reading this, Please think twice before u bite the hands that feed u!

I'm not particularity a fan of Subway. I was driving with my wife today and went past a new Subway store near my home and their was a guy standing out front with a sign " All Foot longs $3.99 today", so we turned around to try out the new store. Ordered a 12" Flat Bread. Was told that Flat bread was not included at the special price. So we left. Nowhere on the sign did it mention Flat bread exclusion. I won't be back. the store was at 15th and Independence in Plano TX

On 08/04 I went to subway in sugarland Tx which is next to HWY 6 and 59South at lunch time only one employee was working and also at the same time he was on the phone.When it was my time to order i order the food and came back to. I spend all of my lunch time just to get my food it took so long. I well never go back to subway at lunch time.


The subway located in Wal-Mart on West Broadway Columbia, Mo is a very unpleasant place. I was there today and there are flies buzzing around and landing on the food. There was no one in sight when I first got there. Finally someone came out from the back. She was not a "happy camper" and did take my order. The cashier was also in the back and she finally came out in a "huff" and the cash register change maker wasn't working properly...anyway, I don't think I will get food there again...

I visited a subway in Fort worth, Tx on Hulen and Risinger today. There were flies everywhere. The food was not covered and the yound lady taking orders were swatting flies off the food and attempting to serve. Flies landed on bread and she would place in back in the bread rack. She was not even paying attention due to talking to another co worker. The food was dry and the covers were laying to the side. I was DISGUSTED and told her no way I did not want to eat there. Please observe what others serving your food is doing cause they're not.

Today I was at the subway in wellsburg, West Virginia to get lunch for my family. I was very up set to see a employee standing in the door way smoking a cigarette and blowing smoke out the crack of the door. When I walked in their the tables were dirty and it smelled like a bar. There was nothing clean about the place, so I left and I will never go their again.

Wednesday three of us stopped in for lunch at your store in Williston Fl on St Rt 27. We ordered our sandwiches and the young girls making them were very helpful and cheerful. When I got to the register the lady was abrupt and to the point of rudeness. When we got to the table I commented on her attitude and both of my friend said they experienced the same treatment. I know we can all have bad days but when you deal with the public you need to leave your personal problems at the door. I have managed a Steakhouse in past years and if one of my employees treated customers in this fashion she or he would be written up. If it happened again it would mean dismissal. I noticed that I did not get any mayo or dressing on my sandwich and went back to the register. I asked for some oil and vinegar. Instead of a pleasant response she rudely asked “Well did you ask for anything?” That did it! There was no excuse for this woman’s behavior. I asked for her name and she responded that it was Stephanie and SHE was the manager! I have never written a letter like this before but I must say I will not go into that store again! The is a store on St Rt 26 in Trenton and the staff there is always bright and cheerful. I go there often. I sincerely hope that you address this young woman on her attitude. If this is her normal attitude you will not have many repeat customers at this location. If you would like to discuss this further you can email me at sjbard@aol.com or call at 386-935-0655. Sincerely Sharon J Bard

You need to hire people with a hire than 3rd grade education. You know with all people out of work you think you could find some decent hard working people with some frickin sense. And bye the way start putting some meat on your sandwich, its a joke what you try to pass off as a sub.

I will never eat at the Scottsburg Subway again. I went in there today to get my 4year old son a kids meal, Subway on there way out!! And you will have no one to blame but your self. And after reading all of the negitive responses on rudness not having a stocked store and lets not forget the rudness it will happen before long.I am going to spred the word from Scottsburg Indiana to lousville Kentucky and further. Don't Eat At Subway!!

Until now was one of your best customers. Usually eat 2 foot longs in one sitting. Did it for years. Started working again in my home town (Stuart Fl.) after a short retirement from fire service. 2 subways in our town. NOBODY in either speaks english. NEVER have seen one spanish speking customer in either store in the last four months since I started eating there. I remember when it was a great place 8 or 9 years ago. Customers 95% white ehglish speaking and 5% afro american english speaking. We all help each other communicate with these hispanic workers. Could not even get 4 quarters from this lady the other day for my newspaper. A customer gave them to me. You GOTTA do something about this. Am going to sell my stock too. SHAME! Not anti hispanic (am anti Illegals) but puuullease learn to speak the language if you take the job or go back to the groves.

