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I stopped by Subway in WIndsor CA. today for a sandwich and was horrified to see the sandwich maker put the mayonnaise on THE MEAT and not on THE BREAD where it belongs! When I asked her about it, she said she was told "by corporate" to make sandwiches that way. WHAT is Corporate thinking??? Why put mayo on at all if your going to put it on the meat and not the bread? Fortunately she was kind enough to flip the meat over so the mayo was on the right side, but come on Corporate, don't change the natural order of things in how a sandwich is made! The sandwich itself was just okay, bread a little tough and meat just okay.

I am so unhappy with subway. My son has been ripped off twice by them. They have overcharged him twice, and want return his money until I pitch a fit. I thought they had to return your money when it was reported I have to go back down there tomorrow when the manager is there, to get his money back. This time they also ripped my mother off who is on a fixed income. She has to go back tomorrow to pick it up. this is a big inconveince and subway needs to pay for this. This happened in Denver nc, don't ever it at this subway. because it will happen to you.

I stopped at the location at Prosperity Church Road in Charlotte, NC on 10/2/10 and 10/10/10 at 10:00 am and they were not open either time, when it says on their door 9:00 AM!!!!! Both days the same gentleman was working and he blamed it on someone else, if you cannot be open at a certain time then don't advertise it!!! I then preceeded to call customer service on 10/10/10 at 10:00 am and filed my complaint, she assured me that they would get back to me ASAP...needless to say I have not heard hide nor hair from Subway and it is now 10/17/10...so I say Subway you suck and as I read the comments on this page I see that I am not alone in feeling this way!!!!

STORE - NACOGDOCHES ,TEXAS SOUTH STREET SUBWAY.....my boyfriend ordered a bmt.....got home it turned out to be a chicken sandwich with hot peppers on it.......called the store and told the girl that we had the wrong sandwichs and she called us a liar and said the sandwich we had was what he ordered but on the reciept it clearly said charged for bmt! went to the store in drive through girl refuses to replace the whole sandwich as it had had a bite takedn out of it...then takes our reciept and sandwich and closes the door...we demanded or sandwich back if she was not going to make another one.....she was very very rude and came off as trashy in her attitude....i will never take my money or business there and i will tell everyone to do the same....we will be calling her manager AND CONTACTING OWNERS...GIRLS NAME AT STORE WAS LAURA.

i recently worked at a subway in sante fe texas and i have to say the management is crappy and they do not properly treat their employees right. i was hired on and they worked me two days in two weeks for five hours. not only that they didnt even send in my paperwork so my five i did not even get my check. they are lazy and they dont properly do prep, you are suppose to wear gloves anytime you are messing with the food products for prep but they dont and i didnt even see someone wash their hands before they did prep. i am so dissatisfied. i have actually worked for a subway in bedford, texas and they treated me wrong there too, first they didnt train me right and was having me close on my third day of working there. and then because they didnt want to train me they cut my hours to six hours a week. you know what i cant live off of six hours a week how can anyone do that, and to do it because they were lazy, i have to say i will never work or ever eat at another subway again and i have told many people to not eat at subway or apply there, you satisfaction should go to the customers and the employees. no one works for free. i am so upset i might sue the company for how i was treated. YOU GUYS NEED TO FIX THESE PROBLEMS OR ELSE YOU WILL LOSE ALL YOUR BUSINESS.

Subway restaurants are usually franchises, therefore every franchise owner runs their business as they see fit and does what they want including treating their employees unfair. A friend of mine who worked for a SUBWAY franchise would work over 8 hrs per day and was not paid overtime. I have another friend of mine who works for another SUBWAY franchise and she lost her paycheck, they want to charge her $25 to replace the check, she barely makes min. wage and works a few hrs a day. Also, after working for SUBWAY over 6 months she was told she has to pay for her uniform, can these franchise owners do this, please respond to smnv4kids@yahoo.com

I first would like to start off by i love subway very much well used to i will never step foot into another one again after my experience at the one in buckeye az off of watson and yuma rd. as walking into the store on the date of 10/13/2010 in the morning i was greeted with welcome to subway but with the ugliest face ever the lady gave me nothing but bad looks the whole time i was ordering the food not to mention the store was a mess the mens restroom had dirty toilet paper on the floor then i went to fill up my cup with soda and a coca roach climbed onto my cup. i will never step foot in another subway again

I was pondering over what to eat;At that moment an advertisment of Subway came on my t.v. promoting the $5.00 footlong sandwiches. I live with-in walking distance of your 2 restaurants: so I decieded to visit(no. 44433)which I'd never been. I was greeted with a, "Welcome to Subway" by the friendly employee. I placed my order for the $5.00 footlong spicy Italian sandwich;and to my dissapointment I was told that the offer had ended. So instead I ordered a 6 inch spicy Italian and a 6 inch turkey on wheat. The bread was hard the preparer was lightnon the veggies and the meat was sparing. The young man asked if I wanted extra meat for just a $1.00 more. I thought it funny because the extra amount of meat was the normaal portion on the sandwiches of the past. I went home with my undernourish sandwiches. My stomach was filled but my palet was not satisfied. I want be visting this one again. ):

what is going on today my husband and i went to a subway for a 5 dollar footlong lunch, we could not get one till after 4:00 pm WHAT!!!! YOUR AD DOESN'T SAY THIS, not someplace i will ever visit again

