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I visited the Subway #34790 in Birmingham, AL. The manager was that was on duty 7/14 around 11am very rude. She became upset when I told her my food was not right. She threw my sandwhich to the line prep to fix. I then told her that I did not want it after she threw my food. She then started to use profanity while other customers were in the store. This was a bad experience and customer service reflection of a leader of your fanchise. Please address a value customer concern.

I must say it truly is the store that makes the difference. I travel a lot and I went to most subways in a hundred miles of little rock ar and I always get the same thing. Even tho I get the same thing, I realize that some stores take short cuts with the fresh veggies...I do not go to the stores that cut the veggies paper thin and only put 6 pickles on my sub..if I ask for extra and they put ONE extra on there...that is crazy. I have my FAV and always go to the ones that dont seem to be paper cheap. All in all...I only go to subway for my FAST FOOD...thank you subway !!

We went to the Subway that is connected to the Saulet Apts close to Tchoupitoulas St (New Orleans, La) My wife asked for salt and pepper. The guy said "We don't have any" the other worker said "I think we have some in the back" and that guy (worker) then tells her "They won't die without salt. If they do, there is a graveyard across the street." Disgusting attitude. When I asked him about it he says "What I said doesn't concern you" What a jackass.

I was running late for work one morning, remembered the subway com, about breakfast, so I knew there was one a few blocks from my work. So I tried it, The mega, adding onions, bell pepper, and tomato, it was gteat! so much so that I now go there almost every morning, I go to the one in Newbury Park, Ca. But I now have gone to several others, when I'm not near that one. I found some differances, it really maters how much care the person takes in making the sandwichs. Edwardo, at the Newbury Park location, really doe's a fantastic job, even in placing the onion, bell pepper, and tomato, so ther is some of each in every bite, making it a wondereful breakfast experiance. Also Yolanda, at the victory and tampa location, in the Sanfernando valley, makes them good as well, so I recomend to all who can go to those locations, and enjoy....I've tried the other ones, but the MEGA is my favorite. Plus they just taste healthy, like a omlet in your hand.

I used to work for a subway. My manager fired me for 'verbally assaulting a co-worker' and for 'insulting her on facebook'. Subway has wonderful food, they are very uptight about how their food is stored and take temperatures every 4 hours. I loved working there. Management is lacking a high end though. She used the fact that I had a complaint filed against me for 'the customer having to repeat themselves', I told her I was deaf in one ear, had short term memory loss, and clearly stated that I couldn't be accountable for any complaints filed in that way because it is medically recorded. I overheard the boss and another co-worker talking after closing in the back about how the boss needed a good excuse to fire me, "What ideas do you think.. I don't like her.. let's see.... ". I was appaled! Not more then a day after overhearing the two I got fired. THis was lame and made me so depressed to the point of sleeping all day. Getting FIRED for something I would never think of doing! I was unjustly fired because of my managers high school mentality! Subway is a wonderful place to eat, but I would never in my life go back to the subway Greg [ the owner ] owns. Airway Heights- WA

I went into the Subway in my neighborhood in North Tempe Arizona and wanted prvolone cheese on my foot long Tna sub. the lady told mre that the chese was extra and I told her that I have been going to subways and that I have never been charged for cheese. She told me it was 40 cents extra. I was hungry, not looking for an arguement with my food preparer. So I got the cheese and paid the extra money... In the meantime. a group of people came in of Mexicain desent and she said Oh. Hello my people, and tried to not wait on me and wait on them, but they just looked at her funny and told her to wait on me. Now you are advertising customer appreciation mounth and 2 dollar 6 inch subs, but do not say limited variety or only certain types of subs. I went into this same store and wanted two two dollar 6 in Tuna Subs and was told only Meatball and cold cuts and maybe something else, but they would not honor the two dollar 6 in sub.. Your advertising is misleading and I am filing a complaint with the AZ attorney Generals Office.. and I have over 3000 friends on facebook..

Where can I get a sub that looks like the ones featured in the tv commercials...there appears to be at least 4 slices of properly cooked bacon..{NOT BURNED TO A CRISP]Avacado sauce...ample amount and at least 3 slices of turkey etc. I live in the Northwest side of Chicago...60646...I don't mind paying for what is advertised...a store in Niles, Skokie, Glenview.or Chicago would be fine....tokay9595@sbcglobal.net