I am very disappointed in Subway's policy of not allowing meat substitutions in their "build your own breakfast" promotion. I wanted to order a egg, ham, and cheese on flat bread for breakfast. However, I do not eat ham so as a healthier alternative I asked for turkey instead, and was denied the sandwich that I wanted. This policy should be changed quickly so that Subway does not lose any more costumer loyalty over this issue.

I was in at the Subway in Dayton Ohio. It is located in Moraine. The one off of Springboro Pike 741. This store just opened up like 3 months ago. I will never go back. What happened to "Hello How Are You Today." Subway really knows who to hire! I walked in, thought of what I wanted to order and total silence. I was doing all of the talking of letting him know what I wanted. The only thing that came out of his mouth was the total of the food. He did not even say "Thanks for stopping in." You corporate people REALLY need to do something on my issue. You lost my business!!!!!!

I have a general comment. Your real estate representative in Dallas (the Dalton Gang) are too aragonite and don't treat the potential Franchisees right. The staff perhaps think they came from God and everyone needs to knee down in front of them. They do not respond to telephone calls or emails. When you submit every thing they ask for you don't get a response from them. You call and leave messages but no response. I have been trying to get some response from them for months now. Subway corporation deserve better than that. I believe the bigger and better you are the more humble the corporation should be. Aragonite has no place in common people's heart and mind.

Went to the subway today in midwest city, oklahoma (inside wal-mart) after grocery shopping I promised my daughters they could have an icee. I have a 10 and 3 yr. old. Every Sunday when we go grocery shopping they get an icee. We always ask for a little plastic cup (Awater cup) for my oldest daughter to split her icee with our 3 yr.old. The worker behind the counter refused to give us a water cup and said we would have to buy another icee. REALLY? Come On!

To whom it concern: I visited your Subway resturant in Brighton, MI on Grand River and US 23 @ 2:30 pm. There were three female employee's working, the girl that made my sandwich was zoned out and didn't make the sandwich correctly.She was a new employee and didn't know the menu. The female employee that was helping her explain what meats are on the sandwich was very rude and was beside herself that she was having to help a customer. So, I let that go but as I was leaving I was making my three drinks and the older female employee was standing behind me with a crate of stock that she was waiting to put away. She was picking up and setting down her stock like I was in her way. I was ready to leave as I collected my three drinks and bag of sandwiches in my two hands, one of the lids popped of. I picked up the lid and placed it on the counter. I turned to leave and the Female employee said in a rude tone "oh I will get this trash for you the trash can is right over here by the door." I didn't say anything I just left. However I did feel like dropping my three drinks in the floor and throwing the lid away. She could have cleaned up that mess if she would have preferred. I understand that there was other trash on the counter besides my lid but to resolve that problem you need to install a trash can in the counter by the drinks. I've said my piece and I know this won't go anywhere but to resolve my problem I will never eat at Subway again!

The food was good. The guy who took my money acted very nervous, sweating a lot. He said my change (from my $20) would be $13 +something but when he actually provided me my change it was $12.87 (or $12 +something). I asked for a receipt and then he became visibly upset. He banged on the cash register a couple of minutes complaining and then gave me a receipt that showed $0.00. Then he wrote in amounts with a pen and said they included tax. He said they had to get that thing fixed, referring to the receipt printer. But it did work. I think he just zeroed it out. I scanned the receipt if you'd like a copy send me a note, me email is below. Store #13723 Austin TX I felt like I got ripped off - maybe I didn't - but I felt & still feel like I did. To even feel that way is bad enough. Good food or not we all have choices. I choose to eat at establishments that provide accurate receipts. If the printer is broke I want a manager out front making me feel comfortable. Unless you can make me feel otherwise I will not be back. Regards, Brian bwdreyer@yahoo.com

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