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In our neighborhood we have a subway. The kids in Fort Thomas keep it in business. We loved going there until my son was threatened. A group of boys left football camp and walked up to subway, as they always do. They ate their subs and had drinks and cookies left. The manager came out and threatened to call the police if they didn't leave. They said they were finishing up eating.. She said cookies don't count. They were afraid the police would come up and run them off. They had to walk to the swim club to call and let me know they are not at subway. I went in and talked to her and she said she was trying to run a business. She will definitely run a business right out of town. She is rude!!! I told her I would report her to the police for making threats. She said go ahead they are two blocks away. She will ruin the Subway in Fort Thomas, Ky. When I told some parents the story at our baseball game some of them said that she was rude to them. Her name is Lisa Poracky. She should be fired!



Terrible story, sad to say. At this location: 2813 Wade Hampton Blvd Taylors, SC on May 28, at approximately 1:45 in the afternoon... my mother, a senior citizen walked into Subway for a bit of water to take her medication. A frequent Subway patron, did not think anything of needing water there. Usually friendly, clean, courteous. Not this day. The lady who served her was rude and short with my mother and because she only wanted water treated her like she was wasting the woman's time. It gets worse. She was asked to pay 36 cents for the cup and mother questioned it but would have paid but when she asked if there was just a courtesy cup for her to swallow her medicine, the woman was so rude mother walked out. The woman who had made a cup of water was furious with mother, came OUT of the store to the parking lot and called mother a THEIF (she did not touch the cup or the water) the Subway employee told my mother NEVER to come back to Subway and took the license plate of mom's escort and threatened to call the police over WATER! I am horrified at this horrible customer service at this location. I did call 864-292-1997, this store. I explained this to the manager and gave the date and time. No apology was given. I did feel that he agreed this was no way to treat anyone but there was no apology and no feeling of any action that would be taken. What could be expected? At the bare minimum I would pull my crew together and do a briefing on customer courtesy at all times. I would also expect a good manager to identify who was working that station on May 28, 1:45 pm and have a bit of a chat with her. This is beyond unacceptable and I am ashamed of this Subway. My mother was going to pay for the water if not for the attitude of the clerk, she simply walked out after being mistreated. Who on earth chases after a senior citizen and harrasses them like my mother was treated? NO service industry should allow such behavior, it is completely unacceptable and ridiculous. I would like VERY much to hear back that SOMEONE heard this and will look into it on our behalf. I doubt much will come of telling the manager as he did seem a bit indifferent though he agreed it was incorrect behavior. My name is Debra Moore. I live at 4032 Wintergreen Blvd, Columbus Ohio 43230. My number is 614-551-5693. My mother plans to write you I think she is so upset. She was in SC visiting my sister and family. She has just returned and told me and I am writing today to share that even though the stores are individually owned, one bad apple DOES still spoil the barrel. Knowing this makes me want to never patronize any Subway again. And I will tell everyone I know how my poor mother was treated. So yes, one bad encounter can lead to bad business across the board. Shame on this Subway store. I hope you contact them and kick their butts for this. Terrible story.

Well let me begin here i was in the store and saw some unusall stuff going on at subway on east main in torrington ct . well the manager is very rud to his workers he always keeps the cash draw open and iv seen him slip money in his pockets also an employ there was sick had a drs note and he decided trying to fire her and also let me add in she is pregnant do to that i think he needs to be ivestigated and the workers he has there are very rud and give durty looks to custermers also he pays people under the table please do something with this guy kamran hes the manager he thinks he can run all over theses girls its not far what happen to we have rights we live in america. thank you for your time

I usually don't complain, but I can't let this issue go. I visited the Subway on Brentwood Road in Raleigh NC and was treated very badly. I am a busy professional and had a lot on my mind. I placed my order at the drive thru and paid for it. I drove away from the window a few feet thinking that I had been given my order. The manager yelled and I stopped and back up since there was no one else in the drive thru. The manager and the young lady at the window was very rude. He said you need to put your car in "d" like I was an idiot. The young lady took his side and said he was concerned that I might hit someone. The manager was a dark skinned gentleman and the young lady was in her early twenties with a ring in her nose. May I suggest Fred Pryor's Better Customer Service for your employees. I will never go there again and I will not have them cater any of our functions at work.

This is for theSubway on Manheim Pike, Lancaster County, Pa. I was appalled when the clerk came up to the counter to serve me: She had wire s in her lowwer lip! This certainly turned me off. I expressed my dismay and she laughed, making it worse because then I could see the wires in her mouth I think it is unsanitary and maybe even against the rules of the Health Department of the state of Pa.

I went to the Subway at Penn Square Mall [Oklahoma City] for lunch. I ordered the new Chicken Salad on the flat bread and was thoroughly disappointed! I also asked for lettuce on the sandwich and when I opened the sandwich to eat it I noticed some of the lettuce was brown and wilted. Subway's new Chicken Salas is gross! The chicken tasted old and none of the ingredients were fresh. I only ate part of the sandwich and didn't finish it at all. Besides, why did you take away the wraps? That was my favorite thing and now they are gone. The employees were nice but the Chicken Salad was gross. I advise taking it off the menu.

I went to the Subway store in Carmel IN on Monday. I ordered 3 footlong subs. I was charged the right amount for one, but the wrong amount for the other two. My husband said the commercial still says they are all five dollars. I called the store and tried telling the people there and was told that the two clubs were not on sale anymore. I asked why it is still saying they are and she said that they are not. I would like to know why they are still saying they are if they aren't?