I would like to take just a minute to tell you that one of your Subways is very poorly managed. My fiances daughter was robbed while opening the store a couple of months ago by herself. First of all any retail or fast food place always has a manager opening and closing with the employees just in case something like this happens. Second, what kind of store doesn't have an alarm system? My fiance also cleans the windows at that particular store. The manager told him every 4 weeks to clean the windows so he did. Then the manager said every 6 weeks to clean the windows so he did. Now he went in to clean the windows today and the manager, Mike I believe his name is. I don't know his last name. He waited till before my fiance came to clean the windows and cleaned them himself. This particular store manager is the biggest joke I have ever seen. He waits till my fiance's daughter goes off to college and then gets rid of my fiance as his window cleaner without calling him. My fiance has a business to run, he doesn't have time for this bullcrap. Besides the windows always look disgusting anyway. This particular store is on Main St. in Vancouver, WA. the one that got robbed. I will never eat at any Subway as long as I live and I'm telling everyone I know which is a lot of people never to eat there again. We were counting on that money today.


Well Subway just lost my business, do you want to know why. its because they are running scam on the internet. i seen an ad, it said click here for free sandwich, so i did, then they ask me for all of my personal info, so i gave it to them,then i got this servey to fill out so i did, and then it trys to trick you into signing up for 9.95 per month for some rediculous alert on my cell phone. the screen wouldnt let me get out unless i purchased the alert. some free sandwich that was. i still want my free sandwich, or ill never eat at another subway as long as i live. george.fehringer@sbcglobal.net is my email address. you can emai me a free sandwich coupon there. if not i am raising hell at the corporate office and also placing you on the better business bureau and ripoffs.com.

oh by the way the location i am speaking about is located on route 6 in mahopac ny so sad they should be closed for good.............

can not believe this store location is starting to close before 12 noon or not at all,seems to very poorley staffed owner does not give a ---- about this location i think some one should call health dept very dirty as well, what is the problem with these franchises i would never go into a subway if you paid for my food........

I visited the Subway on the corner of Mira Mesa Blvd and Camino Ruiz on 9/28/2010 and had a very difficult visit. The employee that made my sandwich as well as the employee that rang me up could BARELY speak English! I was embarrassed because I had to ask several times WHAT they were asking me!! It took me 3 tries to understand that the girl was asking me if I wanted it toasted, and several tries to understand that she was asking "debit or credit"!! I should NOT have to have such a difficult time ordering a simple sandwich! I hope somebody important see's this and is brave enough to NOT hire somebody that does not speak our Nations Language!

I work at subway so i know about all the things you all complain about, but let me tell you this. I work 9 hour shifts, during my shift we sell about 400 hundred sandwiches. We work on a collage campus. Subway Coporate is who you should be angry with , not the employees. By subway rule, we are only allowed two workers a shift, so how easy do you think it is to make sandwiches and bread and prep and boat meat and do dishes and keep everything completly clean, with only two people? I do not get brakes and we dont get to eat. Im 5 and a half months pregnant. I switched shifts in hopes to have less hours and be able to go to collage. Now i am in school 40 hours a week and i work over 40 hours a week. As soon as i get out of school i go to work. On top of all that my manager has a real issue with me, in my opinion its because of my pregnancy. So i found out she lied about paying me. She sent to her head office that she paid me for a certain amount of hours but then on my pay stub it was very much lower than that number. My point is, dont blame subway workers blame the poeople in charge. We all need jobs and we all need money.

you get a below 1 because i hate you all im so sick of going to subway. it looks nothing like it does on tv and i always throw up after i eat it. i dont understand why you all don't just give up. it smells like mayoniase and its way too cold. the employees have an attitude problem and im sure you do too. goodbye. one employee told me if i didn't loose my attitude i was going to loose my ear. i believe she was referring to cutting my ear off. thank you have an aweful night.

Hello. My name is Kathy Devine and I live in Golden Valley, AZ. I was driving on Route 68 and I noticed a sign COMMING SOON SUBWAY. I could not believe that no one from Suway noticed the spelling error. It should be coming, not comming. I took a picture. Please inform the persons who hang these signs to have someone spell check the sign before you hang them. I LOVE SUBWAY. I had to pass this along.

The pines boulevard store off of sheridan in pembroke pines florida is the cleanest store i have ever been too. The employees there are very nice especially Cathi Andre. She made a sandwich for me,and although I was a bit difficult she was patient and very well mannered! I am definitely going back to this store!

I am currently an employee of Subway in Pembroke Pines Fl, but under the B&R-WAY, Inc. I realize that Steve the owner does not know how to talk to his employees. He is rude and doesn't have the common sense to ask questions before charging into a place and demanding things. He supposedly watches his camera's yet certain employee's get away with much more then stealing and do not get consequences,while others suffer his horrible tone and harsh words. On three separate occasions, another co-worker did unthinkable acts; she got into a verbal altercation with her mother inside of the store and outside of the store in front of customers while she was on the clock, she had her husband and 2children there and even after the husband left her children stayed as if we ran a daycare, she clearly did not do her job the proper way because she always seemed to leave things for other people to do. When I started working there I wanted an opportunity to have a part time job while attending college, what I found was a company ran by a man who is unfair. They might say that life is unfair, but no one should work under these circumstances that I myself and other co-workers have endured. I am tired of his verbal abuse. Steve does not refer to his employees as equals but by calling them outside of their name, he called me an "idiot" and refers to me as though I am not one of his employees. Slavery is over and I would appreciate it if something is done! I don't get easily upset, yet there is only so much one can take. Like my manager says "A happy environment is a good environment", and this one is not!

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