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I quit Subway and my boss, Kim Miller won't stop calling my home and cell saying very mean things and threatening me.... I'm on the verge of making a police report!!

I am a huge fan of Subway sandwiches. However, I have been really hesitant to order one since the company decided to change the cut of the bread several years ago. I have found several stores who are willing to cut the bread in the "old/original" cut (only in the Nashville, TN area). There are several stores that simply refused my request for the original cut, and others merely don't know what I am talking about. Therefore, I refuse to purchase something that I will not be pleased with. If I wanted a "taco" shell with my sandwich, then I would go to TACO BELL! I don't like the toppings falling out, then I prefer to order a SALAD! Corporate, change the bread BACK or give us the option to CHOOSE!

Every time I go to the Machesney Park Subway in IL. I witness the manager either heavily leaning over the prep table text messaging, talking on the phone, eating or yelling at her staff in front of customers. First couple times I just figured everyone one has a bad day or two but after enduring this experience several times i will not go back to that subway. On one occasion I even mention to the dedicated employee that was assisting me with my decision for purchase, "she's going to get carpal tunnel if she keeps that up." I think she is a very lazy and rude manager from a patrons perspective and I would not employee manager that displayed these types of behaviors on such a regular basis.

lets see well the boca greens store in florida off of 441 the manager is rude, wrights the girl that closes every night for the most stupid things, the owners they are no better the husband is so rude he DEGRADES YOU and the whife she doesnt listen to anything her employees say, and another thing they dont like to PAY OVER TIME eaither and oh yeah they dont give you tips at the end of your shift for that day also. its kida bad when a Subway employee is saying this. Corporate please look into this ASAP.

this subway store in aurora colorado is so gross they dont clean it they had a rat running around in it and when it finally got killed it was left in there for at least a week before someone finally got rid of it the store manager sometimes cant be reached shes either at the bar getting drunk when shes supoese to be working or at a casino when shes supose to be working and has other employees working for her she dont do her job and someone that did do there job they fired them cause he was going to college to better them selves how can they do that?when when you want a sandwich sometimes the bread is so hard you can break it over the counter as well as there cookies.There soda machine had mold growing in it and they didnt do anything when someone complained about it this store is located at 3725 north peroria st aurora colorado

They opened a brand new store on coachman and US19 in Clearwater Fla. the store is clean, most of the people are really nice. The problem is there is one girl there that some wrong with her ear, this thing is about to bust, she really should not be working around food. We really love subway, but seeing some thing like that. i really hope this manager see's this. This store is in a great location right across from a wal-mart super center. I have heard alot of people talk about the same thing. So please until she take's care of this problem, we will not be back. i have also put this in the news paper. Just to get the word out.

Today I went to subway on my lunch break at 100 van buren st. in little rock, arkansas phone : (501)666-0151 and I ordered my sandwhich i couldn't help but notice that the resturant smelled unsanitary and that my sandwhich bread was old because i happened to notice it was really hard and when i called the store about it the manager and his employes didn't know how to be polite over the phone and gave me a difficult time.

You need drive thrus. Midwest-il.

Hi I am a former subway employee. I am writing just to inform subway corporate of some very illegal things going on at the Lockland Subway Cincinnati, Ohio 45215 on cooper Ave. I became an employee may 5, 2010 and soon started having numerous problems. Two employees that I worked with are getting paid "under the table". One of these employees is currently on unemployment and is not suppose to work over 20 hrs however there is no way for unemployment to know she is working more because the manager pays her anything over 20 hours "under the table". The other lady works any were between 40 to 70 hours a week at 8.50 an hour, ALL paid "under the table". Along with this, there where several times that I caught my manager watching porn on his personal lap-top at work along with smoking cigarrets in the dining area. After being called many hurtful nasty names by another employee I told my manager I was contacting Subway corporate, 2 days later I was let go. I believe this has to do with me saying I was contacting subway corporate and telling people of how temps on food is never done by day shift(they simply make up the temps) and how bread is sometimes left in the cooler to thaw for more than 24 hours. I really would like some sort of action to be taken because I am currently looking into a lawyer.

I was an all time subway client. I remember going when I was like 12 with my dad, I am now 25. Today, I made a visit with mmy son whom also loves subway. I bought him his favorite sweet onion chicken teriyaki sandwich. Everything was going well until he takes out this thing that I pretty sure was some kind of a bone about an inch long out of his mouth while cheweing his sandwich. I freaked thinnking gosh, my son could have swallowed that and the story I would be telling would have been different. I approached the manager and he just brushed me off and continue speaking with the other employees. I didn't even get an apology from him, all he said was there aren't bones in our chicken. I am not so sure i would want to go back to subway.