My name is Sue Copeland and i live in Vinita ,Ok . I was just at the Subway in this town around 2:15 this afternoon , i walked up to the counter to place my order when a young man walked up wiping his NOSE on his arm . I told him to just forget it and I WAS NOT going to order anything for i saw him wiping his NOSE on his arm and he thought that it was funny . I walked over to the manager who was sittng at a table on the computer and told her what had just happened and she too thought it was funny . This Subway dosen't care how the store looks , there is always dirty tables , dirty floors , trash hanging out of the trash bins , the restrooms are always dirty and the smell will make you want to throw up when you open the door and when you tell someone who works there all they do is just laugh and walk off .The empoloyees who smoke , do so by the drive -thru and when they return inside they smell like stinking cigerette smoke , don't wash their hands before putting on gloves . I think that the Subway in Vinita, Ok needs a surprize viist from someone at Corporate Headquarters to see for themselves how they treat people and how they keep their store clean . Thank-you Sue Copeland

My daughter went to a Subway in Dyer, Indiana. While standing in a long lunch line the computer broke down. Now it seems in this day and age there would be a back up plan. Apparently not - and while they frantically tried to fix the computer the girls continued making sandwiches. Now what you have is 30 people standing in line waiting for sandwiches already made - and not paid for. When they figured out that the computer was not a quick fix - they took all the people with cash and gave them their sandwiches, AND THREW THE REST OF THEM AWAY! - the sandwiches, not the people. Not only is this poor management - my poor pregnant daughter who was starving saw her sandwich tossed in the garbage! Just seems like there could have been a better solution! Jimmy Johns - here we come!

The store in Palmetto,GA has a new manager who is very rude. They have started cutting down on the the ingredients. A sandwich used to be full of meat and veg, now it is pitful. It's really bad when the bread is thicker than the completed sandwich. As soon as you walk in you are not greeted with a hello from him, his first words are "ready to order yet" and then all thru the process he will tell you to hurry up. This maybe the way it is done in India, but not here. This store is convient to my home, but I would prefer to drive out of the way to get better service. Can someone please look into this?

I went to the Subway in Higginsville, Mo. store #7553 and ordered 4 adult sandwiches and 2 kids meals. We also bought cookies. After sitting to eat, the kids asked for their toy. It said there was a bag with the kids meal - now, as dumb as that bag is, it should not be an issue - but have you ever tried to convince a 5 and 6 year olds of that? I asked about the bag, and the manager informed me they were out of bags - why wasn't I told earlier? The woman was rude and said that if they wanted anything it would have to be an item from the kids menu - all of which they had. I said can it be chips? and she gave me a dirty look and walked away. According to the reviews that I have read - this sort of behavior seems to be the norm - I can't believe you can run places like this and expect the public to put up with it. Do you ever contact these people and let them know that you care? You may claim to have the best sandwich, but do you care about how it is sold?

Ok, I'm tired of going into Subway Stores and getting looked at like I'm from Mars when I request chicken on my pizza. I did not invent the chicken pizza, though I wish I had. But today, not only did I get the "look", but they refused to put chicken on my pizza. They even called the (Owner/Manager and why they weren't at the store at the busy lunch time is a mystery to me) to ask if they could put chicken on my pizza and the Owner said no. But I have previously been to this location (Belle Terre Bvld., Reserve, LA) and gotten the "look", but also got chicken on my pizza and have been charged three different prices at three different times because they don't know how to ring it up at the register. If there is not a key with a little picture of a chicken pizza on it, they don't know how to ring it up! And now for the good news, when I go to the Subway located at the corner of West Esplanade and Loyola Drive, Kenner, LA, I am greeted with a smile, even when I asked for chicken on my pizza, they ring me up with a smile each and every time and it cost me the same amount each time, $5.71 including tax, a great price for a great pizza that I got to build my way (and yes I do include healthy vegetables on my pizza too!). I guess the old saying of "the customer is always right" has gone out the door in this economy - when you would think in this horrible economy that you would not be turning customers away, but trying to please them (within reason of course - and I think chicken on my pizza is very much within reason - but I guess not everyone at Subway agrees!) Kudos to the staff and the Kenner location and thumbs down to the Owner of the Subway on Belle Terre, Reserve, LA, which I will never again step foot in. And if Subway can afford to turn away even one customer, over a $1.00's worth of chicken, more power to ya sista!