The company that i work for recently moved to the Akron, Ohio area. Prior to moving we used the Subway in Brimfield, Ohio in the plaza (Not Walmart), and they were always pleasant, and it was very clean. With this said i am a regular customer as well as the 50+ co-workers of mine are. Now that we moved we started using the store on Waterloo road next to Wendys, in Akron, OHIO. I have been there numerous times, treated so, so, however on Thursday, May 20th, i have NEVER been treated so rudely and poorly at any place that i spent my money! The "lady" was so rude, i dont even know where to start! I can in and she proceeded to give me an attitude just from the minute i walked in, proceeded to act like i was a pest to her since she had to wait on me. I wanted a salad, and instead of asking me what i would like on it, she stood and stared at me through ever step! I ordered a roasted chicken salad, and she heats up the chicken and slaps it on my salad, whole! I asked her , can i please have that cut up? She says " I aint allowed to be cutting up your chicken" !!!!! I told her they do it for me every time i come in , she glares at me and repeats herself! That was it for me! I asked her if she was just having a bad day, and she says " Oh I AM FINE" ! I told her well, then i was going to give you the benefit of the doubt , but in that case, i dont appreciate coming in here and spending my money and being treated this way. She says "WELL THEN HAVE A NICE DAY", turns around and walks to the back of the store. I confronted the manager, and all he said was " I am sorry this happened" ! Needless to say i will NEVER be back there again, as well as the 50+ co-workers that i work with, and anyone i know! I have spread the word, trust me! I feel that this is a really poor reflection of your "Subway" name!

I am so mad about the fact that all these years i have been going to subway and ordering wheat bread thinking that its a healthier way of eating and since subway is suposiblly fresh and good for you, im doing something good, I CAME TO FIND OUT THAT "WHOLE WHAT" BREAD AT SUBWAY ISNT REALLY WHOLE WHEAT!!!!!!!!!!! HOW SICK!!!! WHY LIE ABOUT IT THEN?????? IF YOUR GOING TO ADVERTISE AND SELL WHOLE WHEAT BREAD, MAKE IT REAL AND DONT USE ENRICHED BREAD AND HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP!!!!!! I AM NEVER GOING BACK TO SUBWAY AGAIN!!!!!!!! LIARS! CANT BELIEVE I WAS GIVING THEM BUSINESS ALL THESE YEARS, I LET EVERYONE KNOW THE REAL TRUTH AND NOW ALL MY FRIENDS ARENT GOING TO SUBWAY EITHER, AND I'LL KEEP TELLING EVERYONE!!!!!! CHANGE YOUR MENU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have eaten at many of your locations and rate the taste of the food very high. My concern is that you are serving HFC in your breads and several other items. I can not understand how you can advertise the healthiness of your foods and have not eliminated this additive. HFC is not a natural sugar and can cause weight gain through metabolism change. I am asking please remove this and many of us will continue to eat Subway when on the run, until them we will not. Sincerely Robin Nelson

I visited (sent to) the store on 9th ave and 15th Street in Bessemer, Alabama to get an Italian BMT. I was very dissatisfied with my order. The sandwich includes salami, pepperoni and genoia ham. This sandwich had only pepperoni and ham on it. No salami. The pepperoni was cooked to hard and had none of the vegetables that I requested (lettuce, onions, peppers, pickles). Upon calling to the corporate office, I finally got a call back from the manager, Hugh, on yesterday, 5/11/10. Not once did he say I am sorry, how can we make it better. Just I am sorry would have been sufficient. Well, on today I called back to the corporate office and had the opportunity to speak with Sue who informed me that she had received a message from the Hugh, at the store, stating the issue was resolved. Sue did advise me that Hugh was not the owner of the store but maybe he was speaking on the owners behalf. She did say she could send it back over to the store and she did apologize for me not being satisfied. Can you imagine Subway being as large of organization as it is, and the stores can make your Sandwiches just as they choose after taking an order verbally from you and knowing what your expectations were. ***Nothing is done about it****** Please people, stay out the subway store on 9th avenue and 15th street in Bessemer. Because one sandwich means more than one satisfied customer. Corporate did not really care if the customer was satisfied. Although they told me that "Hugh" was not the owner of the store.

The rating for this service is a -1. This rating is less than the poorest. I didn't change the rating on the above post.

I went to a subway outlet in Trinidad, West Indies (outside of Gulf City Mall)on sunday. I was appalled at what happened. The attendant asked what I wanted so I told her, she placed the meat on the bread & moved to the dressing section. She asked 'lettuce, tomato, sweetpeppers, onions?' I said yes to all. However each time she bent to reach the vegetables, she body would press against the sandwich (she was wearing a leather apron). I stopped her quite politely & pointed out what was happening. She became very sarcastic asking me what I wanted to do but b4 I could answer she started telling another attendant who became angry & looked at me, steups & walked out. I attendant made another sandwich for me. The cashier came over & asked what was going on & I told her......its very unsanitary & unhygienic for me to eat that she however understood what i was saying.....I eventually left but you can be sure I will NEVER return to that Subway Outlet again. Most of the attendants on the front counter are rude & disrespectful....the customer service is very poor!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my 17 year old son works at a subway. he is never off on weekends, has to close on the weekends, which i believe is not allowed, sells cigarettes and when he does request off it is either not honored or angrily asked why he needs a day off. i think the manager, DJ, should be fired.

After going to 5 different subway locations in raleigh, nc, none of them had any bread and they had their doors locked during business hours. I will never again eat there.

The subways stores in raleigh, nc are the most sorriest place that you can go eat at. They advertise buy one get one free but none of the stores around here honor it, nor do they ever have any bread. What is really going on with them? They don't have to worry about me giving them my business ever again!!!

Hey subways - wake up!! Why are your stores opening whenever they want, or never have what they advertise?? You guys are the worst ever!!! I am letting everyone I know not to buy anything from you guys.

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