I wanted to tell everyone that the Subway at the TA in Big Spring, Tx is the best Subway I have ever eaten at.We recently moved here from Carlsbad, New Mexico and are big Subway fans. Until recently that is. We use to go to the one in town on Gregg Street, but the staff there is always so rude and the store is very dirty and the bread is horrible.The air conditioner doesnt work there either. A friend suggested we visit the Subway at the truck stop one day and although i am not a big fan of truck stops, I decided to give it a try. What a pleasant surprise! Not only was the store very clean, the entire staff was very friendly and fast. The assistant mgr name was Norma and the other employee was Jaycee. I didnt catch the other ladys name, but was told she was the mgr. She was cleaning tables in the dining room. I am so glad I listened to my friend or I would have never visited this store. Who would have ever thought a truck stop would be a great place to visit? From the moment we walked in the front door, we were greeted and treated like they were glad to have us there! Great job guys! Keep up the good work!

Yeah. Jimmy Johns sells loaves of bread for 30 cents. Why not you, Subway?

Hi my name is tess i work at the subway in centerville and i have been working there for the past two years and i loved it till we got this new maneger she is unfair and favortistik she lets other employees that she likes get away with things that know one els can i had resentlly gave her my two week notice because on 9/1/10 i got sent home because i was making a platter that was do at 11:15 there was two other employees working with me and tomatos and green peppers where still to be done one of the asst. manegers stoped me to tell me to do the tomatos when there was two people doing green peppers so i got mad but i did the tomatos anyways the asst maneger then called the maneger she came in and asked me what had happen so i told her what happen and told her about the two people doing green peppers and said you dont need two people doing green peppers one of them could of did the tomatos she then asked me if i had suggested that to them i said no,now they all know that two people dont need to do green peppers so why should i have to tell two asst. manegers what to do when they should already know what to do i realy loved working for your company but because i feel i was miss treated i felt it was in my best intrest to give my two week notice.I just thought you would of liked to know how your employees have been getting treated,and its not just me.Thank you teressa shaw

Went to subway twice now in the past month. The first time i went the doors were locked and a sign was posted saying they had no bread, an employee told me he was on his way to another store to get some. The Second time was about 10:30 I wanted a tuna sub on itilian herb and cheese, not only did they not have the bread i wanted they didn't even have any tuna made. I used to recieve friendly customer service at this location but now the staff is very unpleasent when i walk in and do not great me like the used too. Monroe St. in Sylvania, Ohio

the subways in our area are par at best, my issue is they have gotten rid of the orchard chicken salad my only real reason for making a special trip to subway the local indy's are much better and cheaper. Why would I go back when they get rid of the one sub they have I like. FYI for all those raising hell about bad subways 1. they are all franchise'es and you get what they can afford they have to own at least 2 to make a living wage and to run two they have to work 80 hour weeks and hire minimum wage workers.2. the bread is not freash baked it is par baked meaning it is baked 1/2 way and fisished in the store. 3. they wil open a store 3 blocks from another because they don't really sell food just franchises 4. the little guy up the road may buy his bread but he slices his meat and veggies fresh in the store and really cares more about you business than the corprate people at subway the people that own the francjise do care but have limited time to help or make it better it's a sad situation of the big guy living off the little guy in america

As shown in this list of reviews, all that is ever written are the bad things. Well, my review is regarding store #10164 in Dayton, Ohio. Everytime I enter someone "ALWAYS" says "Welcome to Subway". The entire staff is friendly and happy to take care of their customer. The restaurant is always very clean and the food is very fresh. If for some reason they run out of an item, (doesn't happen much at all) they apologize and that is an A+ in my book because you just don't hear that phrase anymore from any restaurant!! I have been to many of the Subway's in and around the Dayton area and I "WILL ONLY EAT AT THIS PARTICULAR STORE". Your staff is doing a remarkable job and I felt they should be commended for all the effort they put into making this store successful. CONGRATS GUYS!!

I was very disturbed when visiting your Subway located in Milford MI on Milford Rd on Friday, August 20th. The girl was very cold and rude from the beginning to the end. When I confirmed her name, she then apologized stating her mother past away the day before and she was not given her time off. If this is true, how cold can an employer be????

I thought after a few years i would try the Subway shop close to my house to see if thing ever got any better. WORSE!!!!!!!!! Usually no bread and/or brown lettuce, totally unacceptable. The store never opened on time, an hour late, come on now. The excuse was the last person working must have a hang over and the place was a mess with again NO BREAD!!!!!! This time I was sickened, There were small children behind the sandwich making counter putting nthere nasty grubby snot ridden fingers on everything. I'm calling the health boad today. DO NOT EVER GO TO THE SUBWAY ON FOREST ACROSS THE STREE FROM THE DART BUS TERMINAL IN GARLAND TEXAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I.m a former marine and I would like to report about the racial behavior going on in a subway in Chicago.My Muslim friend works in this subway and when she filled out the application it said there will be no discrimination against any one .Because of Ramadan my friend is Fasting and ask for a certain time for her break so she can break her fast and the lady manager who's name is Patricia told her ;Do not rub your religion on my face'.And next day she gave her a long list of prep like 5 containers of Tomatoes ,3 containers of green peppers,onions and cucumbers each plus 2big container of TiryakIchicken ,strips and steak respectively plus two pkts of TUNA while taking the customer in two hours while she was chatting on the phone and pretending to be busy.On top of it she kept insulting her in front of the customers and then she sends her home within four hours .Either the Headqauter take an action or I as a US citizen will take this matter to the court.

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