I ordered a foot long steak and cheese, with pepper jack cheese; i got home there was no cheese on the sandwich. I then called the albert lea, Minnesota store on main st, asking why there was no cheese on the sandwich, all the manager could say was the new girl did it when she was the one who prepared the sandwich; and there was nothing she could do about it: and they had a bad night, so was my sandwhich........I dont think i will support your store again.........HEY QUIZNOS WHERE You AT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JUNE 17, 2010 today my family came to the alachua,fl subway approximately @ 1pm for lunch... the store was unbelievably busy & my family & i stood there in a very long line for quite sometime...people were talking on how bad the store was on the timely manner because there was only 2 employees in the front but, you can hear voices in the back of the restruant.im not understanding why you all hire so many peole but, dont have enough help. but anyways,as the line proceeded to move forward i was greeted by a lovely lady who had black hair and was wearing a red shirt.this nice young lady made all of my family's subs then she moved on to the gentleman's next to me.now this is where my compliants come pouring in.i didnt appreciate this other young lady that works there which had on a green shirt and brown hair dangling...she came out to the front with a box & the other young lady in the red asked her nicely to come help make some subs & the young lady in the green rudely said,"jenna you know the rules bob only wants to people in front at all times and two in the back"! well, the young lady in the red then turned around to tell the girl in the green...we have a line to the door we can use some help. then the young lady in the green said well im sorry jenna like i said we have truck you can go home if you dont like it its not like we need you. my husband said that the lady in the green was very unprofessional,bad-mannered,& disrespectful to her own employee & i took that offensive. and to top the cake i went around the corner to grab some chips & two girls in the green were verbaly abusing this poor girl in the red & i heard them calling her a stupid "B_t_h"!!! the poor gir in the red ran out crying on her phone pouring her heart out to im guessing a supervisor saying she was embarrassed & humiliated. now some actions must be done because i will never step foot in that subway ever if i see those two young females in green working. do you hire employees straight out of prison??? because thats the feeling i got from those two...now my husband would like to know what was so important in the back of the restruant that the young ladies in the green coulnt help out the young lady in the green & a very polite gentleman in the front? hope all goes well & maybe you should rearrange your staff...hope all is well to the poor girl!!! -mrs.mitters

I would like to start by saying that I truly do love Subway sandwiches. And, all subways are not the same. Two in particular are the worst. They are located in Arlington, VA, one in Ballston Common Mall and the other is located on Fairfax Dr by the 7-eleven. They are owned by the same person. His employees are the rudiest employees that I have ever encountered at any subway that I have been to. They are all foreign and speak the same language. I had stopped going to the one at the mall and was happy when the one on Fairfax Dr. opened. That was until the rudeness occured and I asked for the managers number and they gladly gave it to me by saying "His name is Suresh and he is the one who also owns the one in the mall," What can you do about this? I have complained to him before and they start talking in their language and I feel that it's a win-lose situation. They continue to be rude because, they know that he is not going to do anything about it. I don't think that I will be giving them any more chances with my business. If I do, I'm sure to get the same rudeness as before. It's obvious that subway does not have a customer service training course for their employees.

have patronized the local subway on a weekly basis so i thought i would try breakfast once. worse experience in the world of make believe breakfasts. i purchased egg & cheese for a co worker and western for me. within one hour both of us were running for the bathroom. i dont know what caused it but i am not going to give it another chance.

I wrote a complaint on Subway's website about one of their stores where I work and specifically said NOT to relase my name and phone number to the owner. Next thing I know the owner is calling me on my cell! Seems Subway released all of my personal information to him.

I forgot what street we were on but, I think it was the subway near 438jct. in Orlando Fla.Please for the safety of everyone don't let your workers work alone . The guy that was working was really doing a good job, no great job .Their were to many people for one person to wait on but he was doing his job well . He should never have to work alone I dont care how the economy is at anytime. He could get sick or even get robbed .What about the going to the bathroom . He might need to refil product or something . I felt bad for him.

I went to the Subway on 7th Ave and Osborn in Phoenix Arizona and the manager was the rudest man I have dealt with at a subway. I ask for a foot long Veggie sandwich, the manager ask me if I wanted the meal, I said no but he still charged me for the meal. I told him that I did not want the meal and he told me that I did tell him that I did. I was so confused that I ask him for a refund and he told me no. I go to subway at least three to four times a week. I can not believe that I was treated like so rudely.

We are the regular customers of subway in FL(impressed with good service) for 3 years and recently moved to NM and continued to buy subs. Being vegetarian, we prefer a foot-long stuffed with Soy/veggie patties. For the past 5 visits, we were charged $6.25 for each foot-long plus tax. Asking the employee the reason for this extra charge (Foot-long supposed to be $5),we were told that the veggie patty adds over the $5.Why do they charge extra for the veggie patty as it is as same as stuffing meat into the sub? He was so rude and never made me ask further question. Now-a-days the size of the sub is shrunken and not fresh at all. I could hardly find the any of the veggies inside. The vegetarian patty was kept in the meat section. I was so disappointed on seeing this every time even after i indirectly insisted him not to do so.He never smiled at any one. I am hating subway just because of their service. Too BAD!!!!

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